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 [Web Novel] Gloria Infidelis

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Post[Web Novel] Gloria Infidelis
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[Web Novel] Gloria Infidelis Vide
Quote :
This has nothing to do with RolePlaying or Eremidia itselfs. 

Gloria; Infidelis
-Glory beyond the Madness-
Full Cast (Will be introduced later on) :
[Web Novel] Gloria Infidelis Gloria_infidelis___the_battle_is_to_the_strong_by_lightnightknight-d66wvyn

Vram the Fallen Crusader:

Josephine the Apostle's Witch:

Summary : 
Quote :
In a world where magic lingers and ancient monsters freely flies here and there, Josephine, a witch renowned in her hometown as the Nude Witch, accidentally summons a crusader human as her familiar. The summoned Black Crusader, Vram, went as far as to consider himself as a monster rather than a human himselfs. As Josephine tried to get closer with him, they realized that Vram had lost some of his memories as to why did he become a monsters, as his previous life was indeed a human. With that said, Josephine decided to travel around the world in order to found out what had happened to Vram in his lifetime, as well as to satisfy her wish to travel.

Quote :
Prologue Chapter
Chapter 1
Chapter 2
Chapter 3
Chapter 4
Chapter 5
Chapter 6
Chapter 7
[url=]Chapter 8[/url]

[Web Novel] Gloria Infidelis Image[Web Novel] Gloria Infidelis NSUG3SQ 

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Topeng Buaya

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[Web Novel] Gloria Infidelis Vide

The sound of iron shoes keep hitting the earth frugally, as it covering the breathing sounds of the horse and the man above it. The horse keep running fast, even faster beyond what every normal horse could even do. By this point, the horse’s face already turned pale, almost unable to run beyond what “he” could even achieve. But the rider won’t even let “him” rest, as also the horse itself would never allow itselfs to slow down or falling down even if it means its life.
[… Sorry… for being so selfish….!]
As if “he”’s talking to “his” partner, “he” whispered these words while lowering “his” head near the horse’s head. As if responding to “him”, the horse jumped far while releasing “his” cry, as if it was shouting against its master.
[Let’s go!]
As the master keep “his” posture steady, the horse steadily increasing its running speed, with speed comparable to the speed of sound itself, both of them dashed through the field, while preparing for something inevitable that will happened.

Here lies one peaceful village. It doesn’t have any distinctive feature, so there almost no royalties whom even considered coming here, while at the same time; this village never had to pay so many taxes considering the royal securities around it were too thin. Nevertheless, it doesn’t mean that this village was in a lot of danger, many which caused by their strong instinct to survive that the people of this villages often being sent to the capital in order to become a knight. While they do possess such instinct, they also prioritized harmony over other people, which make them being so friendly against each other. And here exist such village.
At least, it “was”.
The sight of destruction recorded clearly on “his” eyes. The destroyed house, the burning hut, blood splattered everywhere, left nothing but a fragment of what once made of such mineral and meat, either man or animal. 
But what frightens “him” the most was the figure in front of “him”. No, “it” was not appropriate to call it a figure; “it” wasn’t even on the same league as what you would call “something”. It breathes, it walks, it sees, it hears. It is truly a “creature”, but no such normal “creature” exists, at least for it to appear right in front of “him” is utterly beyond “his” imagination.
The “creature” keeps squashing down and burning away everything around it, with its 20 meter tall feet, the shape resembling that of a turtle with shell made of spikes and scales. This by no means something that even the whole army had the capabilities to do something.
[Survivor… are there any survivor here…?!?!?!]
Trying to keep “his” cool, “he” scanned everywhere around “him” to see whether there are any survivor, since it doesn’t seem that the monster realize that “he” was around yet.
[… U… *hic…!]
Hearing some noises around, the man frantically searched for where the source of that voice was, but afraid of raising “his” voice in front of such “creature”.
[Mama…. Papa… *hic….]
Suddenly the monster’s movement changed, as if being jerked around while noticing something strange. “he” suddenly flustered as to consider how to get that monster’s attention away.
[… It’s do or die….!!]
As “he” pulled the spear on the back, “he” positioned himself, with right leg pulled straight to the back and bended “his” left leg to the front, while raising the right hand to the back, and stretched the left hand to the front, “he” aimed the spear right at that “creature’s” face, or rather, aiming for its eyes.
With heavy scream that could split even “his” own ears, “he” throw the spear right onto the “creature’s” face. As if surprised by the sudden scream, the “creature’s” face suddenly turned right at “his” location. The sudden turn cause the spear to fly right beside it and scratched its face.
[Alright… I’m dead now…. SCHNEIDER!!!!]
As “he” screamed the name, the horse, the one who have been hiding this whole time, suddenly rushing out. But it doesn’t head toward “him”; rather, it was aiming at the place “he” pointed at, right after “he” throw the spear. As “he” quickly rushed there, “he” went forward against the ““creature”” by readying “his” bow and arrow.
The “creature” furiously charging at “him”, with “its” size, it doesn’t take long for “it” to reach where “he” is located at. But as much as it wanted to quickly stomp “him”, its weight didn’t say so, as “he” keep evading its stomping attack with such small margin around “him”. And as “he” tried to evade the monster’s stomping and charge, “he” run away from it as “he” keep aiming at that “creature’s” face and started to showering it with arrows, though to no avail, it only served to anger the “creature” so.
As “it’s” finally getting tired of chasing “him”, the “creature” preparing its stance for its new attack. It was seen to charge some energy inside its mouth, as the heat around it were getting tense. But at that moment, “he” takes a quick peek at where “his” partner, Schneider, was. As “he” had hoped so, Schneider was seen, carrying a small, frail girl with “his” mouth and starting to run away from the scene.
[Good boy… hope that my friend will treat you to something good….]
As “he” turns toward the “creature” again, “it” already finished charging its special attack and started to throw them. Readied to take those full-blown attacks, “he” readied “his” shield.

The wind stopped blowing. The heat keeps rising from the ground. The ash spread far beyond the once was a mountain. The rubble keeps falling. But “he”’s standing beyond such destruction, while the perpetrator still stands perplexed in front of “him”. “he” almost lost consciousness, “he” almost can’t hear anything, “he” almost lost an arm, “he” almost lost “his” sight, and ultimately, “he” barely survived. Such strong intent was made in order to keep such “creature” occupied in one place. One could barely count for how long did this “creature”, whom were able to abolished one village in no time, were being keep busy by a single man. Such is no ordinary feat even if all “he” could do is to scratch its face before.
{It’s the limit, eh… my leg could barely move, my arrow and bow were burned, my shield’s bended and charred, all I have right now….}
Using “his” barely-moveable right hand, “he” pulled “his” sword from its sheath and pointed it toward the “creature”.
{My voice… I can’t hear them… no, I probably could barely even talk… I can almost feel nothing, my sense of touch is dead too… then again…}
“he” closed “his” eyes and started to smile, while the “creature” were already raised its front leg, trying to squash “him” dry.
{Why am I-}

[Web Novel] Gloria Infidelis Image[Web Novel] Gloria Infidelis NSUG3SQ 

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PostChapter 1
Topeng Buaya

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[Web Novel] Gloria Infidelis Vide
Chapter 1

A dark, gloomy room, entirely were covered by a thick fog. The fog was unnatural, but it was expected to happen inside this room, as it was seen to have so many distinctive ash-like patterns covering the room. It was quite a spacious room, decorated with much gloomy equipment as one would’ve seen from something occult-themed. Such as lantern with dark gold ornament, a wall contained many animal-head, a rune, or some magical text covering the whole room, a dusty reddish curtain covering some part of the room, and last but not least, a huge magical circle right in the center of the floor. Some sort of ritual had happened here before, thus the reason why the room was filled with so many fogs.

[… Eh?]

There lies a figure of woman, wearing nothing against her body. No, To be blunt, she’s butt-naked inside the room. It wasn't clear of her reason for doing so, but at the very least, it doesn't seem to be the necessity of doing the ritual. While she does looked a tad bit  weird, she does have quite a nice figure, with the size of her “milk” being proportioned with the curve around her hip and below, and her thick, long drawn beautiful brown hair complemented her reddish cheek around her face, with her brown-reddish eyed opened up nicely. One could spend many time looking at her,  even if she were to wore clothes.

And to ask her reason of being the center of this foggy room was apparently to do the ritual that was supposed to happen here. But while she was the one whom initiated the ritual. Her complex expression, which caused her eyes to be widen out, as she gaped her mouth inelegantly whilst trying to cover it up with both her hands in front of her face, the twitched eyebrows that keeps moving over and over again, something that happened in front of her eyes was anything but ordinary.

Another figure, seems human enough, appeared in front of her. With his body covered in full-clad armor, black. With its white hair tailing around the back of its helmet, a shoulder pad with an insignia of some country from far away yet drowned in blue color. The presence it releases was quite on par with something that people would call a monster, but the appearance was indeed human.

As if she couldn't believe what had happened in front of her eyes, she accidentally blurted a question.

[Are you… human?]

As she ask him that, she tried to sneak her way closer to the person, afraid of being attacked by the person in front of her. But as she tried to observe a little more of what he was, he replied her with quite an unexpected answer.

[… I don’t think I am… what do you think?]


[Is that so? My bad then, I’ll stop talking.]



Both of them went silent, even after the fog finally clears up. The answers given by him left the woman dumbfounded she lost her chance to retort.

[No no no no no no no! even if you do that, your appearance all over was that of a human! Who are you trying to fool?!?]


While she tried to initiate another conversation, the man in full armor keeps quiet as if he doesn’t understand what she’s doing.



She finally snapped and slaps him right in the head. Just a little reminder, he’s still wearing his full armor from head to toe, so slapping him at his current situation is a no go. But as the saying goes, “a man goes blind when fueled with rage” seems fitting her situation right now.

[Ouch…! That armor of yours sure is hard….]

[… Excuse me….]

[Hmm? Oh, you finally decided to talk?]

[Why are you not wearing any clothes?]

[Oh? Because I don’t need one.]

Another silent moment enveloped the room. It seems like another unexpected question was answered with another unexpected answer. And from here on out, a quick Q&A are going in order.

[Why you didn’t need one?]

[Because it’s obstructing.]

[What kind of obstruction compels you for not wearing them?]

[A magical experiment.]

[What kind?]

[Just some simple incantation and projection]

[Does it really necessary to not wear clothes?]

[It isn’t actually, but it’s far more effective that way.]

[You aren’t embarrassed?]

[Why would I?]

[Are you a human?]


The sudden answer paused their quick Q&A at the moment.

[I see, that makes you the same as me then.]

[Hmm? No no no, I think you misunderstanding something.]

[What is?]

[Hmm… have you ever heard about “Witch”?]

“Witch”. This term was used about some years ago when the magic age was still at growing phase at that time. At that time, people were only able to use a magic spell by spelling the incantation of the magic itself, which was quite long to spoken. Another way to shorten the spelling speed is to use something akin to catalyst. But there are people whom were able to use magic spell without either using catalyst or spelling the incantation itself. Those people at that time were being isolated from other people, also often being discriminated against, as if they were looking at monsters. 

Those people were called the “Witch”.

[I did hear some story along those lines, up to that they were finally being exiled into somewhere else.]

[And that’s me! I’m a witch~!]

[I see, so were you witches were supposed to never liked wearing clothes?]

[Umm nope, it’s just me whom never liked those things in the first place.]

[I see.]

[More importantly, what’s with you?] [The way you've been talking all this time were pretty much more human than I thought.]

[And what were you expecting from me?]

[Well I do expecting a monster to come out, but….]

[Then I’m a Monster.]


[By the way, it is an urgent matter for me.]

[What is it?]

[Please, wear your clothes already.]


The man just keep looking menacingly at the girl while the girl just innocently keep circling her body while sometimes rubbing either her thigh, hips, or sometimes her breasts.

[Don’t wanna.]

[I beg of you, please wear at least a piece of clothes. One piece that’s covering your whole body is good enough.]


[Then at least wear some underwear or bikini. Even if sometimes it’s unacceptable, at least it’s better than wearing nothing.]

[I don’t even have those.]

At this point, the man cladded in his full-black armor started to slap his hand hard onto his helmet-covered face while looking up at the ceiling. The girl shocked to see his reaction as she jumped a bit to the back while widening her eyes more.

But as the situation calmed down a little bit, she tried to get closer to the man in full armor and started to speak to him.

[Anyway, have you realized about our current… situation right now?] [Right now, I was actually in the middle of summoning a familiar for me.] [But since it was you whom appeared, I figured that maybe… you’re the familiar I've been summoned.]

[… Can I refuse?]

[No~pe~❤] As she says that with her eyes blinked and bend her body toward him. [Well but that doesn't mean I have full control over you, though.] [Summoning a familiar was, in actual situation, is very dangerous.] [They can get ferocious and attacking us out of the blue, so when we were unable to control our own familiar, we were told to cancel the spell.]

[Then cancel it now.]

[… Why are you so against being my familiar?] Now hugging his hand around her breasts while putting up her teary eyes. [I promise that I treat you gently.] [Or if you have some complaint, I’ll hear it for now] [So, please~❤?]

[Then please wear some clothes.]

[I refuse.] As she waved his hand refusing him flatly.

[… Hey….]

[Yes? What is it~❤?] Still hugging him around her breasts, she look up to where Vram’s head is.

[By controlling… are you saying that you’re going to make me submit to you using force?]

[I actually disliked that method, but if it’s necessary, then I’m fine with that.]

The moment she said that, she let go of her hug right away and started to gain some distance from him. At the same time, she waved her right hand upward and downward, while concentrated her power right in the palm of her hand. Then a bright, crimson flame was created right away, without any incantation nor catalyst.

[This will hurt a little bit, but I hope you can take it~❤]


As she said that, she throws the crimson Fireball straight onto the knight. But the knight didn’t flinch out at all, rather, he went straight into the oncoming Fireball.



The fireball went and exploded right away after hitting the knight straight onto the head. The size of the explosion itself was quite comparable that you could easily roasted an 100kg beef in a matter of second, considering it won’t taste good later on though.

[A… Am I overdoing it…? I thought he’s going to evade it either way, so I put more power into it than usual…..] She said that as she bit her own  finger, afraid of what have become of the Knight.

[… Nhah, even if you’re going full-force, I think I’m still survived.]


A sight of a black knight tearing through the explosion that big were quite a scare, as  it makes her jumped back a lot seeing such dread situation in front of her. Whilst at the same time, the Black Knight keep charging at her fast enough that, combined with her surprised reaction, were unable to evade such simple attack at all. Then he finally grabbed her face, covering it whole inside his palm.

[A… are you going to kill me…?]

[No. I’m just going to ask you one thing in return.]

[Wh… what is it…?]

[Wear some clothes on.]


All of a sudden, killing intent surging out strongly from the black knight, as it sends the witch shivering in fear.

[I ask once more, or the next thing that’ll happen to you will be the worst situation you’ve ever experienced.]

[Y… yes…???]

[Would you please put some clothes on…?]

[N… No…?]

At that moment, the knight’s vacant left hand was already aimed at the woman’s stomach as his right hand, which was formerly grabbing her head. Without her realizing it, her body already in his mercy and turned around without her consent.

[Eh… Ehh?!?!?!]

At the end, her current position is….

The black knight’s left hand were circling around her stomach, leaving her airborne unable to touch the floor. Her ass was pointed toward where the black knight was facing, and his vacant right hand were facing upward with opened palm.

[Eh… wait… surely you don’t….]

The moment the witch girl hesitated, the black knight already swung his right hand as fast and as hard as possible….



Toward her ass.


[Don’t worry, I make sure to use a soft gloves so that your butt won’t get any scratch that way.]


[I ask again once more, please, wear some clothes on.]
As he finished his plea, the witch’s body suddenly turn bright as crimson.



It may seems simple, but what she just do was covering her whole external body with an explosion spell magic, while she uses a barrier to protect herself against those explosions internally. It was meant for her to break free of her captors in case she was being captured just like today.

[… I’m quite impressed, to think such way of using magic exist.]


But as it turns out, the black knight didn’t even flinch at all. Even there are no traces of burn mark around the armor. It was still as clean as if it was never being damaged in the first place.

[So? Your answer is?]




The sound of his palm smacking her ass was getting harder, as the red mark around her round ass  keeps getting redder.

[Uh… u… uguuuuuu….!!!!]

[I ask again once more, wear some clothes.]

[I… I…]

Her eyes become teary trying to hold the pain that keeps attacking her butt. Her teeth keeps gritting against each other as if she’s trying to hold onto something.

[Don’t wanna…. I don’t wanna….]

[… Alright, I just keep slapping you up until you agreed to it.]


[Even a monster’s patience had its limit.] [No, to be exact, a monster shouldn't even have had patience in the first place.]


[Then wear some clothes on.]



It already happened. The moment [No] came out from her mouth; the black knight’s right hand already swept the witch’s frail ass.







[NHOOOO!!! STOPH!!! STHOP!!! I… I CAN’TH…. TAKE-…!!!!]




[Ugh… Ugu…. Uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu *hic…..]


A miraculous turn had happened. As the black knight went ahead to clean up all the mess they had made in this room, the witch finally decided to put on some clothes given by the black knight, a white one-piece dress that at least cover her breasts until her thighs. And after that, she started to sulk at the corner of the room.

[Uuuu… Hic… you… you’re cruel… against a young lady’s ass… to me… to my ass….. *hic]

[You reap what you sow.]


A fragment of stone hit the knight’s head. It was thrown away by the witch’s from the corner of the room, aimed at his head.


[… *sigh….]

After finished cleaning up some of the rubble around the room, he started to went closer to the witch.

[Wh… what?!? Even if you slapped me more, I won’t wear more clothes than this! Rather, I can’t bear it to wear these! It’s disturbing!!!]

As the knight just scratched his helmet, he plainly asks the witch [So, are you going to cancel the summoning?]

[… No….]

[Figured.] As he sighed once again while rubbing his helmet again.

[... You don’t like it…? Being my familiar?]

[As long as you keep wearing decent clothes around, I don’t have any complain becoming your familiar.]

[… Really? You’ll become my familiar?] Her eyes become teary yet again, not caused by the itching pain from her butt.

[… I will, Master.]

The moment she says that, the black knight’s chest suddenly starts glowing bright with some insignia, marked with something. The moment the witch saw that insignia, she widen her eyes and mouth, smiling happily as she hugged the knight tightly.

[THANK YOU….!!!!!]

[… The name’s “Vram”, my beloved Master.]

[It’s “Josephine”, Vram. My name is….] {Thank you…. Thank you….!}

Unsure of what to do, Vram can only hug her back while scrubbing her head and hair with his right hand gently. As both of them enjoying their own world together at these hall, where everything begin.

[Web Novel] Gloria Infidelis Image[Web Novel] Gloria Infidelis NSUG3SQ 

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[Web Novel] Gloria Infidelis Vide
:hmm: wah udah apdet di chapter 1 ye, ngga ada versi bahasa indonesia ? :hammer:
kasian yang lain pengen baca jadi ngga bisa :P
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PostRe: [Web Novel] Gloria Infidelis
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[Web Novel] Gloria Infidelis Vide
haduh minta versi indo? >.>
ntar de at least 1 arc kelar ta' translate semua jadi indo lagi

[Web Novel] Gloria Infidelis Image[Web Novel] Gloria Infidelis NSUG3SQ 

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PostRe: [Web Novel] Gloria Infidelis
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[Web Novel] Gloria Infidelis Vide
Chapter 2

[This may be inconvenient, but I want you to stop talking.] [Who knows what the other will do to you if they realized that I’ve summoned a talking familiar with human-like appearance.]

Without saying anything, Vram just tilt his head downward as he agreeing to Josephine’s condition. The two of them walked together away from the Hall that was used to summon Vram before.

[… You’re quite docile actually, despite what you’ve done to me] [If by any chance I were going to undre-]

[Then I’m going to slap you again.]

His sudden remark makes Josephine shivering all over again while rubbing her ass again. It was truly an experience she would rather never experience all over again, as she keeps rubbing her ass while tugging her dress up and down.

[… What should I say to Yohana if she sees me like this….]



[Muu…!! Will you stop laughing at people’s misfortune like that?!]

The girl whom have been waiting outside of the building where the summoning was set, Yohana, seen laughing out loud in front of the building as Josephine’s face went red listening to Yohana’s tease, as Vram’s just standing beside Josephine, being silent.

[Ahah… ahahahah! Well in the first place, you weren’t someone who would yield to anyone no matter how much you were tortured, but… Ahahahahaahh!!!]

As she tried to holding off her laughing whilst wiping off her tears, she tried to observe Vram a little bit longer.

[Well, as usual, quite an unusual Familiar you have there.] [It surprised me the most of its striking resemblance to that of a human male.]

[You’ve seen a human male before, Yohana?]

[Well, not as fierce as this one, okay~❤] [Most of male human whom trying to invade us were both stupid and full of greed.] [This one somehow seems… I don’t know how to describe it; it feels like he was the perfect familiar you could’ve ever had.] [Despite its tremendous strength and high resistance against magic, just like how you described him, I feel no malice from it.] [But this guy definitely a monster.]

[I… I see....]

[No kidding, what kind of material have you collected that you ended up summoning “it”???] [It was most likely the kind of monster that appeared outside the continent, considering its size.]

As she keep explaining and asking Josephine at the same time with her finding, Yohana keep rubbing, stroking, and pinching Vram’s body all over starting from its head until toe.

[O… outer Continent?]

[Yeah, you see here? This insignia? It was never recorded from our ancient history.] [Whilst I’m unsure whether the Elder had met one, but I was once heard from the elder that there are many humanoid-like monsters lingering out of this continent.] [But all of them have never been able to speak to each other though, so they still consider them Monsters.]

[I… I see….] As Josephine’s face turns sour after hearing Yohana’s explanation, Yohana’s letting go of Vram and started to hug Josephine from the back while pinching Josephine’s cheek.

[I suggest that you take great care of it, my little juniors~❤]

[Of course I’d do that without you reminding me!!] With her expression suddenly getting serious whilst a little bit angry.

[I understand, I understand~] [Then I shall report this back to elder, then returning home.] [Is that okay with you, or do you want me to stay behind for a while?]

As Yohana’s offering her support, Josephine’s face turn sour again as she looked like she’s holding back something, she tried to force herself to smile.

[Mm~… I’m fine. Besides, I wanted to visit that places together with Vram….]

[Oho? Already a name for your familiar~❤? Nice name you have there~❤] [Then, I should go right now.]
Before she finally go, Yohana hugged Josephine’s  tightly as Josephine’s also leaning on her breasts as she looked like she needed some support from Yohana as her senior.

[I hope this’ll be the last time for you to visit this place.]

Josephine’s just tilting her head downward as she keeps hugging Yohana as if she doesn’t want to let her go at all.


[Can you keep up with me, Vram?]

Vram just nodding to responds to Josephine’s answer. Seeing such bland response from her own familiar, Josephine went a little bit annoyed.

[Why aren’t you responding me back with another talk?!] [It’s a rare occasion for me to have a talking Familiar, so I want to hear more of your story!!!]

Vram just scratching his helmet again with his palm looked confused to Josephine’s remark [But you’re the one who told me not to talk.] As he replied Josephine.

[Well I think it’s already safe to consider us safe without somebody’s overheard us.] [Also, you seem quite sharp, so I think you’ll know the time when you could talk or not, right?] 

It looked like Josephine’s was quite expecting something from Vram, as she looked up to Vram with her blinking eyes piercing straight right at him.

[… I did able to sense Miss Yohana’s presence right when we’re about to get out from that place, but I don’t think you should expect much since I’m still having a hard time sensing a creature whom were able to hide its presence.]

[OHO~❤! As expected~❤!] [Then shall we have a little chat before we’re reaching the place? Since it doesn’t seems like we’re going to reach it quickly~❤] As she said that, she began to hug Vram’s arm and rubbing her face against it.

[Is it really that far? I have confidence in my stamina, though I can’t say the same for you, Master….]

[I’m fine~❤] [I’ve always been coming here at least once a week, so this much is nothing~❤]

[… You’re tougher than you look.]

As they continued on their journey, Vram did ask a lot of things regarding his own situation. The first thing he’s going to clarify is the witch’s existence. As mentioned before, witches are people whom were able to use magic without the uses of any catalyst. Josephine’s actually didn’t understand the concept of using catalyst as medium, mainly because she’s a native. So Vram had to elaborate some of the current magic system he knows. 

Magic mainly operates from a formula which was made in order to bend, force, or even create a natural phenomenon by writing them with Rune Words. After the formula is written, it will processed itself using the energy gained from somewhere and started to unleash the formula result, which was referred as magic. 
With that said, there was a need for a human to use mediums as means of writing those formulas in order to unleash magic. It can be said that these medium can be of anything, as long as it can withstand the flowing energy inputted from writing the rune formula.

Josephine’s actually surprised since the process of normal magic spelling was almost the same as the humans, by the exception that their magic didn’t need to use any medium at all.

[Rather, we wrote them right inside our head, after that we just unleashed them by converting an amount of these said energy to compliment the formula we’ve created inside our head.]

By that logic, it was safe to assume that these witches actually using their own body as a medium in order to unleash the magic. It’ll completely cut the processing time of magic whilst being able to use multiple magic at the same time. Vram deduced that the reason these witches are being exiled was due to the reason that how efficient their magical ability was. 

The second thing he wanted to clarify was about how the witches operate. What surprised Vram the most is that witches never had a male descendant since long times after their exile. It was also mentioned that actually, every witches can get pregnant no matter what kind of creature inseminated them. It was deduced that since the way they use magic had a different nature than the other humans, it changes the way their body operates biologically. As a result, not only does the children they bear would ended up having the same nature as their parents, the child also had the potential of turning into a witch.

[That’s why we didn’t have any male human at our places.] [If we ever need to copulate, we can always use our own familiar to inseminate us. ] [Since it’s also served as a way to restore a familiar’s energy, it’s quite convenient for us.]

As he heard Josephine’s explanation, Vram can only let out a long sigh as he scratched his head confused. 
[Does that mean that one day I have to do that with you, Master?]

[Of course~❤] As she said that cheerfully, this left Vram being awkward all by himself.

But he wasn’t stopping at that, as there are various questions linger like how did they procure resources, culminating food, their lifestyle, common occurrence, protection around the populace, their hierarchy, and so on. While sometimes Josephine’s quite taken aback by how much information demanded from her whilst left her confused, she was quite happily chatted with Vram as it was the happiest moment of her life.
But as they almost reached their destination, Vram begin to ask one question that somehow left a bitter taste on Josephine.

[Then… how are we familiar being treated?] [If I’m not mistaken, familiars were supposed to be the same as a slave, as their sole mission was to tend to their masters.]

Hearing such statements, Josephine put on such a complex facial expression in her face. It was a face devoid of her cheerfulness as her frowns keeps getting darker with her eyes keeps getting darker and tears almost collected in her void brown eyes, but still trying her best to keep smiling all the time. 

[... Is that so…?] [If that’s the case… I guess it would be easier for us witches should we’ve thought like that from the very beginning.]

Her last sentences left Vram confuses as he ponder to why would his master put on such grim expression on her face. Before long, they’ve finally reached their destination.


A gentle, breezing wind can be felt through the entrance of the place. A solemn feeling can be felt through his armor onto his inner side. A little bit of shiver can be seen covering up Josephine’s body as they entered the place. Many stone tablet can be seen popping out from the ground, as there are many kind of flower and grass growing out of them, but with so little weed to be seen.

[… A graveyard…?]

Vram tried to ask Josephine her reason of coming here, but after seeing her devastated expression lingering on her face, Vram decided to hold himself back.

[This here is a resting place for the familiar whom are dying before its master’s demise.]

It was explained that Familiar is akin to monsters that have been summoned in order to fulfill their master needs. As such, they need to be constantly received their master’s energy or they’ll be disintegrated right away. That said, the moment that a master had finally meet their end, their Familiar will be also disintegrated right away as a part of their contract. But a familiar that ended up dying before its master will ended up leaving some parts of its previous body.

[To think that this place would treat their own familiar this way… I guess I should be impressed.]

[… Is it such a rare occasion for a familiar to be treated this way outside?]

[More like they don’t even care what would’ve happened to their own familiar.]

[… Is that so…?]

The moment Josephine’s stopped talking, she went deeper and started to sit down while at the same time, she started to clean up the weed and moss that’s covering the graveyard.

[… Is it possible that… I’m not the first familiar you’ve ever summoned?]

Josephine’s just nodding lightly as she keeps pinching and pulling out the weed and moss on the grave. As Vram finally decided to stay silent and helped her to clean up the grave.

[… Thank you….]

As both of them helped each other in cleaning up the grave, Vram somehow quite good with pulling out the weed, so the job went by without a cinch. But as soon as they finished weeding one grave, Josephine started to move onto the next grave. This left Vram with confused and perplexed expression shown on his gesture.

[… You know Vram?] [I did explain to you that when we need to copulate, we’re doing it with our familiar, right?] [It’s actually become our primal needs that we need to do one, in order to further increasing our ability as witches.] [I don’t know about the details, but as long as we’re being hunted by the humans, there’s no way for us to be loved by them, to be hugged by them.] [That’s why; we turned our love into our familiar.] [Most witches here always ended up having their one and only familiar they ever summoned, no matter how weak they are.]

As Vram tried to get himself together, he immediately went and helped Josephine cleaned the other grave as soon as possible. Whilst trying to suppress his emotion while listening to her.

[Before long, it has become something normal to summon familiar in order to become your family, not as someone whom always fulfill the need of their masters.] [We summoned them, because we wanted to, and we needed to be loved.]

Thus that explains Josephine’s insistence of not wanting to cancel the summoning and decided to keep me in this world. Her clingy attitude was also caused by how much losing one familiar devastated her so much. And that also explain why would Yohana reminding her of taking care of me.

[But then again….] [Losing a Familiar… is not something that I can get used to, no matter how many times it had happened to me.]


As if he was being attacked by a wild beast all of a sudden, Vram just jumped back surprised and letting out such remark.

[Since a familiar was meant to love and to be loved by us, we would always use everything we’ve had in order to protect them.] [But somehow, my familiars….]

She tried to hide it by keep lowering her head to the ground, but it can be seen that her tears had already reached the ground. Vram tried to observe the situation around the graveyard a little bit longer. It can be seen that some grave still had many weeds covering them by an odd amount. By total, there are at least around 20 to 30 graves lingering here, but the graves that looked like it had been maintained well are  about 2/3  of the total graves in here.

{By any chances… could it be… that most of these familiar were belongs to….}

He could hear Josephine’s sobbing as she tried so hard to pull one weed while shivering a lot, unable to pull it. Her dirty left hand keep rubbing of her eyes, wiping out the tears collected in her face.
Seeing such pitiful state, Vram couldn’t hold back and started to pull Josephine’s arm. [Eh?] As he turns her body right at Vram and hugged her tighly inside his chest. As if he’s trying to calm her down, he also stroked Josephine’s hair gently.

[I’m sorry, Master…. That my armor was dead cold.]


A wail finally released off her throat throughout the place as she let out all of her building-up tears that she’s been holding back all these time. For many years she had to endure the pain of losing someone she would’ve loved and loved her back, over and over again. In Vram head, comes out an image of a little girl keep sobbing as she cleaned up a grave of a familiar. It was weird for him to be able to imagine such thing, but as he looking up to those images he keeps hugging Josephine tightly in order to ease her trouble. 

The wailing keep on going for a long time, as Vram decided to renew his oath of loyalty for his own master.

[This I will promise you, Master.] [That I shall be together with you from now on, and forever.]

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[Web Novel] Gloria Infidelis Vide
Chapter 3

It is almost evening, as Vram and Josephine finally finished with their assignment and finally returning, or in Vram’s case, visiting Josephine’s home.

[Thanks to you, the cleaning went faster than usual~❤]

Josephine smiled happily as usual it completely erased her tears. Most people won’t even realize that Josephine had cried her heart all out. Seeing such smile,  Vram looked like he wanted to reply in a good manners, but at the end, he ended up only nodding.

[Eeee~??? Why are you being quiet again???] [… Ah?]

As Josephine’s finally realized, a bunch of people was seen coming to where both Josephine’s and Vram came from. Without long, both Josephine and Vram had been surrounded by a massive crowd of female witches. All of them looked very young in Vram’s eyes that he had trouble controlling himself.

[Hey hey, Josephine, who’s he??] [Is it a familiar? It somehow resembles us a lot!!!] [Is it strong as usual?] [What kind of ability does he have right now?] [Does he eat and sleep just like us?] [Does it have quite a good stamina?] [Does it have a big *rod*?] [Does it even procreate?] [….] [….] [….]

The content of the curious younger witches left Josephine and Vram both confused, as Vram tried to cover his confusing gesture. But it was as what Josephine had deduced; there was never a case where a Familiar can speak, let alone interact with each other. Somehow, if words got out that Josephine had called a talking familiar, she afraid that Vram would be used for something he didn’t like.

 There’s also a case where a familiar took their own independent action without having been ordered by their master, but it can only be achieved by a familiar whom have been bonded with their master for a long time, or it’s quite an irregular monster. Though considering Vram himself was quite an irregular, he would be able to do those things by himself. 

As Vram tried to ascertain his situation, he was surrounded, rubbed, pinched, and groped by most of the witches out there. This leaves Josephine with jealousy over him [HEY! WHERE DO YOU THINK YOU’RE TOUCHING!?!] As she shouted seeing one girl had trying to aim for Vram’s nether region.
While pretending to act as a familiar whilst remain stout from the junior witches’ attack, Vram tried to listen to their conversation in order to know better about this place. It seems that this place, which was called Witch Village, was segregated into many areas, while mainly split their rank based on how strong their magic as well as how far their knowledge developed.

It seems that this place was an intermediate class area, which specialized in Familiar Summoning. With that said, it’s quite simple to say that in order to move onto the higher rank, one should’ve had a familiar strong enough to move onto the next rank. 

{Despite her personality, her magic actually quite good.} {Must be because of her recent losing familiar that ended up having her stuck in this class.}

As Vram tried to pry more onto this business, he found out quite a shocking truth regarding the Familiar Summoning. It seems that, in order to summon one, a witch must prepare many sacrifices to use as a material. Heard that some of the junior witches had used many things from animal, plant, resources, and monster alike.

[So, what kind of material you’re using right now, Senior?] [Is it the usual rare monster thing?]
[Umm… yeah.] [Also, I added some compound made from a purified magic crystal and the ones which had a thick miasma.]

[Eeeh?] [What for????]

[It seems that when these two contradictive energy sources counteract each other, the force it would gather will be bigger than usual.] [And with these force, a massive amount of energy will gather around the summoning altar.] [But to balance the force between these two energy source would need quite high concentration, so one must took great care of it when trying to do these~❤]


Vram was quite surprised seeing her knowledge had grown that far. Even if he didn’t use magic, such feat was unheard of, so it seems that Vram’s admiration to her grow even larger. And also, that explain the reason how could Josephine even be able to summon something like “him”.

[Hmm…] [As usual, quite an exquisite Familiar you have there, Naked Princess~]

Suddenly the surrounding went tense, as one girl accompanied by the two girls behind her had come visiting Josephine. The girl with red, brownish wavy hair accompanied with a violet blue haired girl and a sharp bright blonde haired girl visited Josephine.

[Senior Hildegarde~?] 

From what the other junior girls whispered to each other, it seems that these people were Josephine’s Senior-by-age even though all of them actually had the same rank. The trio girls were quite known for their boastful attitude among the junior, as the same were also the case with Josephine.

Vram also recognize their name as Hildegarde, the seemed-to-be leader of the group, also her companion Christine & Rosalinda. With attire that could also be comparable to Josephine’s nakedness, a black-laced frill underwear that was almost see-through, combined with her frilly yet transparent robe, she’s almost practically naked, though not much worse than Vram’s master herself. By the way, Naked Princess was a title bestowed upon Josephine because she herself never wore a piece of clothes since she was small.

[But then again, what’s with that?] [Just because you’ve had a new familiar that looked like that, you started to wear some clothes?] 

Those statements made everyone almost opened wide their eyes, realizing that Josephine started to wore some clothes. This surprises everyone as much because not everyone realizes it because they were too much focused on Vram, which was quite unique himself in these village.

[Th… this is circumstances!!] [If I don’t wear one, he’ll start rampaging here and there, and I’m powerless to stop him!!]

{Well, that’s quite true, though I don’t really think you could even call it “rampaging”….} is what Vram’s thinking at the moment. But it’s true that those clothes are what you would call “circumstances” regarding her ownership of Vram.

[Humh!] [Your current familiar looked smaller and weaker than what you’ve called before, and you’re having trouble with it?] [Guess in the end you wouldn’t advance that much in this class as usual~!]
[YAY~❤!] [Weak! Weak! Naked Princess is Weak!] [Guess it’s finally your time to shine on the stage, Lady Hilda~❤!] Rosalinda giving Josephine her mocking words as she praised Hildegarde over and over again.

[Umm… but her current familiar looked a lot like human, isn’t that weird no matter how you saw it?]
As one of the junior spoke on behalf of everyone’s curiosity, Hildegarde just clicked her tongue and replied to them with spiteful face.

[HA!] [Looked like human?!] [Have you guys ever seen what human was like even once?!] [Besides, if it’s a human, can it even talk!?] [Can it understand what we’ve been saying all this time?!] [If it could do at least those things, then I’ll start to acknowledge it as a human!]

Though her words have silenced everyone, Josephine could only smile awkwardly mainly because she already knows that Vram could talk. 

[Now with this, I guess you understand that you should never underestimate your senior.][Understand, Naked Princess~?]

[I understand, Senior Hildegarde.]

Though it may seem to be forced, Hildegarde was preferred to be called a senior in front of Josephine, as Josephine just gladly called her that way. Josephine’s face keep looking downward as she shows her dry smile, while Hildegarde looked unsatisfied with her answer.

[Rosa, Chris, we’re out.]  As Hildegarde turned her back and leaving away the location

[Yes.] Christine, the girl with the violet blue haired girl answered with calm demeanor as she follows Hildegarde in the back.

[Aye, ma’am!] Rosalinda, the blonde ones also happily tailed both of them from behind.

As the three girls finally leaves the scene, the girls whispered to each other and badmouthing them while some of the girls tried to console Josephine. Josephine, on the other hands, were just smiling thorough it.

As if Vram’s feeling uneasy, he started to stay closer to Josephine, much to other girls’ shriek of jealousy. But in the end Josephine just looked calm after Vram went closer to her.


The two of them finally reached what was seemed to be a “house” for witches. At first glance it may have seemed to be just a simple 2-floor tent, but the insides of the tent were something like a exquisite 3-4 floor condominium. With size comparable on its own, they could even fit family-size furniture inside. The ornaments inside the tent were quite exquisite as it was filled with many kind of embroidery and sculptures of many shapes.  But what surprises Vram the most was….

[… Quite an extraordinary magical barrier you have here.]

[Ehehe, thanks~❤] [Though at first I’m a little bit worried whether it could hold on if your magic resistance were in effect.]

It seems that Josephine realized from the time they first met, Vram had something that could resist a force of magic within certain degree. This explains the reason why at the very beginning Vram was able to survive from Josephine’s attack unscathed.

[By the way, you sure you should be talking right now?] [Not worried whether someone would overhear you?]

[When you put up these strong soundproof around your room?] As Vram said that while knocking on the tent’s wall.

[Oh, you realize that?] [Some people say that whenever I’m too focused in my training, I ended up raising my voice higher than usual.] [Also, I don’t really like the noise that’s happening outside.]
[So it blocked both outside and inside’s noise each other.] 

Vram continued to inspect the surrounding of Josephine’s house, as Josephine just blankly stares at Vram confused.

[What are you doing?]

[Inspecting the place, what else?]

[What for?]

[In case of burglar or something along those lines]

[….] As Vram replied her, Josephine just stand there dumbfounded at his reply to her question, and finally, [Pfft…!] [AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH~❤!!!]

As if Vram is doing something illogical, Josephine just went laughing out loud that, if not for the soundproof covering the whole room, it could be heard throughout the whole village.

[What?] [Am I doing something weird?]

[B… but…] [It somehow feels weird for a familiar to care that much about things like that.] [Ahah…. AHAHAHAHAHAH~❤!!]

Vram just scratched his helmet confused at her reaction as he just keep inspecting and sometimes cleaning up the places, which cracked Josephine even more as Vram just keep doing his things while look confused.

After Vram finished rounding up the whole room, both of them finally sit down on what you could call it a living room. With Josephine sitting apart from him in a seiza-style, where both of her legs were being closed tight and being kept under her as she puts her hands on both of her thighs. While Vram just slovenly sitting, with his right knee pointing upward, putting his right hand on top of it as his left hand supporting his whole body, while he put his left leg forward.

[You’re… surprisingly carefree….]


[Well it’s just… seeing how you tidy up the whole room this whole time, I thought of you as someone whom always put things orderly.]

[Well, above all I’m a paladin, so….]


[We never sit when we’re in front of our lord.]

Josephine can’t count just how much she’s been taken aback by how different their culture against his own, as she just keeps widening her eyes against him.

[But… you’re sitting beside me right now….]

[Because you practically begged for it.]

[We… well… It feels weird for my own family to just standing there all days when I’m just sitting here nicely….]

[Come to think of it….] [You surprisingly had a neat way of sitting considering the way you dressed up.]

[It was the Elder’s teaching.] [A proper way of sitting will train your posture and breathing control, which in return give a proper feedback when releasing a magic.]

[That’s amusing.] [But you’re also quite stunning for also able to follow it through.]

[Ehehe~❤] [Anyway, should we continue where we left of before~?]

[You seem to be enjoying yourself.]

[Ehehehe~❤] [How could I not?] [A talking familiar is something everyone looked forward to.]

They progressed together with their chat, mainly Josephine asking and telling about something private which only both of them who knew. At first, Josephine tried to tell Vram about herself. It seems that every witch never had a mother. I can’t deduce the cause, but it may be caused by the strange ability they had, since it put a lot of strain on their body themselves. Not to mention the chance for getting pregnant by any kind of creature is quite high.

[Witches are like the total opposite of the elves.]


[Another races from another region.] [I only met few of them, so I can’t really say that I knew about them.] [I’ll fill the details about it later.]

[Hmm…] [It’s just getting mysterious all of a sudden, the outer world.]

[You never ever went outside?]

[Ah yeah, I may have forgot to tell you this.] [You do know that we’re an exiled race right?]

[Yeah, so?]

[And where would you think is it?] [An exiled place where witches could expand its territory and lived secluded?]

[... Don’t tell me....]

[Yup~❤] [We’re in the very same places that most human would prefer to evade than to crashed here.] 

The Forbidden Continent, Helven

This world, which we usually call “Infinus”, consists of many island encircled together creating 4 continents altogether. Among those continents, exist one continent that makes it so dangerous that people ended up banned the continent from the map, hence the name. The cause of such danger was that the continent itself somehow filled with many kind of high-class monster that could endanger even one whole kingdom with its presence. It is also said that when there exist a creature that could endanger a whole kingdom, that said creature could be coming from the said continent.

[That’s why, unless we have some other way to survive on the outer side, there’s no way elder would’ve let us went outside.]

[I see, and to support their survival capabilities, a familiar is needed.] [It’s understandable now why such extremes measures were needed here.]

[Ehehe~❤] [Actually even if you’re actually a human, I’m kinda glad that you’re an understanding person.]


[Truth is, the Elder always told us that most humans cannot be reasoned with.] [When they met one of us, either they started to kill or capture us.]


[But you didn’t do something wrong.] [In fact, I’m happy when you said that you would become my familiar, considering your capabilities.]

[It’s not that there’s a harm in it, so why not?]

[… I hope that’s really the case….]

As Josephine tilted her head a bit downward, she went closer to Vram’s location while trying to lean toward him together with her endearing smile.


[Vram…] […. Will you… always stay right by my side…?]

[… Aren’t you tired asking the same question over and over again?] [… But I shall do so, Master.]

[… Thanks….]


The stars have lifted up brightly. The “moon”, though it may be a little different than the moon we all know very much of, shines brightly. Such view was a sight for Vram even as a monster.

{It’s kinda soothing. Wonder if it’s because of the moon.} {It’s full now, so since I was a monster, guess it’s kinda affecting me too.} {But I guess every monsters in this city also experienced the same thing.}

Vram was standing outside of the “tent”, guarding the front guard. Josephine actually never ordered such things, but since he couldn’t sleep at all, he decided to stand outside gazing at the light. Just then, a little thread of light suddenly comes out of the front door where Vram stand besides. As Vram’s instinct were quite keen, he realized that the thread of light were anything but normal. As he tried to follow it while observing it, he found out that the light had carrying something from inside. He hurried and chasing the light as the light suddenly picked up its speed.


Vram reached somewhere faraway from civilization, but as he tried to observe the area, he deduced that he was still inside the Witch’s Village. As the thread of light suddenly vanished and dropped the thing, he quickly picked the thing that was seemed to be a frame. The picture inside was of an adult female together with a little girl that he knows all too well.

{Josephine…?} {That means the woman’s… her mother?} {But how could this picture even existed… I mean, doesn’t she lost her mother right after she’s born?}


As he still fixated over the picture’s meaning, a swirl of fireball flying straight ahead against Vram.


With his quick reflexes, Vram repelled the fireball with his palm while trying to protect the picture by hiding it inside his body.

[Hmm… I thought this one’s weaker than before, but it somehow had greater speed and resistance better than the last one.]

As the voice follows, a group of witches coming out from their hiding places together with their familiar. The group consisted of more than 20 witches, mainly the ones from the villages where Josephine lives. They are all witches that had coming and talking to Josephine right after she finished cleaning up the graveyard.

{What’s the meaning of this?}

[Hey look!] [It confused!!] [Ahahahahah!] [Guess that naked idiot gave it another weird order again!] [It looked weak!] [Can it even be useful to us?!?]

Many kinds of insults, creepy laugh, and spiteful remark happened right in front of Vram. Though it may be because none of them knew that Vram were able to understood and spoke their words.

[Well since I’m the one whom started all of this, I shall gladly tell you what’s happening, Josephine’s Familiar~❤] [What’s happening to you right now is what had been happened to Josephine’s former familiar the whole time.] 

As she spoke the words, she lets out something that looked a lot like a fragment, a fragment of what seemed to be a Mana Source.

[This will be what’s left of you as a familiar.] [You familiar called by her somehow always come out as the most unique and strong familiar ever.] [I don’t like it, and I killed her very first familiar, and took away what’s left of it, which, this stone essence.] [And now, look!] [A very beautiful mana sources from it!] [So pure, so thick, so MAGNIFICENT!] [And as every familiar she called goes by, the quality of these sources keeps increasing!] 

While she started to shouting and explaining, she licked the fragment over and over again until she was bored.

[And sometimes, these stones are too much to handle to me, so I asked the others to help me and we shall share the loot together.] [Neatly, these stones always been able to fill the need of our familiars!] [She makes a good farming stone, you hear~~❤!]

[And what’s the funniest part of it?] [You can’t speak~!] [So even if you were able to survive our first attack, we’ll just keep coming right at you to seal the deal~!] [Whoops, but you don’t even understand what we’ve been saying all along~❤!] [Poor things, to be called by such incompetence of all people~]

The witches around him laughed hard like a madman. What was seemed to be a monsters and a man seems to be flipped through.

[For now, you shall be our NEXT prey!] [Consider it an honor to be slain by my familiar, whom have reached the height of greater ones thanks to something like you!!] 

[GET HER, GIRLS!!!!!!!]

All of the witches and the familiar started ganging up on Vram, as he readied his posture in order to engage against his opponent. It’ll be quite a long night for Vram, whom have just been summoned at the very first day.

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[Web Novel] Gloria Infidelis Vide
Chapter 4
As if being shocked by something, she suddenly woke up and jerked around her bed. Afraid of losing something, she quickly searched around her house.
[Vram…? Where are you…?]
She keeps searching here and there, but to no avail. All she ever recognize are the dark surrounding and the silence that went on. If Vram was there the whole time, he would take no time to replied back to her. But he didn’t, no such answer came out from him.
[No… please don’t leave me alone….]
Although she still forgot to wear anything, at least she still brings a sheet of blanket from her bed. With her teary eyes and reddish cheek, she started to go outside of her tent to find Vram.
A sound of explosion can be heard from afar, as if it was anything but ordinary followed by a flash of light and smoke coming out.
Keep sensing such danger and bad feeling. Josephine started to run toward the source of lights as fast as possible.

[What is this…!?!?]
A pale face combined with their widened up eyes and gaped mouth, such is the expression of those whom have saw such terrible event that had happened right in front of their eyes. 

A three-headed beast with yellow reddish hair around its head and giant fang on its mouth are charging onto the black-armored familiar whom also charged toward the beast. As the beast waving its hand right at Vram, Vram used his metal gloves to block its claw as he pushed his palm toward the beast’s stomach.


With force supported from below, Vram blown the chimera sky-high as he quickly turned his body toward his back. A slender scaled creature with its poison fang, added with some feet and claw quickly thrust its neck forward aiming at Vram’s neck. But Vram just quickly turned around its neck and whipped the neck with his right hand.

Many other familiars also charged onto him. A Flame-like beast with long canine and gums. A yellow-ish feather-winged creature with beak and fangs at its feet. A beast with also long canine and gums, but not with flame, only wings on its back . A 6-legged scaled creature with sharp eyes and poisoned fang. Many of these creatures keep charging up at Vram. But Vram just keep blowing them up or whipped them using his bare-hand equipped with his metallic black gauntlet only. This has been going on for a while, yet there are no sign of him getting tired even after getting flanked here and there.


The one whom have seemed to be their leader keep ordering her companion to attack Vram with magic. As many magic circle have appeared either from their hand, on the air, on the ground below Vram, or in the air around Vram, the witches finally chant the spell





Many kinds of spell continuously attacked Vram here and there, and only smoke could be seen from there. The girls can only looked smilingly worried as their leader puffed up her chest seemingly satisfied.

But what comes next completely froze them all up. As the smoke finally cleared up, a man, which they hope should’ve been grounded completely, stood there silently while not having that much damage even after that much magic had been shoot.

[Wh… what is he?] [He just keep repelling our attacks!!] [No! Our magic had no effect at all from the very beginning!!!!] [It’s scary!!!]
The terrifying scene made the other girls frozen in place, afraid of what has becoming of Vram. As the girl looked terrified, the Familiar also had such pale expression on their face, but still trying to protect their master regardless.

{… Guess no matter what, they still ended up loyal toward their masters.}
And as if he already knows the obvious, all this time Vram never ever took the fight seriously since the beginning, and only guarding and blowing them up all the time. That what caused him to be still so composed regardless of how many those monsters tried to attack him. Also, it never crossed his mind whether to kill them or not.

[YOU ALL ARE SO USELESS!!!] [DO YOU REALLY NEED ME TO GO EVERY TIMES WE’RE DEFEATING HER FAMILIAR!!!] [Then you all shall see what I, Mariabelle, shall show you people again how to appropriately hunt this one!!]

As she flailed her hands upward and whip it back towards Vram, a creature appear all of a sudden behind Vram, surprising him.


Vram quickly jerked backward, trying to evade what was seemed to be a slashing attack towards him. 


But Vram couldn’t completely evade it. No, Vram should’ve been completely evading it, at least he think he is. But the scratch in his torso is completely real. And it’s not just scratching; the smokes around it were quite thick. The attack comes completely deep that, if not for his absolute defensive ability, he would’ve been split in two.

{Air Blade? Wind Slash? Either way, what caught me off guard the most is its ability to completely hide its presence, despite its size.}

The creature, a primate with overall shape looked almost human-like, but much white fur covering its whole body together with its tail, and it’s slender yet tall featured body that about more than 2 meter. But what makes it more terrifying was that its whole body was covered in golden, glittering armor. Though not as thick as Vram’s armor, the gold things covering its whole body makes it as hard as his. Its claw also equipped in the same manner as its body. The tail was also equipped with something like a golden Axe. And lastly, its face mostly covered in gold, only had viewed its visor. And the other striking feature is its golden-clad wings, spread through the whole area.

[Hum hum hum!] [Looks like you’re quite surprised.] [This is my familiar, Hanna, nurtured from having killed too many of her familiar.] [And you’re also going to be a part of it~!]


The familiar, named Hanna, letting out quite terrifying screams, incompatible with its cute name. Its gum can be seen from behind its helmet that uncovered the moment it let out such screams. 

[KILL IT!!!!]
Hanna quickly jumped towards Vram while waving its right hand, slashing right at him. As Vram clicked his tongue, he jumped toward the monsters and moved his right hand at Hanna’s arm.

Vram linked his arm with Hanna’s arm, completely blocking Hanna’s air claw. 


Furious after seeing its move cancelled like that, Hanna furiously whipped both of its hand toward Vram, as Vram just continuously blocked each and every hit Hanna lets out. More furious, Hanna just keep screaming like a mad primate all over as it keeps attacking Vram relentlessly. 


As if being pulled by something, Hanna suddenly stopped moving and jumped back, responding to Mariabelle’s order. Before Vram could even realize it, a flash of light suddenly went right at Vram’s head.

It was Mariabelle. As she ordered Hanna to pull back, she quickly shot out a giant ball of light straight onto Vram. It was quite an explosion, with a range Vram wouldn’t be able to dodge with those size as well as the timing combined with the sudden attack. It’s not an exaggeration that it’s already over the moment such magic hits him.

But as usual, Vram just standing there without even flinching, though surprised a little bit. The girls around just shivering seeing such magnificent stand.
[I see.] [It was a magic resistance ability.] [It may have been the usual business, but to be able to summon such a things as a familiar, I wouldn’t say It’s as expected from her….] [… That b**ch really gets on my nerves…!!!]

Just when the smoke almost cleared, whip-like things suddenly went toward Vram’s head. Surprised, Vram quickly rolled sideway to evade it. It was Hanna’s tail, the golden-axed one. The sharpness of those axe were a class on its own, to be able to unleash another air blade cutting through the tree behind him. 

[But somehow you still looked weaker compared to what she’s been summoning all this time~!]

Hanna just keeps charging at Vram with both of his claw, combined with its tail-axe, whipping and slashing through Vram. Though Vram was able to fend most of its attack, the attack was too fierce that Vram’s having a hard time blocking and blowing most of its attack.

As Mariabelle laughing madly seeing Vram struggled against Hanna’s attack, Hanna just keeps increasing its speed, cornered Vram at its feet.


It stopped. It suddenly stopped. The barrage of attack that had been released by Hanna abruptly stop. The mad laughing also stopped, or at the very least, it changed into something of awe. The surrounding witches whom have seeing this, though not laughing, are changing their expression from scared, into surprise.
A shield. A black, silverfish shield was raised in Vram’s left hand. It repelled both the tail axe and the claw, and at the same time, Vram’s right hand had been facing forward the whole time, while clenching his fist hard. It can be seen that Hanna’s already thrown off far away from Vram, and in its torso, a fist-shaped mark had been carved onto Hanna’s armor.
Mariabelle screamed unconsciously. No matter who she is, it seems that every witch will always care for their own familiar no matter what. But the same case also available for the familiar.
Though having its body blown away, and being punched, penetrated the armor, Hanna tried to stand. And once again it prepares its claw and tail, trying to outmatch Vram again. Vram just readied its shield in front of him and take his stance.


As Hanna takes its step towards Vram and almost clashed on….



{Vram…} {Vram…!} {Vram…!!!}

As if being possessed, Josephine frantically runs through the forest with her bare legs. It can be seen of such scratch and blood coming out from her feet. But she couldn’t care less, in her mind, she could only think of her new family member that disappear all of a sudden right in front of her again.
The explosion is near. The impact can be felt through the wind force. She already reached the place where she intended to be. As the worries keep increasing, she keeps increasing her running speed.
The moment she got out of the wood, she saw a figure. A figure seems human enough, appeared in front of her. With his body covered in full-clad armor, black. With its white hair tailing around the back of its helmet, a shoulder pad with an insignia of some country from far away yet drowned in blue color. It was a figure she’s been dying to see, hoped to see, and wished to see.
Hearing her voice, the figure looked back. What he saw was also a figure, a person whom have been dying to see, hoped to see, and wished to see him.
But he couldn’t spoke the words, as it was banned by his master herself. But all of it doesn’t matter, as Josephine jumped out and start to hug Vram tightly.
[Idiot!!] [Why are you leaving me all alone by yourself!!] [You’re my family, so please, stay by my side!!!!!]
Angry, yet happy tears are flowing after having to hold it off for so long while searching for Vram. But as she didn’t even care of her attire currently, she paid no mind to what had happened to her body, her feet, or even her face.
Though Vram wanted to point out her attire, he wouldn’t. He already knows better than anyone else, which she’s been panicking, trying to search for him. Feeling guilty, Vram returns to hug her back, as Josephine’s just smiling and keep hugging him tightly.
[Now, would you care to explain what had been happened here, Maria?]
From the smoke, arise two figure that quite hard to distinct. But the voice can be clearly heard, it was a voice of someone whom are so important in the city. With her striking gradient green-blue hair, and a pair of framed two-transparent mirror on her face, combined with her gaudy appearance of green-white combination, appears. Yohana, facing towards Maria with Yohana, facing towards Maria, glared at her with her sharp eyes.

[What’s the meaning of this, Maria…?]

[What?] [Have I done something wrong at all?]

[Don’t play dumb with me.] [Every time Josephine’s familiar were involved, you’re always there first.] [What are you trying to pull all this time?]

[Hey, just because I always the first one at the scene, it doesn’t give you any right to judge me!] [Besides, look!] [The one whom are hurt badly are Hanna! Not hers!!!]

It was quite a sound judgement. Seeing most of the familiar around were somehow quivering in fear and the strongest familiar between them were Hanna, almost unconscious after being hit once by Vram.

[It was that GUY whom after me this whole time!] [You do realize it right?] [All of her summoned familiar, each and every one of them were quite a brutal ones!] [Not to mention that things were also looked a lot like humans!] [The ones whom drive us away to these dangerous continent!!!]
[But that doesn’t mean her familiar were all brutal!]
[Then can you give me some proof?!] [You can’t, can you~!?!?] [Unless her familiar could talk like us and understand what we’ve been saying all this time, then you don’t have any right to say that~!]
Although it was quite an accurate reasoning, Josephine twitched a little since there’s a flaw. Vram’s ability to communicate. If, by sheer of luck, Vram decided to speak and reveal everything to Yohana, then it’s checkmate. But from the very beginning, Vram decided to abide by his master’s words to a fault.
The same could be said for Josephine. She sensed that something’s wrong with her familiar and the other witches. But afraid of something irreplaceable would be happened, she decided to not talk about it.
[Then are you prepared for what happened next, Josephine?]”
Suddenly another woman, though looked as young as the other witches, her facial expression, as well as their gesture were that of an older woman, appear. With her white, thick hair flowing out here and there, her purple, deep eyes shine brightly together with the pale bright moon on the sky. Also donned a transparent white-purplish color covering her whole body, yet her figure can be seen through thanks to the piercing light of the moonlight.
{Do every witches here loves to show off their body figure?} was what Vram had think the moment he saw such figure appear before her.
[Elder Endrossa....]
{Oh yep, this sure one raunchy population here, Witches Village.} As Vram finally confirmed the situation.
The Elder, named Endrossa, just went closer toward Josephine, whom have been hugging Vram tightly all this time, and Vram, whom have just been standing there silently.
[Josephine, stay away.]
[… You’re as stubborn as ever….] [Then, bind him with your absolute obedience.] [If you do, I’ll try to decrease its punishment.]
[Wait!] [What has Vram done to be punished?!?!]
[You can see it for yourself, the damage he had inflicted to the other familiar….]
[N… no… Vram, you would never do something like that, aren’t you?]
Though reluctant to answer, Vram cannot deny that he’s the one whom have hurt the other familiar, so he just stay there silently.
[… Josephine, unleash the absolute obedience right now…!]
[… I….]
[I don’t think she could, Elder~…] Suddenly Maria interrupted as she tried to tell her something.
[What do you mean?]
[That man had a strong magic resistance on its body.] [My strongest magic couldn’t even do things to it.]
[… Is that true, Josephine…?]
[… Yes….]
[… Though it is regrettable, I decided that he’ll be kept inside the magic barrier and won’t be given any resources, food, or energy, starting right now.] [We need to at least weaken it before we’re able to control it.] [Yohana, escort it.]
[No… that’s….!!!!]
[It’s mainly your fault, both for summoning a familiar out of your league without cancelling it, and for unable to keep it under your supervision.]
Yohana started to come near Vram and asked her familiar, a creature that had a very human-like face, but combined with a scale on its skin, a fin on its ears, shoulder, hips, and ankle. A claw was also equipped on its hand. As Yohana escorting Vram, she whispered to Vram.
[… I’m sorry….]
Josephine tried to follow Vram, but Endrossa forbid her from even getting near it. Josephine just screaming and shouting Vram’s name over and over again. A mad smile can be seen on Maria’s face, as Yohana keep sulking, unable to help her junior. And Vram just silently following Yohana’s trail as he was escorted onto the place he was not supposed to be.

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[Web Novel] Gloria Infidelis Vide
Chapter 5

{….} {How long has it been…?}
A dark, damp ceiling. A black, concrete wall, written together with something magical-like. The transparent wall that’s as hard as the wall surrounding the whole room.
Vram was locked here for almost a week without food. Though the place’s quite spacious, there’s almost nothing inside. It was a cell intended to weaken a monster with quite monstrous strength and size, and since Vram’s strength, despite being as small as a normal human, was quite extraordinary, such place was decided as his cell because of those reasons.
{They were planning to lock me up here for at least a month, right?} {I wonder if Josephine could handle it herself….}
For almost every day, Vram spent his whole time doing basic training inside the room. Circling around the whole room for at least ten laps (the room size was about 70m x 45m long as the ceiling was quite high that Vram won’t even bother guessing it. It means Vram was running around 1km per laps), push up, sit up, and squat jump for about 100 times.
[… Aren’t you tired doing the same things over and over again?]
Yohana, whom somehow have been keeping watch since the very beginning, can only watch in both confusion and awe. Seeing a freshly summoned familiar to do some basic training for a whole week was not something she would’ve expected.
[Though I must say, you do look a lot like humans.] [No wonder Josephine gets attached to you in no time.] [If only you’re able to talk, it’ll be perfect as a companion.]
All this time, Vram actually had become Yohana’s talk buddy. Though she was supposed to jail watching him, she was actually trying to comfort Josephine by make sure that Vram’s fine, by initiating conversation with him.
[… It’ll be great if you really could talk, you know?] [But what I mean is… It’ll help me to caught Maria red-handed.] [It’s not that I was accusing her without proof, but I can’t help it since this is already the 57th time it happened.] [To find her at the same crime scene that much is by no means a coincidence.] [But Elder just won’t accept my reasoning….] [Does she not care at all about what has happened to Josephine all this time?]
{I don’t think that was the case with the elder, not when Josephine admires her greatly.} {Then again, I’m surprised that she was able to roaming free that long.} {Guess that explain her high-and-mighty behavior for being able to keep killing a high-familiar summoned by Josephine all by herself.}
[… Really now, what’s the deal with Maria and the Elder….]


2 weeks has gone by, and unexpectedly, Maria hasn’t doing something strange at all.
{Though I could deduce the reason of why….}
While Vram was contemplating inside the cell after doing his basic training as usual, he could hear an unusual footsteps coming through the door. About 4-5 people are coming inside the cell. As Vram was wondering who’s coming in, he surprised to see someone he haven’t seen in a long time, as well as she is.
[VRAM!!!] [Are you okay?] [Aren’t you cold?] [Are you lonely???]
Like a water bursting out from its vessel after being used to contain too much water, Josephine just went ahead onto the transparent wall, holding against it, and started to spoke out everything she wanted to talk.
[Whoa whoa slow down, Junior~] [He won’t go anywhere, just take it easy~!]
[How could I, Yohana?!] [It’s been too long! Even my previous familiars never have endured such a long treatment like this!] [And how can you expect him to be fine when he almost had nothing to eat all this time?!]
[Well, seeing as how he was able to train despite such hunger and exhaustion, it seems he was fine and well.]
[Isn’t that because he doesn’t want you to worry, that he does something like that?]
From the back, another figure could be seen coming inside. It was the trio senior whom Josephine talked to before, Hildegarde, Christina, and Rosalinda.
[Wait what? You’re saying he’s doing all those things and keep listening intently to my story because he cares for me?]
[Well Vram is a good guy after all!]
[That’s just your delusion, Naked Princess] As Hilda scowl and giving Josephine a mean look.
[He… hey, c’mon, Hilda.]
[Why should I?] As she said so while stroking and waving her hair in the air.
[Uwah…. you’re as annoying as ever….]
[Huh~! You just don’t understand Lady Hilda’s greatness at all~!] Rosalinda tried to support Hildegarde from behind.
But though there are 2 people bickering on the back, Josephine doesn’t seem to be interested at all, as she just keep trying to talk to Vram in front of her.
[Vram…] [I’m sorry….]
[Wait, why are you apologizing?] Hilda just suddenly cut her out as though she just heard something that’s unacceptable.
[But… it’s….]
[It is true that some of this is your fault.] [But not everything, so it’s not like you have to feel sorry for him.]
[Rather than feeling sorry, you need to find out how to solve these troubles.] [Anything you summon just keeps bringing trouble after all.]
[Hilda! That’s just…!!!!]
[And you just stand here, lowering your head without trying to figure it out why such things happened.] [How is that going to help your own familiar after all this time!?]
[At least, decide.] [Are you going to hurt your familiar, or are you going to hurt everyone else.]
[Everyone else?] [Are you implying that he will slaughter every single person in this village if he were to be let roamed free, lady Hilda?] Rosalinda let out a careless remark on behalf of Hilda’s sentence
[What?] [No! I won’t let Vram do that!!!]
[But it would still hurt people.] [Even just by him existing, he’ll bring harm to other people] [Even if he didn’t do anything, just the fact that she was summoned by you, was enough to hurt other people.]
[Why would that….]
[Because fundamentally, we aren’t that much different than humans after all….]
[Lady Josephine.] Somehow, Christine, the girl whom has been standing silently besides her this whole time has stood up to talk to Josephine. [What Lady Hilda is trying to say is, that you must takes priority to what most important to you.]
[Well yeah!] Rosalinda also butt into the conversation [It’s impossible to make everybody happy after all~!]
[… I….]
[Come to think of it….] As if just realizing something, Yohana pointing something awkwardly [What are you all doing here?]
The awkward question put everyone’s lips closed silently. Even Josephine started to put on a blank face as if didn’t understand the reason of Yohana asking something like that.
{This girl sure had some guts….}
[W… well, we just following Lady Hilda here, right Chris~???]
[Yes, Lady Hilda actually decided to visit Vram here on her own whim.]
[So… Hilda, what are you plotting?] [Are you by any chance trying to do something to Vram when he’s weakened?]
[What are you talking about?] [… Then again, I do have something to tell him, though I’m not sure whether he would understand or not.]
Hilda takes a step closer onto the transparent wall, facing Vram with all his might.
[If you really are Josephine’s Familiar, I only have one advice for you.] [Do everything you have to do in order to survive.] [Even if by doing it, it’ll sadden your own master, you just have to do it.]
Vram was quite taken aback at what Hilda has told Vram to. Josephine, Yohana, and the two other confused at what Hilda was trying to say. But what makes them surprised the most was that Vram responded to Hilda’s advice by nodding his head.
[….] [You’ve summoned a good familiar, Josephine.]
[… Thank you, Senior Hildegarde….]
[H… hey, Josephine, did he somehow understand our language?] Yohana asking curiously.
[Hmm… is that how it is, I wonder~❤?]


The promised days have arrived. There are only one day left for Vram to left the jail, as Yohana finally relieved of her assignment.
[Well, guess this is it.] [Somehow being told to guard you here all by myself wasn’t as boring as what I would’ve expected.] [You sure are a good company to talk to.]
Yohana then smiled and waving at Vram as she finally went ahead to report back to Elder about his freedom. As Vram just sitting here waiting for Endrossa to come back there and open the lock for him.
{Though this is weird….} {Even if that Maria really has been killing her familiars, Hanna’s ability just won’t suffice.} {Even if Maria had some stronger magic to kill them, that’s still won’t affect the fight that much.} {If my guess is right, then this had happened many times before, which means….}
Vram tried to observe his surrounding, as if trying to ensure his bad feelings all over the room. After observing the situation a little bit, Vram tried to relax a little bit.
{… Wonder if I’m overthinking things….}
Just the moment Vram tried to think that way, he felt that someone has entered the jail. A single footstep.
[Hello there~] [Enjoying your last moment here~?]
It was Mariabelle. It is as Vram had presumed, she finally took action.
[It’s the usual moment I’ve been waiting for, you know~] [Ever since Josephine started calling out a higher-class familiar, me and Hanna had a trouble to kill them~] [Then I was thinking, what if they were weakened then I went straight for the killing.]
As she went closer onto the transparent shield, she keep her bewitching mad smiles all over her face as she keeps looking down on Vram.
[As such, this place will be your end now~]
It’s the 2nd time. Vram weren’t able to evade Hanna’s attack the 2nd time, as Hanna’s main ability seems to be able to hide its own presence. As Hanna slowly appearing from the shadow, it can be seen that its tail had already choking Vram’s neck so tight that it seems that Hanna’s going to chop’em off. No, he really is going to chop them off.
[Your awareness of your surrounding is magnificent, as if you have an eye on the back of your head.] [But, Hanna’s ability will render those ability of yours useless~] [Because that ability was the sole ability Hanna had when he was just born~!] [Though useless in a straight battle, at least I can use it to obtain a greater material~!] [THROUGH YOU, THAT IS!!!]
Hanna just keep tightens the choking as the sound of metal clashing together can be heard. Vram, though seemed calm enough, were struggling in order to get away from the grapple. His hands were grabbing the tail that choking him, trying to release himself.
{It’s… no use… unless I go for the killing, I….}
[If you really are Josephine’s Familiar, I only have one advice for you.] [Do everything you have to do in order to survive.] [Even if by doing it, it’ll sadden your own master, you just have to do it.]
Suddenly Vram was reminded of what Hilda has told him before. What actually happened to him right now, is threatening his own life. Though he was a familiar, he was once a glorious knight whom always known to put priorities of other people than their own life. Vram never had any chance to consider of his own life, nor do he feel the needs to survive.
But this time, it’s different. He has a reason. A reason to keep on living. Something that would put his life on the priorities.
[... You don’t like it…? Being my familiar?]
[Why aren’t you responding me back with another talk?!] [It’s a rare occasion for me to have a talking Familiar, so I want to hear more of your story!!!]
[But then again….] [Losing a Familiar… is not something that I can get used to, no matter how many times it had happened to me.]
[Eeee~??? Why are you being quiet again???]
[Vram…] […. Will you… always stay right by my side…?]
[Why are you leaving me all alone by yourself!!] [You’re my family, so please, stay by my side!!!!!]
{Master… Josephine…!}
Vram somehow let go both of his hands from Hanna’s tail, as the choking keeps getting tighter. This somehow amuse Maria even more.
[Eheheheh!] [AHAHAHAHAHAH!] [With this, you’re mine!!!!]
Thinking that she’s already won, she let out such unsightly laughter that’s not even fit for a lady like her. But Vram, whom have just lowered his hands, suddenly take stance.
{I’m not a human.} {I’m not a Paladin anymore.} {I’m just a monster.}
Somehow Vram’s body showing a bright red line covering his whole body, centered around the chest area. The line started to gets brighter, which makes Maria stay on her toes.
{But even if I’m a monster, I still have a reason to fight!} {For the one whom I love!} {My Master!} {Master Josephine!!!}
It split. A red-yellowish liquid splattered here and there. A fragment of what seemed to be a tail thrown off everywhere. A golden axe dropped on the floor.
It was Hanna’s tail. Hanna’s tail suddenly split up in pieces. No, it was slashed. The tail have been slashed onto pieces. The excessive amount of blood comes from having put too much strengths on the tail.
While Hanna’s jumping back after having its tail gets chopped off, it finally took a stance. A stance of trying to run away from the dread in front of it.
It was Vram. With a single red vector line covering his whole body, the deadly aura he emitted becomes thicker. It was almost nauseous for Maria, whom has been watching from afar of Vram’s deadliness. In both of his hands was no longer a bare hand. A sword, with Silver-ornamented color on the sharp side. It was a double-edged sword with a short range, hence named the Short Sword. Yet such sharpness was too deadly it could even cut through a gold-coated armor on Hanna’s tail. In the other hands, a shield, the same Black-silverish one he used to repel Hanna’s attack before.
[What… what is that…?] [What are you…!] [WHAT ARE YOU…!!!!!!]
Seeing her familiar getting cut out as well as Vram’s dreadfulness made Maria shivering in fear, losing her cool in the process. She keeps hitting the transparent wall as if trying to break through the jail.
Surprisingly so, Hanna’s started to get back on its two feet. Though losing its tail, it is still ready to engage against Vram.

{You’re surprisingly tough.} {But I need to teach you and your master a lesson…!} {For messing around with my master!!!}

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[Web Novel] Gloria Infidelis Vide
Chapter 6



A weird voice is heard from an orb right below Endrossa’s head, or to be exact, on the necklace Endrossa had been wearing this whole time.

[Elder… is that…?!]

[Somebody’s trying to forcefully broke onto the jail!] [Is it….]

It was something akin to defense mechanism that ensure that warns the locker, in this case, Elder Endrossa, in case there’s a person whom trying to broke Vram out of the jail.

[Wait, look!]

A figure of someone’s running hurriedly, though not frantic, more like a jump of happiness can be seen getting nearer. It was Josephine. She has been counting on the day Vram’ll be released, which was pretty much her reason for visiting Elder right now.


[Elder!] [So today Vram’ll be released right!? Right!?!?!]

[Y… yeah… but….] Endrossa confused as to what happened currently.

[Elder! We must move fast!] [If it isn’t Josephine whom are trying to breakthrough the Jail, then Vram’s in danger!!!]


Josephine can only expressed her confusion with a blank face as the two other, especially Yohana, are having such troubled face.



[We’re trying!!] [This barrier was too strong!!] [It was a high class barrier meant to seal a Titan Class Monster! We couldn’t break it with our flimsy magic!] [Rather, your magic was stronger than us! Why don’t you break it yourself!!]

[My mana’s already dried out for trying to slip him inside!!!!]

All of the girls outside of the barrier were panicking up. They’re trying to break through the jail where a strong monster had been sealed, which in this case, is the one they’ve been trying to kill all this time. But it was not a case of capable or not, but rather, a case of urgency.

[Hanna?!] [How’s his condition?!?!?!?]

When Mariabelle observing the situation inside the jail, her face frozen up. It was truly a nightmare she hadn’t seen in such a long time. A sight that’s unbearable even for the girls around her.


Hanna’s still standing, though one of its legs was already broken and bleeding, which makes him unable to jump anymore. It was stripped off of its golden armor, showing a glistening red fur, though some of the fur was white. The red fur was caused by blood flowing out of its body. Its gauntlet was already cracked, the helmet’s bended, and last but not least, is his already-chopped off tail before.

In front of such disgracing figure, a man, donning a black armor, with its basic guarding stance, standing gallantly without ever having a single bit of its armor scratched. The shield, though letting out some smoke, the surface looked clean enough as if it hadn’t been hit by anything. The sword, which had lost its brilliant silvery shine, had been buried in red color, a thick, deep color of blood.


Vram, looking at Mariabelle whom have been crushed by the despair of seeing her familiar in such a sorry state, can only offer his apologetic nod to her.

{I did want to stop.} {But he wouldn’t.}


Hanna jumped once again charging at Vram, flailing both of its hand as he clawed on the air.


As he clawed onto the air, a sharp, waving air blade went forward against Vram.


It was stopped, however. Vram’s shield, which he had been readied in front of him had repelled the air blade so easily as the smoke’s coming out from the surface.



The monkey didn’t stop jumping. With its only capable leg, he jumped with all his might and started to aim at Vram’s head with its air claw.



Vram quickly jumped toward Hanna and bashed the claw that’s almost finished flailing, losing his balance. As Hanna’s went toward Vram defensless….



Blood was splattered and surged through Hanna’s only capable leg that’s been supporting it the whole time. It was as if the golden armor that’s covering Hanna’s whole body had of no use this whole time, as Vram’s silver sword could easily penetrated those golden armor of his. As Vram finally pulled out his sword from Hanna’s leg, both of them finally landed on the floor, with Hanna’s landing on its body.


It was a one-sided slaughter, though the other person never intended to. As Hanna finally lost both of its leg, it crawled his way to move away. But it doesn’t move away from Vram, rather, he gets closer as his claw pointing toward Vram.


It screaming. Though it has been wounded that far, it still let out such scary scream as if to provoke Vram. Though Vram, whom somehow still had his sanity, wasn’t affected, he still felt guilty toward his action.

[No…!] [What are you doing, Hanna!?!]

Teary eyed, Mariabelle hoped, or rather, wished for someone to come and put everything here to an end. As finally….


Screaming her lungs out, Endrossa pulled out everyone’s attention back at her. On her back follows Yohana and Josephine tailing her. But as long as they entered the jail, Josephine hurried and quickly went to the place Vram is.

[Vram!] [Are you all….]

The moment she saw what was happening inside the jail, Josephine can only went silent, unable to express her surprise. But soon after, she took a hold of herself and quickly faced toward Endrossa

[Elder, hurry!!] [Hanna’s dying there!!!!!]

[What?!] Hearing Josephine statement, Endrossa can only hurried and quickly went inside.

[Eh…?] And left Maria with a blank expression on her face as if she wouldn’t believe what Josephine is trying to say.

As Endrossa gets closer to the jail, she did saw the same scene Josephine and the others had seen. But rather than fearing the scene beyond her, all she ever does is sighing at the current situation, and finally decided to open up the jail.

The transparent wall opened. The bound had opened up. As the wall finally opened up, Maria quickly running to Hanna’s side.


[Stop right there, Mariabelle.]

Suddenly Endrossa stopped Mariabelle from getting near Hanna, and Maria just abruptly stopped. No, she actually didn’t wanted to stop, but somehow, a giant tail in front of her quickly made her realizes that she couldn’t get near her. The tail was coming from a creature, with scale covering its whole body, a sharp eye just like how a cold-blooded creature should’ve been. Combined with a pair of giant wing on its back as its four legs supporting it, equipped with a claw comparable to, or stronger than Hanna’s claw.  These things usually referred as a Dragon.

[Elder, what happened?!] [Maria familiar’s dying there!] Josephine somehow started to questioning Elder’s action, though every other girls around her had already knew the obvious.

[Maria….] [I’m going to ask a question….] [What’s your familiar doing here, inside this jail, that Josephine’s familiar currently being punished for?]

Mariabelle went silent. She didn’t know how to answer that question, as she knew something irrecoverable will happens if she does.

[Speak now…!]

Maria just keeping her lips tight, as she saw Hanna’s figure in front of her, already dying after losing much of his blood. Until suddenly….

[She… was trying to kill him….]


It was another girl. Another girl which was also one of Maria’s members somehow spoke up, as much to Maria’s surprise. Because of that, the other girls finally decided to sacrifice their own comrade. [She has been killing Josephine’s familiar all this time!] [She used her familiar’s remain to reinforce her own familiar!] [She threatens us to not telling this to the elder!] And all the other accuse, whether they’re right or not, only them and Maria knew.

[Maria….] Josephine expressed her own disbelief as she saw Maria’s face keep looking down.

[I knew it… it was you…!] [All this time! How much pain have you caused to Josephine because of your doing!!!!!] [Do you understand what am I saying, Maria!?!?!]

As Yohana becomes enraged with Maria, Elder Endrossa suddenly stopped her as she faced toward Maria.

[You do understand, right?] [That it’s a taboo to kill each other’s familiar.]


[I guess it’s time for your punishment, Maria.] [Starting with your familiar!]




The Dragon, Craud, letting out its great roar as sparks of lights collected in its mouth. With great strength, it flailed out its head backward and finally, throwing out the energy out front.


The blazing thunder, which composed of many light and fire, bursted and went straight onto where Hanna’s lying. The explosion caused by Craud’s Thunder Breath made the other girls, including Josephine and Yohana speechless.

[No… Hanna…!!!]

Despair was the right word to express Maria’s feeling right now. There’s no way a dying familiar would be able to survive the attack. Tears running down from her eyes to her cheek as she finally down to her knees


As the smoke clearing out, no one would’ve anything will come out from it, except its remain. At the very least, that’s how it should’ve been.

[….] [… What are you doing, Josephine?]

[It wasn’t me, Elder….] [It was his own will….]

[You’re saying he does that all by himself?]

Hanna’s still alive. Hanna hasn’t died. Hanna survived. As some of the smoke’s starting to cleared out, it’s easy to distinguish Hanna behind all those blurry smokes. But everyone realized it the moment a shadow of someone appeared behind the smokes.

It was Vram. Vram had protected Hanna using his own body. Though what he used to protect Hanna right now is something different than before.

It looked like a shield, only bigger than usual. The size was almost as big as Vram, or even bigger. With blue-purplish ornament and an insignia looked the same as the insignia on his shoulder and the black-silverish plate, the same as his sword. The Great Shield was somehow able to able to absorb most of the damage caused by the Thunder Breaths.


[… Josephine.] [Tell your familiar to move… NOW!!!]

Endrossa, already feeling annoyed, are readying her own familiar to attack Hanna once more again. But Josephine somehow just went silent, and walked right in front of Endrossa, right between the Dragon and Vram.

[Can we… talk about it a little bit more…?] [I know she may have done something unforgivable… but, can’t we just talk about it a little bit more?]

[What are you saying, Josephine!?!?!] Yohana suddenly enraged at what Josephine had to say. [You’re the victim!] [You’re the one whom experienced these, and you’re still thinking to forgive her?!?!]

[I CAN’T FORGIVE HER OF COURSE!!] Josephine’s sudden outburst surprised everyone including Maria herself. [Of course it’s unacceptable… Why is she doing this… why she targeted my familiar…] [But… does killing her familiar also is the right thing to do?] [Does it satisfy me to see another familiar died in front of me again though it isn’t mine…?]

Everyone went silent after hearing Josephine’s word at hearts. Though Yohana was enraged, hearing Josephine words somehow cooled down her heads a little bit. But it seems that it doesn’t have that much effect towards Endrossa.

[… It has nothing to do with that.] [When you stay in this village, you must follow the rule that had been passed down by the older generations!] [And the one whom didn’t follow it, must be punished!!!]


[No more talks!] [She need to learn her mistakes!] [CRAUD!!!]


The dragon letting out a huge roar as it prepares its next move. Its mouth were already shining brightly as it’s going to charge its thunder breath again.



Something flew. All of a sudden, something sharp, heavy, and long thing has flown through the Dragon. Though it misses the dragon by a meter, it was surely aimed right there, as if to threaten the Dragon to not shooting something like that again.

What was flown was something like a lance, though the handle was a little bit different than the usual lance. The handle seemed to be hold on to, not being wielded. The edges were also in spiral shape, not fit to be used as a thrusting weapon, but an excellent weapon to be thrown….

Or be used, as an arrow.

In his hand is a weapon, a pair of giant curved elastic limbs, joined by a riser, while having both ends of the limbs connected by a thick string. Though it is a weapon, it is not used to hit people. Rather, the way it was used was to have something stuck between the string, draw it backward, then flex it towards the enemy. It is commonly known as a bow, but what Vram wielded this time was something way bigger than a normal bow, or even a normal longbow. It was classified as a Great Bow, a bow with greater firepower than a normal bow, and uses a lance for an arrow.

The destructive power can be seen by the speed of the lance itself, and the impact that happened on the back of the dragon’s head. The ceiling was pierced through and the rubble had fallen after being destroyed by the lance.

[… Josephine, what kind of creature have you summoned here…?] As even Endrossa at a loss of word of Vram’s versatility.

[I… I don’t know… I haven’t even had any chance to talk more with him yet….]

[Talk…?] Yohana sudden reply caused Josephine to get nervous all of a sudden because of her slip-up.

While the other witches had been on guard and started to stare at each other, Vram, somehow erasing his previous weapon suddenly walked toward Endrossa and face toward her.

[… What now…?]

[… Vram…?] Josephine somehow realizes what Vram was trying to do, and trying to stop him, but unable to do it.

{….} [Would you spare some time for others to listen to what other people had to say?] As Vram lower his head toward the Elder.

[[[[[[[[[[… … … … ….]]]]]]]]]]

The whole room went silence. The dragon’s roar could no longer be heard. The whisper of the witches stopped, the tears that Maria had been letting out also abruptly halted. Yohana somehow opened both her mouth and eyes wide opened, and Josephine, whom have already realized it since the very beginning, can only smile worried, as she hold onto her cheeks, afraid of something that’ll happens later.

[You’re… a human?] Endrossa finally let out the very first straight question which was meant for Vram, her very first chat towards a familiar. As the question had been raised, Vram does the reply with….

[… I don’t think I am, what do you think?]

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[Web Novel] Gloria Infidelis Vide
Chapter 7
Silent enveloped the whole room. A room not that far from where the group formerly was. A room where usually a meeting is being held, though there are neither chair nor table existing. Inside, many people resides with their heads looked down, except for Josephine, Endrossa, Yohana, and Vram. All of those people, whom have been doing something unacceptable, lead by Maria herself.
[I shall ascertain the situation one more time….] As Yohana started the conversation first. [From what Vram had told us, all of you have been conspiring to, no, already killed all of Josephine’s familiar all this time.] [Was that true?]
All of the girl cannot answer honestly to such question. The silent just went on as finally Endrossa decided to spoke towards Vram first.
[And?] [Why are you decided to reveal your secrets right now?] [Had you been talking from the very beginning, you wouldn’t have to be objected to such punishment.]
[Well, I was trying to fulfill the wishes of my master.] [But had I not spoke much more later, another lives may have been lost while this problem gets unsolved.] [I mean, it’s tiring to have a backstabbers lie behind our backs the whole time.]
Though the other girls convinced with Vram’s reasoning, Endrossa just won’t accept that so easily.
[And what does that have anything to do with protecting the ones whom have trying to kill you?]
[I may be a monster right now.] [But I still have some ethic code to follow.] [And it’s against my policy to kill a defenseless monster.]
[Ethic codes?] [It’s like you’re a human.] [No, not even humans have those] As Endrossa retorting to Vram’s sentence.
[But I’m not even human.]
[Alright, stop both of you.] Yohana abruptly stop the conversation between Vram and Endrossa as both of their talks almost getting derailed. [What we’re discussing right now is how to deal with these people whom have been threatening Josephine all along.]
[…] Josephine, whom have been dead silent since the very beginning, are trying to raise her opinion. [Maria… everyone… There’s something that I’d like to ask of you….]
[… What?] Maria answering Josephine’s call nonchalantly, as if trying to be a prick.
[Why are you doing this?]
Though it’s quite a simple question, the meaning of these words hold heavy meaning towards Josephine, as she may have already realized such reasons.
[… What, you say…?] [I really can’t stand someone like you, whom always act like you know nothing of the sort!!] [If you couldn’t even understand our reasons of doing all these then don’t even bother to ask!!!]
[But….] [I really didn’t understand…!!!] [What do you even hate from me?!] [Have I done something wrong to you all?!] [Have I done something to anger you so?!?]
[I don’t think you have.] as Vram suddenly cut their conversation. [In this case, the root of these trouble actually quite simple.]
[And?] [You’re saying that you’ve actually recognize it?] Yohana, asking curiously.
[It’s Jealousy.]
Vram’s simple answer gave everyone quite a shock. Josephine, who looked as surprised as everyone else, suddenly enraged.
[What… …?] [What are you saying, Vram?!?!] [You’re saying that, just because of those reasons, she would do something like that?!?!?!]
[It is precisely because of that, Master.] [It is not uncommon for other people to hunt each other because of such reason.] [In fact, wasn’t that very same reason was the cause of us getting exiled here?]
Again, the whole room went silent as they were unable to defy Vram’s reasoning. But then, Yohana started to hold her ground.
[Are you saying that… we’re the same as those humans?] [The same ones whom could never think rationally as they keep harassing us?]
[If not, then how can you explain all these things that happened here?] [Though your predecessor may differ, it doesn’t change the fact that you are indeed the same.] [That’s just how it is.]
[Then, if by any chance there are those among humans whom harbors these feelings toward other human, would that human be also harassed, exiled, or even be killed just like us?]
[The possibility is quite high.] [… No, in fact, those kind of humans were the one whom I’ve been facing off.]
[… Josephine Familiar, let me ask you once again.] Endrossa was trying to ensure something of Vram. [Are you… human?]
[I don’t think I am... currently.] [I indeed was once a human, but then after, I wasn’t….]
[I see….] [Maria, what do you have to say?]
Maria can only bite her lips as if she’s trying to hold something. It was true. Everything Vram had said was the truth of every single action she has done. But she refuses to believe it. She refuses that such ugly things was the reasons of her action all this time.
[Then if Maria had also done so, it can be said of the same reason for all of you whom also doing such things to Josephine’s familiar.] [Is that right?]
As it was the same with Maria, everyone else whom have been plotted to harm Josephine Familiar were also share the same guilt of such things, thus they do also harbors such ugly things inside their hearts. It was so impure that they had even thought of hating themselves.
[As such, Elder Endrossa.] Vram finally begin to speak his own mind. [For such case, it would be unwise to kill her familiar.]
[The reason?]
[In human case, this charade would only ended up to deepen further their jealousy and thus resulting in hatred.] [Once that happens, the only way to stop this was for either of the involved party, or both of them, to die.]
[Wait!] [I… I may have killed her familiar over and over…] [But I never intended to kill her, I swear!!!!]
[I do believe it for now.] [But in the far future, I’m not convinced.]
The whole room went silent as they were thinking of what to do next. As the time goes on, the conversation finally entered the phase of her trial, punishment, and responsibilities. 

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[Web Novel] Gloria Infidelis Vide
Chapter 8

Vram, Josephine, and Yohana both are on their way from the elder hall, the previous place where they talked about what to do with Maria. Though the problem may have seemed to be solved thoroughly, Yohana didn’t look satisfied at all.

[This is unacceptable…]

[I don’t think you have any right to protest, Miss Yohana.] [Since their sanction was finally left to Josephine to choose, I think that’s quite a satisfying result.]


[Fina?] Vram pointed out such unfamiliar name that Yohana call all of a sudden.

[Oh, I usually called her either “Junior” or “Fina”.] [To call her full name is tiring, so I shortened it.] [At any rate, you should’ve given her a more grave punishment!]

[Umm… but….]

[What kind of punishment are you talking about?]

[What else?] [A capital punishment! Whipped hundred times! Being hanged on the central area! And other else!!!]

[Wha… Senior, that’s a bit too much!!!]

[She deserved that!!!] [After what she has done to you this whole time, it is not an exaggeration to do the same to her.]

[But I don’t like it!] [I know, maybe she really deserves it…!] [But… even if I do that… they would never return….] [Even if I used the same material used to call them, it would still call a different monster….]

[Wait…] [Don’t tell me, the reason you used your own familiar’s remnant to summon a new familiar was….!]

Josephine just went silent as she slowly nod her heads. 

[… And instead of the ones you’ve lost returned, you’ve gained a new one, stronger than your last ones….] [I don’t know what to say about that….]

Suddenly the conversation abruptly stopped, either did because of such awkward answer that comes from Josephine’s mouth, or the sensitive-question which Yohana had thrown first.

[So, are you done?]

As they keep walking, Hildegarde suddenly showed up from behind the tree she was hiding all this time. Together with Christine and Rosalinda, they approached Josephine, Yohana, and Vram altogether.

[I see that you’ve made up your mind, Josephine’s familiar.]

[It’s all thanks to you, Lady Hilda.] As Vram bowed his head toward Hildegarde. Though she may have already knew, she still look quite shocked as she took a half-step backward.

[… Quite a creature you are.] [Yet your master still haven’t grown as much.]

[I… I can’t kill her…] [I just can’t….]

[Who told you to kill her?] [What I’m going to ask of you, is what are you going to do after this.]

[Eh?] [What do you mean?]

Hilda somehow put off a gesture of disbelief, shaking her head left and right while putting her hands on her forehead.

[You think just because your familiar had busted the entire people whom were trying to aim you, everything would end?] [That surely isn’t the case at all.]

[But why!?] [I haven’t done anything wrong to them!!]

Vram suddenly interceded the conversation [I already said it before, Master.] [It was not a case of someone hurting each other.] [Rather, it was them who pricked with us first.] 

[It’s just as your familiar said.] [Ever since you were young, you’ve always blamed yourself, sacrifice yourself, put everyone else’s need before you….] [But above all else, you never tried to question people!] [Are you trying to say that every people is a good girl?!]

[But they….]

[NO BUT…!] [Either it’s a mistake they did made, it doesn’t change the fact that they were attacked you!] [And you’re saying that they were blameless just because there were “circumstances”!?!] [This is why I can’t stand you!!!]

[Then what should I do?!] [I… I just can’t stand to hurts them….]

[Then your familiar’s going to die at this rate, even with you besides him.]


[I’ve observed your familiar quite a bit.] [He’s what you call a “perfect familiar”…] [Fierce Loyalty, Absolute Strength, and wide understanding.] [Yet, no matter how perfect the familiar is, if the master was an idiot, you’re only sending him to death.] 

[No way…!]

[It’s not exactly wrong to say that everything’s your fault.] [But then again, are you just going to blame yourself without even thinking what you have done wrong? What should you do to not repeat the same mistake again? What you should’ve done to not make any more mistakes.] [Have you tried to learn so?]

[Learn…?] Josephine somehow responded strongly towards this words.

[… Oh yeah, I forgot about your primal trait of loving to learn something.] [But yeah, you’re smart, but you still need to learn how to interact with other people, how to treat people, how to talk with them, and for the most part, how to protect yourself from harm.] [You think just because you didn’t make other people sad, everything’s going to be alright?]

[I… I don’t know….]

Vram then suddenly come closer toward Josephine, and rubbed her soldier.


[Let’s think about it this way, Master.] [You are hurt when I am being hurt, right?]

[… Though it’s not a physical damage, but you’re right….] [I do feel hurt seeing you getting hurts….]

[Then, if I am feeling sad, would you going to feel sad too?]

[O… of course I will!!!]

[Then, if master is sad, what about us?]


[What about me, whom have sworn to protect you, and Yohana, whom have been teaching you, protecting you, and helping you?] [When you were sad, overwhelmed, hurt….] [What would you think would’ve happen to us?]


Josephine went quiet after hearing what Vram had to say. She’s thinking hard. Real hard that somehow, the light in her eyes somehow changing. It turned bright. Though it wasn’t clear, she was definitely changed. Something inside her mind had changed.

[… Senior….] [I… I am very sorry, I still think that punishing them that way would do me no good.] [But… I won’t hold back any longer….]

[Hee….] [So… if there are people whom were trying to aim for your familiar again, what would you do?]

[I’ll confront them!] [Though I don’t know what kind of result it’ll bring, I still have to protect my own life… my own family!]


All of a sudden, Hildegarde raised her hands as she casted some magic towards Josephine.  A fireball flying fast toward Josephine.



The smoke raised, everything went blurry, Christine, whom just keep her eyes downwards while Rosalinda, acting indifferent, and Hildegarde, whom put of her haughty smile after shooting Josephine with Fireball. Only Yohana who seemed to be panic with what happened.


[Just shut up, you overprotective senior.] [Look.]

When the smoke cleared up, Yohana looked quite surprised seeing what has been happened in front of her eyes. Both of them were unscathed. By both, it means that Vram, whom have been protecting Josephine, and Josephine, whom have been protected by Vram, just standing there motionless as the fierce glare on her eyes lit brightly.

[… Though I really can’t stand you, guess that part of yours is your special trait, to be able to execute such feat in no time.]

[Senior Hildegarde….]

[You should be grateful to her, Master.] [All this time, she has been teaching you all kind of things with her own ways.]


[Wh… what are you talking about?!] Suddenly Hildegarde looked a little bit flustered.

[Well Yohana told me so much about you.] [About how you’ve been forcefully took Master book, then changed it with something different yet valuable.] [Or when you were browsing some item, then she took Master’s entire item and trade it with something more valuable and useful.] [And even now, as she was trying to reform your personality.]

[Wait!] [What are you blabbing about!!!]

[Eh?] [That wasn’t a harassment towards Josephine?]

[… Senior….] Josephine somehow changed the way she looked at Hilda, from the eyes of contempt, into something of admiration.

[Wait!] [What’s with those eyes?!] [Stop it!] [I never intended for things to go that way!]

[It’s useless, Lady Hilda.] Somehow Christine, the girl whom have been standing silent behind, put up a faint smile as she speak toward Hilda. [That man already saw through you the whole time.]


[I guess some people do think precisely together~.] [You guys both love Josephine that much that you can guess that much~] Though smiled wryly, Rosalinda teased Hilda with her light tone.


[IYAA~~N SCARY~~~~] As Rosa jumped towards Christine’s back.

[So~ Mister black armor over there~~~?]

[The name’s Vram.]

[I guess Lady Hilda took a liking toward you since you’re the one whom were able to interpret and execute her advice perfectly~!] [Be nice to her alright~~~]


As if being possessed, Hilda charged ahead toward Rosa as both of them running round and around circling Chris, as Chris can only smiling. Josephine suddenly burst out a laugh while Yohana shake her heads while holding her forehead, smiling.


After many things had happened, considering Rosa’s situation that gets omitted, Chris finally excuse herself while dragging both Hilda and Rosa out of the way. And finally, Yohana, Josephine, and Vram reached the house.

[I guess I should head back for now.] 

[Thanks for the company, Senior!!]

Somehow, Yohana didn’t reply back to Josephine at all, she was rather looked a little bit gloomy after what had happened.

[I guess… I wasn’t that much of a help to you….]


[Hilda… though her method may be unthinkable all this time, she has been taking care of you….] [While me here…] [Even the ones whom have stopped Maria was Vram singlehandedly….] [I feel kinda useless as a Senior….]

[No… that’s…!]

[I think I have to disagree, Lady Yohana.]


[It was thanks to you that no serious harm has been done to Josephine.] [Though losing a familiar may have been disheartening, but at least the damage were only limited to that.] [You also volunteered to guard me, in order to ensure my safety when I was being imprisoned, right?]

[… Though you’re too strong that you don’t even need those….] [But thanks a lot.] [Somehow you’re quite reliable.]

[I appreciate the compliment.] 

[Well then, I shall take my leave.] [Don’t get to crazy inside there, Fina~]

[Wh… Who would!!!] [Muu~!! Senior~!!!]

After teasing Josephine, Yohana finally leaves Vram and Josephine alone. Though it’s been a while, the gap made the relationship between them grows awkward.

[So… shall we go inside, Master?]

[Eh?!] [Ah, yes! It’s cold outside, so let’s get inside!!]

Awkwardly and nervous, Josephine stepped inside the house. And following her on the back was Vram, walking indifferently.

[Umm… Vram….]


[Can you… wait here for a while?] [I need to prepare something….]

Though it was sudden, Vram just agreed with her and decided to stargazing outside again while waiting.



Continuing to stargaze, he raised his hands toward the sky, where two moon had meet each other. No, there is literally a two piece of moon on the sky. Though what does these things entails, no people in the world even care. All things were considered natural, even for Vram, whom somehow had experienced something unnatural.

{I should’ve died back then….} {No, maybe I’ve truly died….} {If so, then why am I revived again?} {Does familiar summoning entails to revival magic?} {But has such things be made possible?}

Vram keep moon-gazing as he played around with his two finger upward and downward, as if counting for something.

[Though I do wonder how she’s been.] [Does she angry that I’ve done that before…] [And more importantly….] [Were that little girl safe, I do wonder….]


Just when Vram was doing a monologue by himself, finally Josephine called her out.

[It’s okay now, please enter inside.]

Vram returns back to the room inside, then started to go ahead, onto the inner side of the room, where another room exist. It was Josephine’s bedroom. Though right now he was her familiar, Vram can’t helped but feeling a little bit nervous of entering her room all by himself.

[… I’m entering, Master.]

Slowly he entered the room, the room had been lit bright with the light of the moon entering through the giant loophole on the center of the room. And inside, Josephine had been waiting, only covered half of her legs with a sheet on top of the bed. She returns to wearing nothing again, which almost angered Vram again.

[W… wait!] [I have a reason for this…!!!]

[… Speak.] Suddenly Vram’s tone have turned cold toward Josephine. Though it hurts her much, she keeps ensuring Vram that everything’s fine.

[Umm… look here.] [You’ve been imprisoned for a whole month, without food to eat even.] [Though maybe you were able to endure such, but fighting a whole group of familiar, against Maria’s familiar, defending against Elder’s familiar attack, it must’ve drained your energy so.]

[… I can’t disagree with that.]

[And… though you may be able to regain those energy by digesting some special meat, the process of turning the material into mana actually quite long, and I doubt that it’ll be able to fill your mana in no time.] [That’s why… I prepare this….]

Vram traced and observed the whole room for a while. Though it was pretty rough, a thorough clean-up can be seen and decorated to fill the mood. The lights shone through the sky were also accounted. It was quite obvious what she was trying to do.

[… You want me to sleep together with you?]


Awkward silence began to envelopes the whole room. Josephine’s face somehow turned red after Vram mentioned it.

[You sure there aren’t other method of restoring my mana capacity to normal again?]

[… Well, there are various… troublesome… and confusing ritual to do so, and it’s not like you were unable to do so on your own, but….]


[I….] [I want to do it with you….] [… Can’t I…?]

After saying those words, Josephine became meek as her face was flushed red. Deep red color covering her whole face until her ears. Such expression was deadly even for Vram. To think that her master, whom never even bothered to cover her own body, could even produce some expression of that level.

Finally he takes a deep breath, and letting it out. As he tried to calm himself down, he approached Josephine slowly.

[Well, my colleague do told me to never reject a girl’s advance, even more so when you’re actually fallen for her.]

[… Then~…!?!]

Then somehow, Vram started to release his gloves, his shoulder pads, his boots, and his armor out of the way.

[It’s actually my first time though, so I don’t think I can hold anything back.] [Are you fine with that, Master?]

[Eh? Eh? I… I am fine?] Somehow Josephine wasflustered at the way Vram released every inch of armor that has been covering him, and finally his hand went straight for his head.

[Then do forgive me if I hurt you midway.]

[Eh…] [Vram….] [You’re…] [Eh…??? EH….????] [EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEH!?!?!?!?!?]

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[Web Novel] Gloria Infidelis Vide
Chapter 9

[She hasn’t waked up yet????]

Morning had come, two lovebirds chirped and fly together under the sunny sky. On such a bright and clear sky, there can be only a smile gathered upon these peaceful village, and all the more so for Yohana’s Junior, Josephine, whom was known to never even slack off in the very morning.

[Yeah, when I was trying to wake her, she somehow holding her blanket tightly and never even tries to look at me.]

[This is unacceptable…!]

Yohana, both confused and enraged seeing her junior slacked off, rushed off inside and quickly headed toward Josephine’s room.

[FINA~!] [I don’t know what had happened to you, but on such a bright sky of today, and together with a new familiar, are you trying to slack off from your study!?] [Well I can’t let that-….]

Just before Yohana finished her speech, she realized something were different. Josephine were curled up on her bed, her ears somehow flushed red, and it’s as if she can’t hear what was happening around her.

[… Fina…?]

She tried to remove the blanket, but as she tried to tug it, somehow Josephine just keep holding the blanket tightly. As the blanket keeps scuffled, Yohana saw something strange on the bed. It was a stain, though it surely wasn’t an ordinary stain. As she tried to observe it more, she saw a red, deep red stain coloring the bed combined with some strange smell covering it.

[Is this… blood?]

Hearing the words, somehow Josephine jumped up and quickly covered the bed.


That sudden action puts both of them on an awkward situation. But though that was the case, somehow Yohana was able to predict what had happened that night.

[You… were you and Vram-….]

[Don’t say it, please!!!!] [I beg of you! I’ll die!!!]

[Nononono, you won’t die from such embarrassment…]

[… Embarrassment?]

[Ah yeah, I guess this is a first for you.]

It was unknown who have taught her so, but it seems that Josephine was never liked to wear clothes since kid, hence never grows inside of her the feelings of embarrassment. The reasons were also the lack of men in this village. Though not as worse as Josephine, everyone in the village were also wearing quite a revealing clothes, which what makes Vram awkward in the first places. But only Josephine would go so far as to not wearing anything.

[But how did this happens anyway?] [Were you seduced him?]

[I… I did say that I wanted to sleep with him….]

[So in the end it was your own fault….]

[B… but I never thought that he would do something like that!] [L-like, he j-j-j-jammed his *rod* onto my *hole*, then h-he does *omitted* and *omitted*!!!!] 

[….] [My junior~]

[Y… yes??]

[That, is how you are created, and being born into.]


As if being hung dry, Josephine’s face went flushed red covering her whole head as if a smoke almost comes out from her head caused by the heat from her face.

[I guess that is one fastest way to recover his mana.] [That’s your actual intention, is it not?]

[… I thought we only need to be sleep naked together….]

[Well, it was partially my fault for never teach you about these things.] [Then again, so many things happened that I don’t think I have a time to teach you that.]

Josephine can only go silent as she played with her hair while rubbing her thighs against each other.

[So, what are you gonna do with him?]

[… I don’t know….] [It’s the first time I’m feeling this, whenever he saw me naked, my chest beats harder than before, that I thought it’s going to burst out from my chest.] 

[That’s not it.] [Were you regretting your action?]

[… At first it was hurts….] [It’s… indescribable… it does feel like I was being stabbed from below through the head.] [But it feels special.] [It’s as if… I have entrusted everything I have through him.] [And he does replies back.] [It… made me feel so happy that my chest hurts.] [And cried~.]

[I see…] [That’s good to hear.] [Well then, shall we solve your problems regarding how to face him normally?]



[… Why should I listen to what you have to say, though?]

[Guh…!] [Though at times you’re pretty docile, you’re quite pricky aren’t you, Vram?]

Within the border of Josephine’s house, two person were in the middle of conversation, or rather, in a debate whether what to do of Vram himself. The gist of the situation currently right now, is that Yohana were trying to lure him away from Josephine for a while. Yet somehow Vram was against the idea, thus argument happens.

[Like. I. Said!] [We need a bit more time to prepare something, so in a while; we need you to step away for a bit!]

[Can’t I just help with this “preparation” you were talking about?]

[And I said that you can’t!!]

[… What’s with the ruckus in the morning…?] Suddenly Hildegarde came and butted in into the conversation. 

[Hilda?] [What are you doing here?] [And where’s your companion?]

[I’m here to drag her back onto the class.] [Since you haven’t appeared back, I was told to oversee what was going on.] As she somehow looked annoyed at the fact that she was here.

[Ah… that’s….]

[So, where’s that naked lady?]

Yohana frantically went by Hilda’s side and quickly informed her of what has been going on.

[….] [Alright, I understand.] [Vram!]


[Come with me!]

[What for?]

[Your master’s conditions were actually quite severe right now, so it’s best to leave it to someone experienced like Yohana!]

[What?!] [What happened to her?!?]

[It’s something that only woman would ever experienced!] [So you best to shut your trap and follow me!]

[Uh… Where to…?]

[No more question!]

[Yes, Ma’am!]

And just like that, Hildegarde was able to convince Vram to stay away for a while and Yohana feels relieved after what Hilda has done.

[… Wow….]

[Um… Yohana… did he gone…?]

Josephine slowly sneaked out from the house while looking left and right.

[Don’t worry, Hilda were already took care of him.] [I’m surprised though, never thought that she would be that reliable.]


Josephine started to gets teary on her eyes, and somehow cried a lot.

[E?!?] [Wh… what’s wrong, Fina?!?!?]

[It’s… It’s been a while since I have a familiar… and it’s been a while since I was able to spoke with him again, yet….] [I CAN’T EVEN LOOK AT HIM~!] [HUAAAAAAA~!!]

Somehow Josephine was throwing a tantrum like a little kids that lost her balloon because they wouldn’t grab them properly. Yohana panicked and tried to calm her down with many ways she could think of.

[Anyway, for now should we get going so we would be able to cure your embarrassment toward Vram?]

[Umm….] [I’ve been thinking about it for a while….] [But how are we going to do that?]

[Well of course, the only think that you usually would never think of.] [To wear clothes~!]



Hilda, now together with Vram, were walking toward an empty space where there was almost nothing in front of it.

[Umm… Lady Hildegarde….]

[Hilda is fine.] [If you’re going to ask about your stupid master, forget about it.]

[Well, it is something related to her, but not directly.]

[What is it, then?]

[Umm… Do Lady Hilda and Master… had a special relationship?] [From what I see, both Lady Hilda and Lady Yohana do cares a lot for Master….]

[… How much do you knew about a Witches….?]

[Hmm… Only as far as the general knowledge of them.]

[Then, do you know that Witches basically doesn’t ages?]


[Let me went through it a little bit.]

As both of them walked through the forest, Hilda does a thorough explanation of witches. It was when Vram knew that Josephine’s age were actually still very young, about 15-16. It is said that every witches will reach adulthood at most 12 year, or even less for those with more talent. For Josephine, since her magic quality was very high, she reached adulthood at mere 8 years. Thus the reason why she was being shunned by everyone else.

[… Guess that’s the side effect of being able to use magic without having to enchant them again.]

[… And you’ve also already of how we were unable to have a mother, right?]

[Umm… yeah?]

[For us, Josephine was our very own dear mother.]

[… Umm… sorry?] [I didn’t quite get what you’re saying.]

[Ah, I’m sorry, I guess she didn’t told you that much.] [Josephine’s name… were actually her mother’s name]


[When she’s giving birth to that naked idiot, she says this to us.] [That she wanted to be reborn again, as a “normal witches”.]


[I don’t know what she meant by that, but her wishes was so that naked idiot would never forget of herself as a witches.] [For that reason, I myself and Yohana have always vowed to protect her, and to teach her the way of living, and the way of witches.] [Though maybe our way differs, and that she forgot the very vow she made herself when she was still a kid.]

[Uh… does that mean Yohana was actually younger than you?]



[What’s wrong?]

[No, it’s just that… Lady Hilda was very honest with me, that it’s quite surprising.]

[It’s because you were too perceptive that it’s almost useless to hide anything from you.] [And that’s why….]

Suddenly Hilda slammed her hand pretty hard against Vram’s armor, that her hands looked beet red.

[If you went blabbing on just like yesterday, I won’t forgive you!!]

[Yes Ma’am!] As he suddenly feel nervous toward Hilda’s exclamation.

[Anyway, we’re almost arrived.] [Let’s go.]



A scream of a young, tall girl echoed throughout the whole room it surprises everybody inside.

[Ssssh!!!] [Not too loud, Esmeralda!]

[But… but…!!!] [But finally, Josephine, you finally decided to wear a dress I’ve designed myself~❤!!!]

Somehow, the girl named Esmeralda, whom height can be compared together with Vram, sobbing and crying while smiling happily, after hearing that Josephine finally wanted to wear some clothes.

[Umm… about that….]

[Yes, my dear~❤?] [Were you by any chance have some request to be added, do told me~~❤]

[Umm… If you’d like, I wanted something that doesn’t feel too restricting, but also doesn’t reveal much, especially around the waist and chest.] 

[Humm~❤] [I see~~❤] [Were you in love, Josephine-dear~~~❤?]


[Ju~st kidding~~~❤] [Well sit tight, my dear, I’ll sew your very own request as I compared it with a color that suited you best~❤!]

While leaving the red-beet Josephine out of her sight, Esmeralda started to use her magic to swiftly sew the dress.

[… She saw you pretty good, eh?]

[Muu~!! Yohana!!!]

[But still, don’t you think it’s kinda weird?] [No matter how you think about it, I think Vram is a good, courteous human, though he may deny it.] [Would he goes so far as raping an under-aged girls like you even if your body looked like this?]



[I actually never told him about it....] [… my real age, that is….]



Taking some paper on the table besides her, Yohana smacked Josephine’s head hard it makes a loud voice inside the room.

[It hurts~!!!]

[And why~ you never told him about your real age, hmm~~~?]

[Be… because he seems strong, scary, and mature despite being my familiar!!] [I don’t wanted to be looked down at by my own familiar, so…!!!!]

[Yet, this happens.]

[Uuu….] Josephine curled up besides the room with her face turns redder than ever again.

[ALRIGHT, DEA~R~~~❤!] [Your clothes’ ready~~❤!!]

[SO FAST?!] Josephine surprised so much that her red-beet face quickly turned normal as she suddenly stands up seeing Esmeralda comes to her.

[Here, try it~ try it~~❤!]

[Umm… alright.]



Vram, while still walking together with Hilda, was quietly thinking of something.

[What’s wrong?]

[I was thinking of what you had said before.] [You say that Master reached adulthood when she reaches 8, right?]

[Yeah, and this year she’s turning 16.]



[How immoral I have been… to *forced* a girl under the same bed with me… I have failed myself as a familiar, as a guardian….]

[Nonono, that’s kinda extreme perquisites you put on yourself.] [Besides, I think she herself was at fault, since she never told you her actual age, right?]

[Well that’s true….]

[*sigh~……] [Alright, we’re here.]

Both Hilda and Vram finally arrived at another graveyard. Though the amount of the grave is incomparable than the familiar’s grave, it still gives off such solemn feeling.


Hilda lead Vram toward one spot where a weird tablet lies above the grave. Though at first glance it may have seemed to be another gravestone, the shape were a little bit too boxy and wide to be called a gravestone.

[An altar?]

[… You’re quick on the uptake.] [There was something that I had to give Josephine whenever she succeeded in summoning a familiar.] [But… there are circumstances….]

[Well you were too shy to just straightforwardly gave these to her, so you’re having a hard time dealing with those emotion, right?] [Don’t worry, I understand.]

[… It’s best if you shut your mouth a little, black~!]

Though Hilda may have had no chance of hurting Vram, just the cold stare, the insult, and the threat itself hurt Vram to the heart.

After a while, Hilda were sitting besides the tablet, and started to enchant many words. It was quite weird for Vram, since Witches were usually never have the need to chant when they were planning to use magic. It was quite a long chant, that a trail of sweat can be seen flowing from Hilda’s cheek.

{What kind of magic that needed such chanting for so long even for a witch….?}

After some times, the reaction came from the tablet keeps getting stronger and stronger, as Hilda’s chant keep went faster that it’s not just a trail, but a whole lot of sweat dripping altogether as if she’s just finished taking a bath. Vram couldn’t help but keep quiet in order to ensure that Hilda can keep her concentration toward the magic.


Finally the tablet broke, and within it, a book appears. A book, covered with many layer of transparent paper covering the whole book. The cover looked like it has been buried for years, but the book inside doesn’t seem to get broken.

[Fuu… Thank you….]

[For what?]

[Just wanted to say that~❤.] [Anyway, here.]

Hilda then gave the book towards Vram. When Vram double checked the book, he felt something strange as he keeps investigating the outer book a little bit longer.

[… You seems to be interested in that book.] [Anyway, it was something mother gave us before her death.] [She also said to give it to that naked idiot when she matured a bit.] [… Well maybe it was a little bit fast, but it seems that she finally grow thanks to your presence here.] [… Hey, have you been listening to me?] 

[… How did this book exist even here…?]

[Huh?] [What in the world are you talking about?]

[This book is-….]


[They sure take their time.]

Yohana and Josephine, both were already prepared in front of their house, though currently Josephine only wear a cloth, covering her whole body. Yohana already clicked her tongue for a whole time while stepping her feet over and over again, and Josephine can only fidgeting, feeling nervous whenever what to say to Vram.

[Ah, they finally arrived.]

As if it was a normal thing, Vram and Hilda finally went back together to Josephine’s house together, and Yohana, whom were already restless, started to shout.


[Wha…! Yohana, that’s too vulgar!!!]

[*sigh…. We both had the same mother figure, yet how comes she turned out that way….] As Hilda slam her hand onto her forehead hard, and Vram can only chuckle besides her. [So, what are you going to do?]

[… Can I… keep a hold of this a little bit longer?] [I’ve seen many hell caused by these books, and I don’t want my own master to get involved in one of those.]

[It’s your call.] [It was originally my mistake for not being able to ascertain this book’s potential.]


As they finished their conversation, they were approached by both Yohana, whom were unable to wait any longer, and Josephine, whom were dragged by Yohana.

[Ah… We-welcome home, Vram~~!]

[I’m home.] [Why are you wearing such clothes?]

[U… umm….] Somehow Josephine’s faces turned red when faced with Vram.


[Umm… Can you please not laughing?]

[… I don’t know what you’re hiding under those clothes, but I’ll try my best not to.]

[Th-then….] [EEEEEEY!!!!]


As Josephine prepared her heart, she throw out the clothes far away from her place. And within those clothes, lies something that Vram and Hilda, the two who would never guess will happens, happened in front of their eyes. A pair of sleeve disconnected from the dress waving from both of her hands, a white robe that fluttered from her neck until her thighs, the underwear she wore were not as indecent as the other girls, as it was only consisted of black tube top while the lower parts was a black laced panties combined with black lace stocking and a garterbelt, while also covering the middle part with a corset. Though it still reveal some skin, it doesn’t strike Vram as hard as when she was naked.

[… Vram…?] [Does… does this suit me?] [Or… am I look-….]

[I guess women could change much just by changing their dress and makeup.] [You’re absolutely stunning, Master.] [No, you could even consider this downright beautiful.] [Though the way you reveal your skin is pretty weird, I’d say it’s quite perfect on you, master.] [Also-….]

Just before Vram started to talk more, Josephine hurried and retrieved the clothes she had thrown, and then shove it back at Vram’s head.

[STOP!!] [DON’T SPEAK ANYMORE!!!] [You’re practically killing me softly~!!]

[… M’kay then.]

Suddenly the awkward silence enveloping the whole places, making Josephine even more nervous than before.

[Wh… Why are you getting so silent?!?!]

[Because you ordered me to.]

[But not that quiet!!!] [It makes me more nervous than usual!!!!]

Suddenly Vram went closer toward Josephine while removing both of his gloves. A dull, dark smooth hand went toward Josephine’s cheek and rubbed them softly.

[What are you feeling nervous for?] [Didn’t you told me that we were a family?]


[… I’m sorry.] [Had I known you better, that would never happened.]

[N-no no!] [I’m fine with that, actually.] [In fact… I was feeling happy.] [Such happiness… somehow feels like it’s going to crush my chest….] [But I was happy.] [So, please don’t be too hard on yourself, Vram.] 

[… I’ll be sure to remember that.]

After watching each other together, Josephine finally gets used to it and started to hug each other tightly. Josephine’s face somehow looked relieved, calm, and serene, that somehow looked so childish despite having such figure.

[*sigh*… really, such a troublesome child.] As Yohana makes a comment toward Josephine’s act.

[You’re one to talk.] As Hilda suddenly pricked back on Yohana.

[By the way, where are you taking him before?]

[… I have no obligation to tell a forgetful person like you.]

[Hey! That was uncalled for!!!]

[Though I can tell you one thing.]


[I’ve given ‘that’ to Vram…]

[… Why Vram?]

[Originally I’ve planned to give it straight to her, but Vram said it was dangerous….]


[I don’t know about the exact detail of how dangerous ‘that’ is….] [But can I ensure you to never speak about this again…?]

[… I’ll try.]

[Good.] [Then I shall return.]

As she leaving the stages, two lovebird flirting against each other. Such situation caused Yohana to hit her forehead pretty hard. It was quite a show to see both of them becomes like that. As of now, Josephine finally leveled onto a real witch, as now many obstacles stand in front of her and many challenges shall come toward her.

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[Web Novel] Gloria Infidelis Vide
Prologue 2

A footstep. A sound of sizzling wind and the bush, touched by a figure of red haired person wandering around here and there. Though the figure never looked gallant at all, his whole dress were dirty and smelly, most of the clothes’ were already beat-up and full of holes here and there. It’s almost like they were stranded for at least a years or more.
[Calm down, partner!!] [It’s not like screaming here and there would do you good!] [In fact, it’s going to annoy you even more!]
[What do you mean by-….]
A sound of empty stomach howling around the forest, as the red haired person finally fall on his knee while rubbing his own stomach.
[I told you so, right?] [So far you’ve barely been able to survive thanks to those weird-tasted fruit you eat before, but it’s all run out now.] [Besides, all we ever heard is just a rumor, it can’t be trusted.]
In any case one would wonder, what was a man, alone in this forest, were talking, bickering, and even discussing all by himselfs. The answer is that he is not alone. Another creature was already in front of him. Not human, not even looked like an inteligent creature. It was just a primate with two long front teeth which was used to chew something. It often called a mouse. Though it may be a little different than the other mouse, since it can talk and have some weird hair model on it.
[Then, can you at least find some food for me?] [If this goes on, I might’ve died before being able to do what we need to do.]
[Hurmm… It’ll be troublesome if you died on me….] [Then wait here, I shall find some great food to eat with these great nose of mine~!]
[Thanks a lot, partner.]
After saying that, the mice started to run as fast as he can while somehow, the red-haired man returned back to his deep sleep.


The red-haired man just keep on sleeping below the tree while hiding himself from the sun. In the middle of enjoying it, another creature comes up through him.
The dandy-haired mouse keeps running as fast as possible while carrying something, bundled with a cloth. But as if without a care in the world, the red-haired man just keep sleeping.
[‘TILL WHEN ARE YOU GOING TO SLEEP LIKE A LOG!!!] As he gets angry, he pulled something from the bundled cloth, a food with yellow-sih to orange color with its round-oval shape. And he just jammed the food onto Rud’s mouth.
As the red-haired man realized that the thing that being jammed onto his mouth was a food, a genuine ones, he quickly munched and gobled the whole things straight onto his throat, then to his stomach.
[*GULP… PHUAAAH!!!] [FEELS ALIVE AGAIN~!] [Hey, where did you find it?]
[Just find it along those ways.] [The shape of the tree somehow feels like they were being nurtured by someone.] [So I stole some that’s already no good to be eaten by normal humans.]
[Wait, did you just said that you gave me the worst taste of all the other fruit?!?] [That’s unnaceptable! For you to be able to eat delicious food alone while you gave me these rotten foul of a food?!?]
[No, nope. I never eaten one actually.] [Because it’s just the same as me stealing.]
[Who cares!?] [My, no, our life is on the line here!] [We can’t expect to survive without stealing one or two foods!!]
[Your mind… is wrecked up, partner….] [Moreso than me, whom have been turned into ‘this’.]
[Shut up!] [For now, lead me to where that fruit’s located at.]
[Alright, alright….] [Don’t blame me whether something do happens.]
Thus, the two person whom have been bickering over and over again, started to went straight onto the place which they’ve been searching all over again, yet unknown to them. Aiming for something they have to find no matter what, the two sets their feet onto the most forbidden and secret place people have been trying to find all by themselves. Such place had a name.
They have entered the area where the Witches lives, the Witch Village.

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[Web Novel] Gloria Infidelis Vide
Prologue 2
A footstep. A sound of sizzling wind and the bush, touched by a figure of red haired person wandering around here and there. Though the figure never looked gallant at all, his whole dress were dirty and smelly, most of the clothes’ were already beat-up and full of holes here and there. It’s almost like they were stranded for at least a years or more.

[Calm down, partner!!] [It’s not like screaming here and there would do you good!] [In fact, it’s going to annoy you even more!]

[What do you mean by-….]


A sound of empty stomach howling around the forest, as the red haired person finally fall on his knee while rubbing his own stomach.


[I told you so, right?] [So far you’ve barely been able to survive thanks to those weird-tasted fruit you eat before, but it’s all run out now.] [Besides, all we ever heard is just a rumor, it can’t be trusted.]
In any case one would wonder, what was a man, alone in this forest, were talking, bickering, and even discussing all by himselfs. The answer is that he is not alone. Another creature was already in front of him. Not human, not even looked like an inteligent creature. It was just a primate with two long front teeth which was used to chew something. It often called a mouse. Though it may be a little different than the other mouse, since it can talk and have some weird hair model on it.

[Then, can you at least find some food for me?] [If this goes on, I might’ve died before being able to do what we need to do.]

[Hurmm… It’ll be troublesome if you died on me….] [Then wait here, I shall find some great food to eat with these great nose of mine~!]

[Thanks a lot, partner.]

After saying that, the mice started to run as fast as he can while somehow, the red-haired man returned back to his deep sleep.



The red-haired man just keep on sleeping below the tree while hiding himself from the sun. In the middle of enjoying it, another creature comes up through him.


The dandy-haired mouse keeps running as fast as possible while carrying something, bundled with a cloth. But as if without a care in the world, the red-haired man just keep sleeping.

[‘TILL WHEN ARE YOU GOING TO SLEEP LIKE A LOG!!!] As he gets angry, he pulled something from the bundled cloth, a food with yellow-sih to orange color with its round-oval shape. And he just jammed the food onto Rud’s mouth.


As the red-haired man realized that the thing that being jammed onto his mouth was a food, a genuine ones, he quickly munched and gobled the whole things straight onto his throat, then to his stomach.

[*GULP… PHUAAAH!!!] [FEELS ALIVE AGAIN~!] [Hey, where did you find it?]

[Just find it along those ways.] [The shape of the tree somehow feels like they were being nurtured by someone.] [So I stole some that’s already no good to be eaten by normal humans.]

[Wait, did you just said that you gave me the worst taste of all the other fruit?!?] [That’s unnaceptable! For you to be able to eat delicious food alone while you gave me these rotten foul of a food?!?] 

[No, nope. I never eaten one actually.] [Because it’s just the same as me stealing.]

[Who cares!?] [My, no, our life is on the line here!] [We can’t expect to survive without stealing one or two foods!!]

[Your mind… is wrecked up, partner….] [Moreso than me, whom have been turned into ‘this’.]

[Shut up!] [For now, lead me to where that fruit’s located at.]

[Alright, alright….] [Don’t blame me whether something do happens.]

Thus, the two person whom have been bickering over and over again, started to went straight onto the place which they’ve been searching all over again, yet unknown to them. Aiming for something they have to find no matter what, the two sets their feet onto the most forbidden and secret place people have been trying to find all by themselves. Such place had a name.
They have entered the area where the Witches lives, the Witch Village.

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[Web Novel] Gloria Infidelis Vide
Chapter 10

Hell’s on earth. Or at least, that’s how we should express their current situation. Such situation can also be considered abnormal, no matter how you’d look at it. A giant, 6-winged insect with poisonus fang on its tail were flying and flocking around each other, aiming toward the same places. At the same time, the places the insects were going to, was a figure of at least 6 persons, desperately trying to outrun the insects. 




[I’M SORRY!!!]

[I’m surprised both of you can still bickering even while we’re chased by these Vasp….] 

[Vram!!] [Can you do something about those?!?!?!]

[My apologies, master.] [My armament’s not quite versatile enough to fought against those things while trying to protect all of you.]

It was Josephine, Hildegarde, Christine, Rosalinda, and Vram. All of them looked like they have something to do outside the town, though it is clearly seen that somehow they were being sidetracked mainly because of Josephine.

[By the way, what are we supposed to do actually, Lady Hilda?] Though while running from the grasp of the Vasp, Christine still looked as calm as usual.




[I… I’M SORRY~~~~!]

Despite the danger behind their back, the group seemed to bickering happily as usual, though it may seems weird to people who watched this. Then again, such group was quite unexpected, even among the other girls. As it seems that the girl was bickering against each other.


[A job??]

A sudden question lingers inside Josephine’s head, whom were in the middle of eating something that looked like a snack, with a combination of meat, a variation of vegetable, combined and placed inside a sliced bun. Around her mouth was a stain of sauce coming from the food, covering her face. Then again, the food itself was not of much importance as what Yohana had suggested.

[Try to wipe your face before talking, if you please….] [… Are you even forgetting the reason why we were told to summon our own familiar?]

[Hmm….] [So that we won’t be alone?] [Or in order to wake us up in the morning?] [or…]

[Not even close….] [A familiar can be considered as a way to indicate a witches’ grown up phase and ready to contribute for this village.] [It’s the thing that you’ve always been yearning for, haven’t you?]

[OH YEAH!] [Then, then…. What kind of job will I do right now~?]

[Usually it was decided depends on your familiar type, but….]

[She will be assigned as a “Frontier” unit.] [It was a decision made by the Elder and her circle itself.]

Suddenly Hilda, accompanied with her attendant, Rosa and Chris, appearing out of nowhere and started to mingle herself with them.


[… Do you even know anything about manners, Naked Idiot…?] [Start wiping those stain on your face this instant!!] As she suddenly throw a handkerchief toward Josephine’s face, which was full of sauce stain from the food.

[… “Frontier” unit….] [But she hasn’t even received proper training even as a “Scavage”, and they want her to be on the “Frontier” already??]

[Apparently it was decided by the fact of how skillful her familiar is.] [Thus, I shall be the one to guide her for the job.]

[… if it was decided by the circle….]

While Josephine was wiping her face, she’s just blankly stare at both of the two girls whom have been discussing about her and Vram.

[By the way….] [What’s a Frontier?]


The sudden, empty remark created by Josephine quickly snapped both of her senior while somehow and quickly pulled a giant paper fan-like out of nowhere and slapped Josephine both ways, causing her cheek to turn red.


[What are you saying?!?!] [How long have you been living with us, and how long did we study together?!?!?]

[This idiot… is hopeless….]

[Vra~m! Why you haven’t protect me!?!?] [It hurts as much as when you slapped me when we first met~!!!]

[You’re kinda deserve it.] [I thought that kind of thing was supposed to be a common knowledge in this village.]

[Oh, so you’re saying you understand what we have been discussed about, black kid~?] As Rose suddenly butted in while hugged Hilda that looked like she’ll went rampage if she doesn’t do so.

[Only the gist of it.]

In Witches’ Village, the way they operates were split into two faction, excluding the circle, which regulating the village’s segregation. The two factions consist of the “The Vanguard Unit” and “The Relief Unit”, which indicates each of their own function and abilities. 

[Vanguard unit works as a force to maintain the power balance inside the village. They can both works either as a guard for when any incident happens at the village, or as a counter-measure for outside threat.] [Thus, Vanguard unit also has their own specialization of themselves.] [“Gallant”, a unit that concentrates on safety inside the village, and have a special connection with the circle.] [“Raising”, a unit concentrated for countering the outside threat.] [And lastly, the “Frontier”, which specialized on travelling and doing expedition around this island in order to find some resources needed for the villages.] [And the “Scavages” was a special unit meant to let the witch whom has just received their Combat-type familiar to experience each of these occupations, mainly for evaluation which job she was the most appropriate.]

[Well done, Vram. You really do outlive my expectation each days count.] As Hilda, Chris, Rosa, Yohana, and Josephine clapped in harmony listening to Vram’s explanation.

[As expected from my familiar~!] as she put out her “good job” hand out in the air, which angered every girls there.

[More like… he was too good to become your familiar.]

[You think so too, Chris?] [I was actually thinking the same thing.]

[… Enough of that, for now, as long as Vram understand, we can just leave this Naked Idiot in the dark.]

[HEY!] [WHAT DO YOU MEAN BY THAT!!] [And why you already called him by his name, but not me!?!?]

As Josephine protests about it, Hilda somehow staring at Josephine with cold eyes, as if she was seeing a lesser being.

[… Enough of this charade.] [Yohana, you understand what you should be explaining to her, right?]

[Fina, your situation right now is not quite safe for now.] [A Frontier, as what Vram had explain, require you to go out of this village in order to procure something, depends on how much quota they’ve placed upon you.] [And before you were able to fulfill the quota, you are forbidden to went inside the village for a while.]

[Eee???] [But I was just about to enjoy these new menu they had, called “Hamburger”~!!!] As she said that while pointing toward a bundle of the food called hamburger right in front of her.

[… No, we won’t be departing right now.] [Since your placement was quite a sudden thing, they gave you about 1 month to prepare for your expedition.] [That’s why from here on out, I’ll be keeping a close eye to you, in order to make sure you’d well prepared against what’s about to come.]

[Having Vram besides me were not enough?]

[… You’re taking this too lightly, Fina….]

[The outside world is filled with many unexpected things, Master.] [There are times when even my own shield was unable to protect people.] [Thus, it’d be wise to prepare to, at least, protect yourself against such predicament.]

[Thus, I won’t be as forgiving as Yohana when it comes to your study.] [I hope you prepared for what’s coming next!]

[Yes! Senior Hilda!!]

[… Is she going to be okay, I wonder….] As Yohana ponders about whether Josephine would be safe in Hilda’s hand.

[What?] [You still free to be her senior if you wanted to, Yohana.] [The Elder did ordered me to become her mentor, but she didn’t mention anything about you stopped being one.]

[But my main occupation is a “Gallant” Unit, you know.] [And here I was hoping to have another “Gallant” as my junior….]

[But I think it would be good to learn such wide variety of occupation at once, right Vram?]

[I do agrees.]

[Wait!] [He’s my familiar, why you didn’t ask about what I should be thinking?!?!?]

[Shut up, you naked idiot.] [What you need to do now is to learn how to survive.] [Thus, I’ll be taking some of these hamburger.]

[WAIT! THAT’S MINE……………!!!]


[I really wanted some hamburger right now….]

[I guess I should remind you that what we need to do right now is to COLLECT THESE MANA STONES THAT HAD BEEN SCATTERED ALL OVER RIGHT NOW THAN DOING NOTHING!]

[YES MA’AM!!!]

Hilda was in outburst, as she collected each and every mana stones that had been scattered here and there. Those mana stones came from when they were finally able to, somehow, killed all the Vasp that had chasing them.

[Then again, you sure do come up with interesting strategy, Lady Hilda.] [I never expected that your fire golem would be able to crush that many enemies in one blow.] [Not to mention that you have him ready to ambush the enemy while standing by above the cliff while you pulled the enemy.] 

[It’s what I could do to compensate for its lack of speed.] [He may not look like it, but he has an amazing resilience, thus what made me came up with this kind of strategy.] [By the way, his name is Hougo.]

[Then again, you’re also amazing yourself, Josephine’s Familiar.] [Realizing Lady Hilda Familiar’s going down to crush the Vasp, you quickly turn back and protecting everyone with your shield, so that everyone wouldn’t get caught by his blast.] 

[That’s why me, Chris, Lady Hilda, and Josephine were able to quickly cast a large magic to quickly finish them all off!]

[But… Where are your familiar, Chris, Rosa?] As Josephine’s wondering while still collecting the scattered mana stone.

[Ah… they….]

[Both of them were still in rehabilitation.]


[Senior Hilda, did something happen?]

Hilda went silent for a while. As Chris and Rosa put out their saddening face, they still trying to put out a smile.

[Nhah, don’t worry about us, Josephine.] [They’re fine; it’s just that they were gravely wounded in their recent battle.]

[Guess that’s why Elder asked Lady Hilda to took care of you for a while~] [So that you may be able to fill the force we lacked of~]

[I… I see….]

[Then that just mean that we need to improve our teamwork more, Master.] [You can’t just recklessly do something like that again, especially when we only have Hougo and me on the frontlines.] 

[… I understand.] [I’m sorry for being too reckless.]

[Hmph….] [As long as you understand, then it’s fine.] [Besides, this is quite a haul, to be able to fill half of the quota needed in just a day.] [Let’s take a break for now, and we’ll continue tomorrow.]

[Alright~!] As the girls answering together, they put together all of the mana stone they’ve gathered and sets up a camp around there. 


As they finished eating, chatting, and joking together, both Hilda’s party and Josephine’s party went inside their own respective tent.


[Something’s troubling you, Master?]

[No, it’s…] [… Hey, I told you that when we’re alone, I prefer it if you just call me with my name.]

[When I’ll feel like it.]

[Geez, you’re just being shy….] [At any rate, I was actually thinking about what Senior Hilda said this afternoon….]

[Which one?]

[About how she covers for her familiar’s lack of speed with her strategy….]

[… So out of all things Lady Hilda had said this afternoon, the only thing that got stuck in your head was something unrelated, huh?]

[GEEZ! OFF MY CASE!!!] [At any rate, there is something that just occurred to me….] [… I haven’t had a clue regarding your fighting abilities.]

[And?] [What of it?]

[What do you mean “what”?!] [We’re talking about what you’re capable of here, you know?] [Rather, isn’t that what we need the most right now?] [Considering that we need to take precaution against many things.]

[Wait… are you telling me that you’re going repeat this kind of incident over and over again?]

[Well….] [There weren’t any prohibition about how we do things, right?] [As long as we fill the quota, it’s fine right?]

[*sigh… Well it’s not like I don’t understand.] 

Vram take another deep breath and started to explain things regarding Vram’s ability.

[For starters, let me tell you about my basic abilities.] [From where I was come from, my class was referred as a Paladin.] [It is a class that allows us to take more damage than normal person, with the way our armor were heavily equipped and our special stance.]  [Thus, it can be says that I was meant to be put on the frontline, protecting my comrade behind me.]

[Hoee~….!] [I never knew humans were capable of such feats.]

[But taking some damage doesn’t mean that we’re just standing there, taking damage.] [Since our class’ original mission was to protect our comrade behind, we are also equipped with some equipment needed to repel back the enemies.] [In most cases, people uses spear because you can both wield and attack them while defending against their attack with these shield.]


[It’s something like this.]

While saying that, Vram pulled out a long pole with something like a sharp metal at its head ends. Josephine, whom were asking to check it by herself, slowly examining the thing they called spear.

[Wow, I knew about shield and sword, but this kind of weapon is quite new for me….]

[It’s easy to use as a thrust attack and can be done while holding your shield up, that’s why most paladin used that.]

[Then why are you using a sword?] [A short ones too.]

[Before I explain that, there’s something that I need to review a bit.] [It was something only I was capable of doing.]

As Vram takes another deep breath, Josephine was also trying to hide her anxiousness by gulping her own saliva.

[It’s this.]

Suddenly Vram pulled another spear coming out of nowhere. It didn’t occurred to her before, but Josephine suddenly realized that what Vram’s been doing is something so outrageous and so surprising that she ended up opening her mouth as wide as possible.

[Wh… what have you done…?] [Is that… by any chance… a magic?]

[I can’t use magic, but I have a magic item that lets me do a specific magic by chance.] [And the magic item I have currently allows me to store an unlimited amount of item inside what was seemed-to-be a storage.] [The one who gave me this called it “Dimensional Pocket”.]

[Wait.] [So you're saying that... you can literally store as much item as you'd like without even breaking a sweat?]



[That's kinda sly of you to think that way, Master.] [Though I must dissapoint you that this pocket cannot store a “living being”.]

[Still, that's one convenient tools to have!] [No, it can't even be called a tool anymore, it's an artifact!!]

[Oh, so you also knew about these kind of things, Master?]

An artifact is, one could say, a one-of-a-kind item that people believed to have a strong, unimaginable power. While it was sometimes were considered to be a magic item, the actual magic it emits were nothing like the usual magic, thus it has always been a wonder item that everyone hunts for. It can be anything, like a sword to split the sea, a pole that can pierce anything, or, just like what Vram currently had right now.

[But still, you pulled these weapons so fast that I wouldn't even realized that you were using magic.]

[At first it was quite a hurdle, since I can't use magic.] [But an alchemist gave me a hand to recreate this thing so that I wouldn't even need to chant nor to focus on it.] [I just need to pose a gesture, then I can access it whenever I want.]

[Hmm....] [Wait, so that means... you were able to freely change your weapons depend on the situation, right?]

[Though it is only limited to what I could hold with these hand, that's possible.]

[So that's why you could freely change your shield when we were attacked before, or when Elder's Dragon attacked you.] 

After a while, Josephine started to think deeply while leaving Vram in silence.

[Wait, so how were you able to withstand my magic without even defending yourself?]

[Pardon me?]

[When we first met, you remember?] [I was using everything I had to attack you, yet you seemed-to-be unaffected, let alone hurt.]

Vram went silence for a bit before starting to answer her.

[You didn't hold back at all, Master?]

[Considering I saw you to be quite dreadful, I did went all out.]

[But... that didn't hurt me at all.] [It even barely stings me.]

Hearing that, Josephine's hand suddenly touched the floor together with her knees, while having her head looked downward, like a pose before one prostrating before others, a symbol of a man having their pride broke down. In this case, it was a woman.


[That... I do not know of....] [As far as when I'm alive, that was the only things I was capable of.]

[Then... do you think it has something to do with the way you becoming a monster... a familiar?]

[Maybe.] [I haven't had a chance to test just how far I've changed.]


After thinking for a while, suddenly something flashed inside Josephine's head, like a fire that has been lit, something’s inspired her.

[Vram, tomorrow we're going to hunt for the vasp again~!]

[Uh... You sure?]

[Considering what you're capable off, I think we could.]

Vram then getting silent for a while, then started to tilt his head downward.

[I understand, but make sure to speak up with Lady Hilda in advance.]


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[Web Novel] Gloria Infidelis Vide
Chapter 11

Josephine, Maria, and the others were already quite deep inside a cave, where the ones she was trying to find was hidden deep inside, the nest of Vasp.

[Being a paladin is one thing, but to be able to possess something like that….] [Though I’m still not sure whether it would work or not….]

[Don’t worry, Senior Hilda~!] [Vram also agreed with my plans, and even improved them much more than what I could’ve thought by myself.] [Besides, if we succeed, we could’ve went home earlier than usual, right?]

[Well… that’s right….]

It’s happening right in the morning, when Hilda, Chris, and Rosa just have woken up while suddenly Josephine hurried to their presence and told everything about what they’ve been talking about the whole night. About Vram’s ability, their choice to attack the Vasp, and their strategy against them. Of course not without Hilda having a fiery anger run through both of their skins. But after an hours of convincing and discussion, Hilda finally agreed on their plan.

[Still… Lady Hilda, do you really think it’s okay?] as Chris were there confirming Hilda’s intention

[… It’s not like that I’m totally fine with it….] [But still, we need to confirm that Naked Idiot Familiar’s strength.] [For now, I’ll just have to make sure that we have another option.]

[For running away?]

[Though I hate the way you called it, yes.] [But, somehow I feel like I can rely on them.]

[On Vram?] [No matter how much of an irregular he is, that doesn’t mean you should’ve take any chances!]

[I believe in her.] [On that Naked Idiot’s instinct.]

[… Eh?]

[All of us have always been doing things faithful to the books, that somehow our way of doing things was always stagnant.] [But she’s different.] [She always tried to think the best way out of this kind of situation.] [Though sadly she’s a reject when it comes down to human relationships.] [That’s why… I believe in them.] [Both from Vram’s experiences, and from her instincts.]

[… I see….]

Though Hilda didn’t realize, there was a change shown from Chris’ expression, together with Rosa whom have been feeling uneasy this whole times.



The shrieking sound of something flapping at sonic speed goes ringing through the whole room. Though the inner side of the room should’ve been as dark as the deepest part of the sea, the whole room lit so brightly you can see everything so clearly. The light source comes from the things attached to the wall, also called the Vasp’s Cocoon.

There can be seen many Vasps, circling and flying around here and there, sometimes bringing in a pieces of Mana towards every cocoon existed there, feeding them. Some cocoon can also be seen giving birth to another larva here and there. For many witches, this place was quite a gold mine for them, because of their ability to reproduce easily as well as the quality the cocoon holds. Yet though that may have been the case, the Vasp’s defense mechanism were quite a hurdle for them to overcome.

Though at the first sight the Vasps was just a regular giant bug, there’s more to them than just a simple bug. The things that they feed on was a Mana, or to be exact, a flow of Mana that comes from either the livings, or from the plant around it. As such, they can easily detect from where a good quality of Mana can be found. This made them quite deadly for Witches whom far heavily relies on magic. Also as to make them much more deadlier, they always comes in a pack, coordinating with each other, making them quite a pain to deal with.




Suddenly, a flash strike one Vasp that were flying, down beyond with an arrow piercing its head, killing it in one strike. All the Vasps looked confused as to scan where that arrow did come from. Though they may have been an expert in scanning a long-range projectile, but since it wasn’t a magic ability, the Vasps cannot predict where the attack came from since it wasn’t even a magical attack.


One by one the Vasps was shot right in the head, falling toward the ground by no small amount. As the corpses keep piling up, eventually one of the Vasp realized the source of the projectile itself. As one Vasp pointing toward the source of those arrows, all of them started running toward the place where the arrow originated, where the one whom have been shooting all this time, Vram, was located.

[Finally….] [It took about thirty to forty arrowhead of mine just to pull them all here.]

As Vram retreating himself to the distance, he quickly discard his bow onto the “storage” and quickly pulled a shield so big it literally covered all of him, with its size around 2 meters. As the Vasps keeps getting closers, Vram quickly jumped toward the small hole in front of him and covered the hole with his giant shield.


All of the Vasps started to gather around there and headbutting, poking, and even shooting its poisonous needle toward Vram’s shield. But as it turns out, Vram’s shield were quite sturdy as one would’ve imagined with a shield that big. Though none of the Vasps attempt to pierce Vram’s shield succeed, all of the Vasps still gathered around there.


As a scream can be heard from afar, but not too far from where the Vasps gathering around, Josephine, Hilda, Chris, and Rosa quickly rushed out from each of their hiding places, and quickly enchant the magic.




A surge of fireball, firewall, fire pillar, and meteor clashed together toward one area where the Vasps were gathering, completely covering the whole area as the Vasps gathering inside were being incinerated. A total annihilation, one could even says. And as if that wasn’t enough, Hilda’s Flame Golem, Hougo, completely decimated the Vasps that were somehow survived from the annihilation, totally left the Vasps with nothing but Mana Stone needed for their quota.


[YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY!!] [It’s a huge success!!!] Josephine jumped here and there celebrating their victory

[No it’s not!!!] [You’re forgetting about your own familiar!!!!] As Hilda correcting Josephine’s lack of awareness.

[But I think he’s going to be fine, right Vram~❤?]

Silence ensues; no answer comes from the hole where Vram was supposed to be hiding.

[Vram…?] [You’re not dead yet, right?] [Vram?!?!?!]

As Josephine’s somehow becomes worried about Vram’s condition, he keeps getting closer toward the Vasps’ pile of corpses. Then suddenly, something moved below the corpses.



[Vram!!!] [Thank god you’re okay~….!] [If you’re still alive, couldn’t you just respond back to me!?!?]

[Ah?] [You were calling, Master?] [Sorry about that, the ash coming from the Vasps’ body were just too much I’m having a hard time moving and hearing things.]

[Wow….] [It’s just as what that Naked Idiot saying was.] [You really do have a high resilience against magic.]

[… I think I am.] [That spell just now totally ruined my shield.] [How else I could survive if not thanks to those abilities I suppose.]

[Wait….] [Mister Vram, your shield was destroyed?] As Chris trying to reconfirm the situation once more.]

[More like it was completely melted.] [Thanks to that, the effect of Hougo’s attack completely affects me.] [Thus, I wasn’t completely unharmed.]

[Still~!] [That was totally daring of you both to plan something like this~❤] [If Yohana heard about this, she’ll be mincing us day and night without rest.]

[Well, I did agreeing on their plan, so it’s not like she’s in any position to get angry, wouldn’t she.]


Josephine and Vram’s strategy comes both from Vram’s storage ability and his resilience against magic. At first, Vram was supposed to pull all of the Vasps around them by killing at least one of them. But since it turns out that the Vasps couldn’t quickly detect Vram’s location, he had to shoot a few more Vasps to finally be noticed.

Then, as the Vasps started to chase after Vram, he tried to quickly find a spot where he could completely hide against Vasps charges. Then, once the Vasps have completely gathered and focused on attacking Vram whom have been hiding, the whole group launch a surprise obliteration magic that completely incinerated the whole bugs.

[Sure is quite a haul here, and we haven’t even looted the cocoon there yet~❤!]

[Right.] [And since we have quite a convenient “bag” here, we could take as many as we want without having to worry about many monsters outside noticing us carrying these.]

[Though I must say it is quite convenient, I kinda feel bad hearing how you mentioned them.]


As the girls and 2 familiar were having fun each others, they started to collect the Mana stones that have been scattered.

[… Hey, Naked Idiot.]

[Eh?] [What’s wrong, Senior Hilda?]

[... Do you know why, despite the danger, I still agreeing to your plan?]

[Uh… not really?]

[Lady Hilda…. Are you…?]

[Can I tell her, Chris? Rosa?]

Chris and Rosa went silent for a while after then they smile for a bit while nodding toward Hilda.

[Actually…] [Chris and Rosa’s familiars were in quite a bad shape right now….]


[Though we somehow were able to make it back to the facility, both of their familiar were unable to be regenerated right away.]


[… I see, because we lack the Mana needed to recover them all.]

[You’re right.] [And at that time, we were failed to fulfill the quota needed to revive them.]

[That’s why, the Elders somehow told us to bring you together, to compensate for the lack of manpower needed.]

Josephine went silent after hearing their explanation.

[Truth is, the Elder told us not to tell you about our condition.] [But I kinda feel bad about using you for our own sake.] [I’m sorry, Josephine.]

Hilda, Chris, and Rosa lowered their head toward Josephine, whom stared at them weirdly.

[But….] [If that’s the case, I was supposed to take this more seriously than usual!!!]


[I only thought that the reasons for me being here was only to fill the quota needed, not for helping your familiar!] [If that was the case, I would’ve thought harder of how to obtain more!!!!]

[You’re… not angry?]

[I’m angrier of the fact that your familiar was in more dire state than what I’ve thought!!] [You think I’m fond of the fact that another familiar was dying again right in front of me!?!?!?]


[I don’t care if I’m being or what…] [Just… please… don’t let any more familiar dying without me being unable to do anything at all.]

Hilda, Chris, and Rosa can only went silent hearing Josephine’s word. As Hilda finally relieved and smiled.

[I’m thankful for that, Josephine.]

As she saying that, Hilda went toward where the cocoon was. But as soon as she started stepping forward, Hougo somehow running frantically towards Hilda, looking so panicked.





As she turned her back, a Vasp was already flying right in front of her. No, it looked so much like a normal Vasp, but it was bigger than the usual Vasp. If the normal Vasp had around 1 meter size, this thing was about 3 meters tall compared to the normal ones. Its poisonous fang on its stomach looked more deadly than usual, seeing that the liquid flowing through the fang melted the ground it touches. And though it was flying, there’s no sound appearing at all. Or rather, there’s something covering the sound of its wing, completely left us fooled. And it was quite sharper than the normal Vasps when it comes down to detecting Mana Flow.


As the monster released its silencer wings, the sound it produced ringing so hard in everyone’s ear, left them stunned for a while, especially Hilda, whom have been standing nearest by herself.


Vram, whom were trying to move, cannot seem to gets closer to them at all. Josephine, Chris, and Rosa were already having their ears hurting from the noise created by the monsters.

The only thing that were managed to move toward Hilda was her familiar, Hougo. Though it started slow, he finally managed to get near Hilda, and pushed her sideways toward Vram.


At the same time, the monster uses its fang, quickly pierced the now standing Hougo in front of it.



A total defeat.

Though it was only one strike, the blow caused all of the body pieces Hougo had falling apart. The poisonous substance its fang had completely melted their pieces. All that was left was a body with its crystal shining brightly in the middle of the day.



As Vram finally succeed in grabbing the screaming Hilda, he held her on her left arm while pulling a spear from his “storage” with his right arm, and quickly throw it as fast as possible toward the monsters’ head.




The monster screamed so hard it almost hurting the ears. But Hilda completely disregarding it as she moved quickly toward the pieces Hougo once had.

[No…!] [Please… please don’t die on me, please….!!! [Hougo….!!!!!]

As Hilda keep hugging and wishing for Hougo’s life, Vram already pulled his shield, longer than his usual small shield, and a trident, equipped on both hands. He furiously charges toward what was seemed to be a Vasp, only larger.



The two monsters clashed against each other. Though the monster used its poisonous fang to attack Vram, he didn’t take the attack head on as he only uses it to brush the fang to the sides as he was trying to either slashed the Vasp, or to stab it as fast as possible, though its hard carcass made it hard to defeat.

[Hougo…?] [Please… respond me…!] [Hougo…!!!]

[It’s okay, Senior!!!] [He’s still alive!!!]

Josephine, Chris, and Rosa, whom finally have been freed from the pain, quickly rushed toward Hougo and Hilda, whom have been crying besides him.


[I’ve once had a Golem Familiar like him.] [They usually died when their Mana storage were being emptied or crushed.] [Look at this crystal; it’s still shining so brightly, though his body was in tater.] [As long as we could take him back to the facility, we could recover him.]

[U… *hic…. Uugh…!!]

[But still, what is that monster….?]

[I…] Rosa was hestitated, but finally decided to talk. [I think it was… a Vasp Queen.]


[Yes.] [I’ve heard it from a senior that a Vasp Queen only appears when the cocoon she gave birth herself was in an actual danger.] [Though at times she may be out hunting some Mana, if there are signs, she’ll come back to protect the cocoon from being harmed.]


[The same way as how Vasp gather together against an enemy.]

[I see.] [You’re saying that, the Vasp whom were killed but not burned called the Queen the same they called their own companion.]

[There are about thirty or more corpses of the Vasps lying there, I guess it was easy for her to receive the signs.]

[Do you know a way to defeat it, Senior Rosa?!?!]

[I… I’m sorry….] [Up to this day, no one who tried to challenge the Vasp Queens returns alive.] [Even my senior also….]

[No… no way.]





An overwhelming existence lies in front of the black paladin. As Vram keeps standing no matter how much damage he received from being slammed by the Vasp Queen. All of the shield he has letting out, even the ones he currently wield, were already melted. No matter how much shield he has in store, if all of them were to be melted, all is for naught. There’s also the weapon he used, sword, two-handed sword, spear, and each of his sharpest weapon. None of them could even scratch the queen’s body, nor do it even able to chop the queen’s wing. Combined with its inhuman speed, no mere monsters would be able to fight against it one-on-one.


Regardless of the situation, Vram just keep charging toward the Vasp Queen as the monster itself evading Vram’s attack by just flying higher, spewing some poisonous droplet on him, and slamming him onto the ground.


Though while the monster blasted him, Vram was already readied his weapon’s pointy blade onto the monsters, though it does naught on it. The carcass was as hard as sea shell it broke the weapon one by one. Nevertheless, Vram keeps standing up over and over again.


A black, thick aura covering Vram’s as he lets out a menacing war cry covering the whole cave. The visor on his helmet started to turns red and a red line appears on its body, connecting to each of his armor.


He jumped, Vram jumped as high and as fast as he possibly could, and without delay, attacking the Queen Vasp with his bare hands. The Queen Vasp also replied by charging toward Vram.


The two clashed mid-air, as both of them repelled each other with their attacks, the Queen Vasp looked staggered as Vram was free-falling toward the ground.




Josephine was screaming on the other side of the cave. Reacting to the voice, the Queen Vasp suddenly turn its prey onto the Witch, Josephine.




Panicked, Vram quickly pulled a spike flail with its long chains, and quickly flail it toward the Queen Vasp’s wing and bind it.


The monster was struggling to escape, but Vram doesn’t even letting it do so.


Josephine were surprised to see her own familiar shouted back at her so intensely, yet she stand firm on her own two feet.

[I! JUST! HAVE! TO! TELL! YOU! THIS!!!] [Hougo is fine! He’s alive!!!]

[… Eh…?]

[I’m going to help Hilda and Hougo for now!!] [That’s why!! You also have to return safely, okay!?!?!?] [I’ll be hiding right now with the others!!! SO! PLEASE!! RETURN BACK TO ME!!!!] [THAT’S! AN! ORDER!!] [Okay…!?]


Though he’s still struggling to held the monsters back, he’s still mesmerized by his own master’s word.

[Vram!!!] [YOUR ANSWER!!?!?!?]

[YES, MA’AM!!!!]

As he answering Josephine’s call, Vram put out a lot more power toward his hand and pulled the Vasp Queen away from Josephine.



As he keeps pulling the monster, the Queen finally lost its balance as it was thrown away by Vram far from Josephine.


{A sword doesn’t work, a spear doesn’t work, an axe doesn’t work…} {Then, the only choice available for me is…}

As the monster’s still staggering, trying so hard to stand since its wing was hindered by the chain.


As he mentioned the name, he pulled the hilt of something big from inside the space of the storage. Though he usually pulled it faster, this time he pulled it slower than usual, indicating it was stronger and heavier than any other weapon he had.


As he keeps pulling the hilts, he’s running toward the monster as the weapon finally shows itself. It was a hammer, but no ordinary hammer it is. It has about 3 meters in length size overall, the shape of the tip wasn’t even sharp, as it shaped just like the base of a beast’s canine. With such size, it wasn’t even an overestimation to call it a DragonTooth, as it size and shape completely looked like that of a Dragon’s Canine.

His steps become heavier, his breathing becomes rougher. But even so, he keeps charging furiously and relentlessly against the fallen Bug.



The impact caused by the hammer created a ***** on the monster’s head. As the monster squirming, trying to bear the pain, it screamed so hard it could literally broke everyone’s ear.


At the same time, Vram, whom have been wielding the hammer, having a hard time breathing and at the same time, dropped the hammer on the ground.

[Are you for real?] [My strongest and sturdiest weapon, only leave a ***** on its head, which was the least strong part of its body?] [Even when I’ve been transformed into a monster, the monsters around this place were in a class of their own, eh….]

While Vram was still tired after swinging such heavy weapons, the Vasp Queens finally regained its balance and started flying, higher than ever before.

[Oh?] [Is she going to run?]

Just when Vram was about to feel relieved after seeing it flying higher, something nasty happened to its stomach that had its fang on the tip. It looked like it was pumping something.

[… Don’t tell me….]


Just in time, Vram was able to jump to the sideline. What he’s evading was something he surprised also. A fang. The monster’s fang that had been attached on its stomach was somehow flown toward where Vram was standing. Though the trace of its fangs were nowhere to be found, a hole so deep no one can see the end of it were somehow filling in there.

[It… completely melted the whole floor with its fang.] [Shield would be in this case.]

After he observed the floor, he decided to check what the Vasp Queens had been planning again. But it looks like she was doing the same thing again, since it looked like another fang was appeared at its stomach.

[She can’t shot it repeatedly, eh?] [Then the only option I have… is this.]

As Vram organizing his final attack plan, he pulled out a lance, though the base hilt was quite bigger while the pole wasn’t that long. He started running, trying to find a higher level to reach, though somehow the higher platform he could reach were somewhere much farther than where the Vasp Queen is.


But as it is, the Vasp Queen weren’t also going to stop there, as when Vram was trying to reach the higher level platform, it shoots out its poisonous fang when she finished recharging them.

As Vram finally able to reach the highest platform, as well as the Vasp Queen were trying to recharge its poisonous fang again, Vram pulled out what was looked like a bow, only bigger than your usual bow. With its length around 2 meters, and the string was completely change to a rope, a thick and elastic ones.

Using the lance he had brought before, he put it in between the space of where the hilt of the GreatBow is. And put the back-hilt of the lance on the ropes, thus pulling it backward, just like how one uses a bow, only bigger.

{The range… damn it, it’s too far.} {I need more strength to compensate for the lack of range and height, or I’ll be dead before I could even pierce that thick skull of it.}

Then Vram was trying to remember, the power he had when he throws the spear back when Hougo was being obliterated, when the Vasp Queen relentlessly charging back and forth at him, and when it noticed Josephine’s presence.

{Is that how it feels to become a monster…?} {To feel nothing except rage and hate toward the ones right in front of you…?} {That’s… the worst things one would’ve experienced.}

Though the ropes looked like it’s already reaching it limits, Vram keep pulling it in order to gain more force on its strength.

{But even so…!} {I’ve already dead…!} {And yet, I was given another chance…!} {To protect something that I’ve failed to do so before!} {In order to do that…} {I…!}

Another black aura covered Vram’s whole body once again, as the red lines also showing up covering his whole body, and the visor on his helmet, was once again turned red. With somehow inhuman strength, he keeps pulling the rope on the Bow until it really reached its limit, and the Vasp Queens had ready to shoot another poisonous fang.

{… will gladly become a monster!!!!}



The two projectile had been launched each others, as both of them can only stand in silent after unleashing their attack on one another.


A sound of impact can be heard on both sides, as the places Vram was standing was destroyed, it can be seen that Vram was already free-falling toward the lower ground because not only he lost the platform he was standing on, he already tired from unleashing such force from the bow. The same can be said for the Vasp Queen, whom somehow, Vram’s lance were able to pierce the cracked head, all the way into the insides of its head, as it was free-falling toward the ground together with Vram.


A silent ensues as both of them hit the ground altogether. As the ground around the Queen Vasp was flowing with green blood they melted the whole floor, Vram just keeps lying over there, unmoving.

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[Web Novel] Gloria Infidelis Vide
Chapter 11.5

An image.

Image of a crying woman.

Image of many crying woman in front of him.

Sadness, hatred, rage, despise.

Each and every emotions linger in the air.

Among the many women crying there, one walked toward the one in front of him. And she screams.




As Vram was jerked around in his dream, all he could see is a bright ceiling that filled with a cocoon, a mana cocoon from the Vasps.

[A… are you okay…?]

As Vram still confused with what had happened to him, Hilda was by her side, hugging Hougo’s remain while timidly approaching the conscious Vram.

[Somehow…. I barely managed to survive.]

[Hmm…] [Yet, here I am, worrying myself to the death….]

[Ah, sorry about that.]

[Nhah, It’s okay.] [I should’ve known better that a Familiar with its body still intact means that they still alive.] [Josephine already realized that, thus left you here with some mana to recover your stamina.]

[Unggh….] [I’m thankful for that.] [So, where’s she?]

[She’s there, collecting the Mana Cocoon together with Maria and Chris.]

[I see….]

Vram was struggling to stand once again, while Hilda was trying to stop him.

[Rest again for a while.] [You look so exhausted.]

[That’s exactly why, Lady Hilda.] [If we don’t start moving as soon as possible, their reinforcements will come.]



As Vram took a deep breath, then unleash it with such a voice that could be heard throughout the whole cave. Hearing that, there are sounds of footsteps quickly reaching closer toward them.

[VRAAAM?!?!] [Thank god you’re fine!!!]

[I’m grateful for your worries, but we need to move out from here as fast as possible.]


[The reinforcements are coming.]


[That giant Vasps.]

[Wait!] [What do you mean by that?!?!] As Chris suddenly went in outburst hearing Vram’s statement.

[I’ll explain it midway, but for now, we need to get moving as fast as possible.]

[I agree with Vram.] [I feels something weird will happens if we’re just staying here doing nothing.]

As Hilda agreed together with Vram, they finally started to move out from the Cave.


[That’s… impossible….]

As the girls keeps walking further and further from the cave, though they already quite far from the forest, an expression of disbelief and despair runs through their face.

What they have seen before was something not even the locals in the island would’ve seen, or survived to even see one. Hordes of Vasp Queens, flocking and gathering around like a normal Vasps, went toward the cave they previously raided. About 20 to 40 Vasp Queens gathering there for the obvious reasons.

[I… if not for the cloak Vram gave us and his “storage” that allow us to hid the cocoon, we would never survive that….]

[How did you realize that, Vram?]

[When I was in the middle of face-off against it, it somehow releasing some kind of waves similar to what the Vasp’s corpse had been releasing this whole time, only the frequencies were larger than the normal Vasp, letting me able to sense it easily.] [Considering it was those Vasp that called that monster, it’s safe to assume that there are more of those kinds.]

[I guess it means that there are still so many things we don’t know yet regarding this island, considering we’ve been living in this island for more than decade.]

[And venturing it would be dangerous, as this place had so many places that completely robs us of our mana and drain our energy completely, leaving us with nothing….]

[So this island also had another “Forbidden Spot”?]

A “Forbidden Spot” was an area notified as unreachable mainly because of the nature of its area. Some places were too deadly, some places were too poisonous and others are just plainly dangerous without reasons, or “beyond” reasons.

[Still, we’re managed to obtain a huge amount of Mana, completely way beyond what the quota had expected from us~!] [With this, we could easily fixed the seniors’ familiar in no time~!] [AND I COULD EAT AS MUCH HAMBURGER AS I WANTED~!] As Josephine skipping and jumping here and there with her droll spreading here and there.

[Urgh…] [You really need to learn some manners, Naked Idiot…!]

As Hilda letting out a long deep breath, she smiles a little behind her backs.

[Thank you, Josephine.] [I’m really grateful.]

Thus, leaving Josephine so oblivious with Hilda’s gratitude, the party went back home in smile and laugh.

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[Web Novel] Gloria Infidelis Vide
Chapter 12


Josephine was sulking inside her own room, or to be exact, was throwing a tantrum, while Vram can only looked at the sidelines, seeing how childish she could be.


Though it was his own master, Vram could only expressed his disbelief of how selfish his master could get.

[Aren’t there more pressing situations at hands, Master?] 

[What is?!] [What kind of situation that would let us being home-arrested like this?!?!]

[Were you even listening to what they have to said…?]




As the group just went back from their expedition, Josephine and Vram split themselves from Hilda and her team. Hilda was going to the circle in order to submit their quota as well towards the facility where they need to restore their familiar into full health. As it turns out, on the way back to their own home in order to clean up their own mess, a girl, or many girls, was pointing out towards Vram, and accusing him for something.


Seeing this, Josephine panicked and trying to calmed and ascertain the situation.

[Wawawawawah! Wait a moment!] [What’s happening?] 

[Don’t act stupid!] [We’ve been watching you!] [There’s only 1 person in here that looked like a human yet having such tremendous speed to be able to get past our barrier and stole every food we’ve been grown this whole times!]

The girls, whom have been accusing Vram of many things, comes from the “Relief Unit”, mainly in charges of trading and/or consumable stock such as food, clothing, medicine, and many others. As such, the girls themselves were protesting of someone keeps stealing their food stocks.

[Wait! We haven’t done anything!] [In fact, we’ve just returning from our expedition outside the village!]

[HA?!] [We’ve never heard of such things, even from the circle!!]


Vram and Josephine, oblivious to this, were quite in a shock hearing what they’ve saying. Thus, the girls and Josephine were having quite a debate, or to be exact, a war of words, insults, and many more. The ruckus caused one of the members of the circles to step inside, and having a words with Josephine and Vram.

[And you wouldn’t accept the fact that you’re the one who stole their commodity?]

[I’ve already said it before!] [We’re innocent!] [Vram didn’t do anything, even stealing!!] [How did it come to this I don’t even know!!]

[Then where are you when all of this is happening?]

[We’re on an expedition!] [With senior Hilda, Chris, and Rosa!!] [Yohana’s also heard about it herself!!]

[We haven’t heard of such reports regarding you went on an expedition.] [Could you please don’t make such an obvious lie?] [In fact, where’s the proof that you all went on such expedition.]

[I already gave you the proof, right!?!] [The Cocoon from the Vasp’s Cave!!!]

[It’s already deprived of its life, so it could be that you’ve bought them from another person, thus using it for your alibi.]


Though Josephine had said it over and over again, the others still wouldn’t even believe what Josephine had to say. Josephine is no liar, and almost everyone knew that. But somehow the circles keep trying to shift the blames back at her.

[If I may have a word….] As finally Vram decided to interfere with their talks.


[I was the one you’ve suspected as a thief, right?] [Then, should we do this?] [I shall remain in one spot, where you guys could easily observed me, and then we’ll see whether the stealing still happened.] [That way, it’ll be easier to prove whether we’re lying or not.]

[Humh!] [Are you trying to reduce your punishment by doing something confusing like this?]

[I just dislike the way you address my masters, even if you’re a woman.] As Vram unleashing his deadly aura, full of killing intent towards one of the circle.

[Gh…!!] As the woman intimidated by Vram’s killing intent, she took a step backward, but quickly regained her own feet as if trying to disregard it.

[Alright then!] [With the rights of the circle gave me, both of you shall undergo a house arrest until the matter is resolved!]


[So?] [Which of the point are you trying to say, Vram?]

[As far as I’ve concerned, there are three things that’s quite bothering me for a while.] [First, about how the circles and the elder operate.] [I don’t accuse them for being a liar or something, but it seems that a miscommunication was happening inside their own circles.]

[Umm…] [Why is that, I wonder…?]

Josephine can only express a dumb face on her face, unable to grasp the situation that Vram had expressed this whole time.

[… *sigh*… I guess I’ll ask either Yohana or Hilda about that, who’ll be coming here eventually.] [Then, onto the 2nd case.] [Though I’ve already had a hunch from the very beginning, it seems that there are many of those people whom dislike your existence here, Master.] [Maria’s case was quite bad, but the others seem to share the common cause.]

Reminiscing of what had happened to Vram times ago, Josephine put quite a sour expression on her faces. Unable to hide it, she just went ahead and hugged Vram.

[That… cannot be helped, right?] [I never wanted to go against them, but….]

[I do understand.] [I just wondering how do these kind of things happens.] As Vram stroked Josephine’s hair softly, trying to calm her down.

[Then, about this last case.] [If the ones who stole the commodities looked like a human, then….]

[It was most likely that a human, or a monster that looked like a humans, have invaded our territory.] As someone suddenly intruding toward Josephine’s home, a white, thick hair flowing out here and there. Someone they knew so well, yet surprisingly appeared in front of them, letting them of their guard.


{Elder Endrossa?} 

[Were you expecting someone else?] [Like Yohana, perhaps?]

[Umm… yes?]

[Unfortunately, she’s in the middle of another assignment.] [An assignment that linked quite much with your current situation.]

[Is it about the thief?]

[Though looked much like humans at the first sight, his speeds are of no jokes.] [Even Yohana’s familiar, whom were known for her speed, are having quite a hard time chasing off the thief.] [And knowing full well that you both will get involved, she decided to tried her best to capture it as soon as possible.] [… Though it is already quite too late.]

As Endrossa explain things, she slowly bowed down her heads a little bit lower toward both Vram and Josephine.

[E… Elder?!?!?]

[I can only offer you with nothing but apologies.] [Because of the way I’ve done things, you both have experienced such things.]

Though the way she talks still in a monotone, cold voice as if not caring of anything in the world, her action somehow letting them understood Endrossa’s intention.

[Then, Elder Endrossa….] [May I ask you of one things?]

[Go ahead, Josephine’s Familiar.]

[From what I’ve heard myself from Yohana and Hilda, we were being appointed by Elder for going on an expedition to help Hilda achieving her quota.] [But somehow, the circles didn’t know, or from what I’ve inferred, refuses to accept the fact that Josephine went on an expedition.] [This left me confused as in how do the circles, and Elder, do things in this village.]

As Vram expressed his question, Endrossa took a deep breath while closing her eyes, then releases them as if she’s trying to calm herself down.

[The main rules of this village, was that the circle is the one who’ll took care about almost everything that happens in this village.] [The commodities, security, segregation, expedition, education, development.] [All these had to be planned, compromised, and executed mostly by the Circles.] [And my position, as an Elder, was meant to decide the program itselfs.]

After talking for a while, Endrossa took another deep breath, then continued to talk.

[But then, after “that” incidents, the circles started to question my authority regarding the development of this village for the case in the future.]


[Are you talking about the “Familiar Killing”?]

Endrossa just silently nods while Josephine could only be taken aback by the surprise of what their action had led into.

[As it is, the Circles suggesting a change regarding the authorities and the decision-making of this village.] [With the way it is, the circles decided to hold onto their own authorities regarding the things they do.] 

[Umm… so?] As Josephine having a hard time to keep up with what Endrossa had saying the whole time.

[… Does it mean that you’ve lost your authority regarding everything?]

[No.] [I still have some leisure of choosing persons for my own programs.] [But the consensus of the program could only be reported once every week.]

[Ah… that means….]

[Yes.] [Because it took you less than a week to fulfill the quota, hence, this happens.] [Though I did apologies for the trouble, do you have anything to say, Josephine?]

[I beg of you apologies for everything I’ve done, Elder.] As Josephine understood that she was at fault for everything that went awry, she started to prostate in front of the Elder.

[*sigh*….] [Though I must be thankful for your resourceful familiar, for being able to keep up at what was happening.]

[I’m grateful for your compliment.] [By the way, Elder Endrossa….]


[I was wondering… could you fill in the detail which area that was attacked by the thief?]

Endrossa went silent for a bit, and then started to look straight into Vram.

[Even if I told you, what then?] [It’s not like you could went outside for now.]

[For now, that is.]

Endrossa stays silent until finally she gets up and already went outside.

[Then again, I don’t know much about the detail itself.] [Ask Yohana if you’re interested.]

As it is, Endrossa finally went out from Josephine’s house. The situation becomes quite awkward as both of them seeing each others.

[By the way, how are you going to eat, Master?]

[Oh, the guard outside says that she’ll bring me some food when I asked them, so everything’s fine.] [We just have to wait for a bit here.]

[... Aren’t you somehow become calmer than usual?]

[I guess… because I was told off that this is also because of me.] [I guess being to hasty isn’t good no matter what, eh?]

[*chuckle* You were right, Master.]


The next morning, a sudden invasion from Hilda and Yohana, barging in and walking up toward Josephine’s room, surprised both Vram and Josephine, whom are sleeping next to each other.

[Get up, naked idiot.]


[No but. You need to get dressed and come out of here, real quick.]

As it seems, the two girls were somehow shows quite a displeased face, or rather, they’re outrightfully angry. This scares Josephine out of her sleeps that she just quickly dressed whatever she could use to dressed up, thus using the very first clothes that Vram gave when they first met.

[[Come with us!]]

Josephine just nodded while being frightened as to what was going to become of her, though Vram was just calmly walking following Josephine from behind.

What awaits them outsides was Endrossa, the members of the Circles, and the other girls form the “Relief Units”, looking kinda disheartened, or even afraid.

[Eh?] [What’s wrong, everyone?] [Right in the morning when I was enjoying myself with Vram….]

[You should’ve learned to read the mood, Josephine.]

[So it happens again?] As Vram just asking straight to the point.

[You’re reading into it too much, Vram.] [And yes, it happened again, quite easily to tell the truth.] [We practically lost almost 10% of our commodities right now.]

[For real?] [Was that thief really good or what?]

[Nope, these stupid buffoons just went ahead and lowering their guard, thinking that just by house-arresting you, everything was solved.]

[I see….]

As Hilda, Endrossa, Yohana, and Vram discussing about the event that occurred recently, Josephine just blankly stares at them, unknown to what they’ve been talking about.

[So… What happened?]


And as usual, Josephine was hurt both sides by Yohana and Hilda, thus surprise Elder Endrossa.

[[Try to read in-between, will you!?!]]

[The theft, it’s happening again Master.]

[Eh?] [How is that possible?!]


[They’ve already explained everything.] [Anyways….] [How are you planning to take responsibility for this, ladies?]

Endrossa was now trying to pressure the member of the circles, now that troubles happen because of their reckless decision-making. The member of the circles just staring at each others unknown of what to do.

[Umm…] Josephine started to interrupt. [From what I’ve inferred, the thief was still not found yet, right?]

[Thought that was the most obvious question you’ve ever asked, yes.]

[Then should we start to patrol around this area yet?] [If the thief already went outside the barrier, it would take him a long time to reach this place again without help.] [That’s why, he must be still around here somewhere, or at the very least, still hiding behind the barrier.]

All of the people around there could only express their disbelief and quite shocked hearing Josephine’s idea. To think she could think of such feat on the spot.

[That’s still quite inefficient, Master.] [If we take consideration of the places he attacks, we could easily discern its pattern, its reason, and how he would do that.]

[I see, so that’s the reason why you were asking about that yesterday.]

[Lady Yohana, you’ve been on its trail all this time, so I guess you’re more knowledgeable about its pattern.]

[Uhm… sure!] [I’ll try find some spare map first, it’ll let us easily tracked that thief’s whereabouts.]

[Just don’t get too worked up.] [If he realized that we’ve been searching for him, he’ll try to go outside the barrier.] As Hilda gave her supports towards Vram, Yohana, and Josephine.


Suddenly one of the girls from the “Relief Units” was trying to say something toward the team, completely put in the awkward moods.

[Uh… I… we… we’re very sorry about this….] [Actually, we’re not even sure that Senior Josephine would do something like that, but….]

[It’s fine~❤! It’s fine~❤!] [It’s not like any harm was done to me and Vram, so everything was good~❤!] [But make sure you all protect the food know, m’kay~❤?]

As she said that, Josephine, along with Hilda, Yohana, and Vram, starting to left the scene in order to find out the truth regarding the thief. Yet, the Relief Units, the Circles, and Elder Endrossa, still standing there as if they have some unfinished business

[So…] [Trying to expel another person out of this village again, birdheads?] As somehow Endrossa went all-out with her insults toward the Circles.


[Can’t you even feel it!?] [She’s going to turn our village upside-down, just like what the “others” doing!!]

[If you’re not showing off such malice intention towards her, all of this would never ever happen.] [Is it really that hard to accept “them”? To accept her, at the very least?]

[She’s different than the rest of us!] [She’s a monster!!]

[And yet, the humans whom have been exiled us here also called us the same way.] 

[So what?!] [Isn’t it normal to purge the abnormality before they took down our very own existence?!?]

[Are you saying that you’ll even went so far as to do what those humans do to us?! To become the same as them!?!?] Endrossa suddenly enraged at the very words the other member of the Circles had saying.


[Then how about you yourself, Elder?!?] [Always trying to force your own decision toward us with your own power!] [Isn’t that unfair by itself?!?!]

[You just don’t know when to quit, don’t you?] As Endrossa calmed her intimidation off, the others just put up a deep breath.

[We’ll talk about this later at the consensus.] [For now, re-organizing the current food stock is more important.]

Leaving the circles in doubt and the Relief Units confused, Endrossa leaving the scene.

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[Web Novel] Gloria Infidelis Vide
Quote :
Sorry for the delay~
Pulang kampung bener2 nyita waktu ane ngetik~
Chapter 13


[What’s wrong, Fina?]

[Does being a “Gallant” unit including doing this all the time?]

[It is.] [Why?]

[I think I’m going to become a Valiant.] [This job is too boring.]

[What are you saying?!?] [As fellow witches, it is within our responsibilities of the strong to protect and care for those whose familiar weren’t that good for battle!] [Even your familiar is also that of a protector!] [Be more serious!!]

[But all we do is circling around the same places over and over again~!] [It’s starting to tire me out~!] [Don’t you think so, Vram~?]

[I’m used to it.]


As time goes by, Vram, Josephine, Yohana, and Yohana’s familiar, Sear, a creature that had a very human-like face, with a feathered wing on its arms and some feather on her heads, with an exoskeleton legs and a claw equipped on its feet, was in the middle of patrolling around the villages, mainly the places where the act of robbery is happening.

[But usually once a patrol was done, in no time, they’ll be able to capture the criminals in no time!] [At least, that’s what I’ve known from the literature!]

[You’ve been reading too much Detective Story.] 


Sear was returning from her flight back from observing the forest from the sky.

[She said there’s nothing strange around here either.] [Also, it seems that the culprit have been doing this at a random pace.]

[What do you mean by that, Lady Yohana?]

[We’ve been seeing the places he’s attacking, right?] [Most of the area he attacked was between the border of the barrier and the places where the food stock was stored at.] [There’s no case of breaking in, so either this guy’s quite good at stealing, or they have an accomplice.]

[Why is that?] 

[Because the lock was done in physically.] [For us magic users’, unlocking the physical lock was quite a pain in the ass.] [And if we tried to force open it with magic, the Mana detector would’ve caught her instantly.]

[And a monster wouldn’t be quite smart to do that, I presume.]


[Huh?] [But wasn’t Elder Endrossa said that there was an invasion?]

[I don’t know the reasons why Elder would says that, but that’s highly impossible.] [The barrier around this village will trap the invader inside a labyrinth without an exit.] [And the way out, or to be exact, the door toward the village can only be opened around many spans of years.]

[That means….]

[Yes, only a weakened monster, a mana-user, or an immortal monster could ever went through.]

[And a mana-user wouldn’t have quite a speed to shook off your familiar, eh?]

[Still, I couldn’t believe that there was an invasion from the outer sides.] [Not to mention, recently a hordes of Vasp Queens were in quite a rage right now, so there’s no way a normal human would be able to shook them off.]


Both Vram and Josephine froze up when they heard Vasp Queens name.

[Anyway, we shouldn’t be loitering around here for much longer.] [Let’s search another places.]

[Right…] with disheartened tone, Josephine responded to Yohana’s suggestion.



Munching the Hamburger greedily, Yohana could only sighed seeing such inelegantly and unsightly posture of her junior Josephine.

[You really hate these kinds of work, aren’t you?] [Still, were you able to found some clues regarding this thief, Vram?]

[That’s hard to say.] [If the thief was a human, I have a bunch of ways to capture him.]

[Hmm… This is troubling….]

As the group was resting after patrolling for a bit longer, the group discussing about the next possible places where they may be attacked.

[For now, I’ve already warned the other food storages to reinforce their guard around their storage.] [Thanks to the recent blunder, it’s easier to convince them now.]

[Then I guess we just have to wait them to attacks once again eh…]

[That’s right.]

As if ignoring the one whom should’ve been following the discussion, Josephine just keep munching out the Hamburger she’s been eating this whole time while Vram and Yohana just keeps discussing their next action.

[By the way, Vram.] [What have you been doing all this time?] As Yohana were having a hard time wondering what Vram had been doing this whole time, scratching his weapon against some kind of mineral.

[Hmm?] [Ah, this?] [I was sharpening my weapon.] [Thanks to my recent battle against the Vasp Queens, most of my armaments were in tatters.] [That’s why; at least I need to do some maintenance to most of my unused weaponry.]

[Wait a sec, what did you say?] [YOU FOUGHT AGAINST A VASP QUEENS!?!?!]

The surprised Yohana made Josephine choke on her hamburger, which made Vram quite panicked.

[*cough* *cough*!!] [Wha~t?! Don’s surprise me like that, Senior~!]


[But that monster’s the one whom attacked us first!!] [We’re only trying to defend ourselves here!!]

[Umm… Lady Yohana, I shall explain what was actually happened.]

After a brief moment, Vram started to explain the situation regarding Hilda and company’s familiars, the Vasp’s ability, as well as the situation that enveloped them.

[Are you kidding me…?!] [For such a thing to happens….]

[I don’t know much about the monsters, though….] [Vram’s the one whom fought against it.]

[OF COURSE YOU SHOULD!] [Vasp Queen’s ability to track down magical ability is much superior than its children!] [If you ever face one, your life will be lost in an instant!!] [*sigh*… no wonder you were able to fulfill the quota in less than a week.]

[Tehee~❤!] As Josephine put out her tongue out while blinking her left eye.


[By the way, Master.] [I kinda forgot to ask this, but what are you going to do with the rest of the cocoon you’ve collected?] 

[Ah, I need those for our later experiment regarding how to power you up, so we can’t let it out yet.]

[Hey, your familiar’s strong enough as it is, so why are you even needed to power him up more?]

[Though he may be strong, I admit, there are still so much dangerous monsters out there.] [That’s why I need him to get stronger, in order to not let such things happen to Hilda’s familiar anymore….]

Listening to her serious tone, Yohana felt kinda glad seeing her junior had grown up in some way, though that cannot be said with her attitude that keeps munching down her hamburger while speak such things.


Another day has passed since the last incident regarding Vram’s innocence of thievery, and the thief still shows no signs of appearing.

[This is driving me crazy…!] [This kind of works really bore me out more than being a Valiant~!]

[Bear with it.] [You’re the one who volunteered to capture him yourself.]

[I kno~w~~…] [Still, why hasn’t the thief come out yet~!?]

As Josephine can only whining as well as Yohana, whom started to get tired of lecturing her over and over again, Vram was dead silent, trying to think about something.

{This is strange….} {All it ever does is stealing some raw food.} {Even if it’s a monster, there’s a limit of how much of a glutton it is.} {Also, the food he stole weren’t only one kind of a food.} {No matter how desperate such monster is, it’s weird.} {Also, the interval between when he stole them and when he’s not….} {It doesn’t even have a pattern on its own.} {Either it act on impulsively, or rather, there’s something else behind this case….}

[Still no clues about the thief’s whereabouts?]

And somehow, Endrossa just suddenly appear right besides them, completely surprised everyone there.

[Umm… Elder…] [I’ve been wondering about this, but how can you easily travels between places so fast like that?] [I never realized you were here….]

[Save the details for later.] [So, how was it?]

[I’m sorry.] [It’s just that, somehow we’re unable to link every clue we have here and there.]

[Have you considered every possible thing that happened here?]

[Well… We do… but it’s just….]

[I see someone were still in a bind.] [So, how was it…?] As Elder Endrossa went a little closer toward Vram.

[I’m still unable to figure it out.] [The clues were all too ambiguous.]

[Have you ever considered a raid from the outside?]

[I did.] [And yet, it’s still confusing enough.]

[Wait, what you mean by that, Elder?!?] Yohana suddenly went outburst toward Elder Endrossa, unable to hide her surprise.

[It is exactly what I’ve been saying.] [The trails of his steps were coming from unknown region.] [Thus, it can be simplified that it was not from our places.]

[Yet it is still unclear about its purposes.] [It does seem to be human, but the way it does things was too irrational.] 

[And that’s what turns you into this state, I assume?]

As Elder Endrossa pointing toward what Vram had been doing all this time, he was in the middle of grinding his sword. Though it supposed to be a sword, Vram had been grinding it for too long, causing it to be unnecessarily sparkly.

[Damn.] [I grind it too much, it becomes fragile.] As he just casually hid it inside the “Storage”.

[So what do we do!?] [If even Vram were unable to figure out the thief’s existence, then who could?!?] 

Josephine somehow went panicked all by herself, unable to help. This cause even Elder Endrossa to be annoyed as much as she had to grab her own forehead.

[I guess not even an irregular will be able to solve such irregular case easily.]

[Well it’s not like we’re completely clueless.] [It seems to be quite a wary opponent, considering he hasn’t attacked us since we’ve reinforced the guards.]

[Then all we have to do now is waiting for his moves once again, eh?]

[Quite right.]

Just as they were in the middle of discussing the thief, suddenly another girl had been running frantically toward Elder and the others.

[ELDER!!] [It’s happening again!] 



A little girl was sobbing in the middle of the settlement, around the market area. A bruise can be seen around her arms while she’s wiping her tears. The other witches are trying to calm her down as Vram and the others were trying to observe around the area.

[This is doesn’t make any sense.] As Yohana just makes a clueless remark right there.

[What’s happening?] As the Elder tried to approach the victim.

[*hic…] [Th… there was someone.] [It suddenly jumped right in front of me, and before I knew it, it hit me with that branch over there, and steals everything I’ve had.] [I was so surprised and afraid, that I forgot to call my familiar.]

[What was stolen?]

[A hamburger….]

The moment she mentioned the stolen item, everyone around her went dead silent, unable to accept the reality that happens in front of them.

[Really?] [I haven’t tried it yet, is it really that tasty?] 

[WHAT ARE YOU SAYING YOHANA?!?!] Suddenly Josephine made a surprise remark from her behind, as it surprises Yohana so. [IT WAS A GODLY RECIPE, I TELL YOU!!] [The smoothness yet the crisp of the bun, a fresh-taste feeling coming from the combined salad, as well as the thick slice of bacon take over the half of the food itself.] [Combined with many condiments and cream, it was such a revolution to be able to create one!] [Not to mention, it was quite cheap and easy to make, so everyone can easily have a taste~!]

[Yeah, yeah, whatever you say.] [Still, it doesn’t even make any sense.] [All this time, he was attacking any unsafe region all around the farm, but now he brashly attacked the market area.] [Not to mention, he steal these hamburgers!!]

[Maybe he’s hungry?] As Josephine suddenly commented toward Yohana’s remark.


[Yohana!] [We’re in public, don’t just carelessly spread information!!] As the Elder suddenly enraged seeing Yohana being panicked.


[Also, from the information we’ve been received, though most of them says that they can hardly sees the thieves, it can be said that it was definitely a human-shaped ones, because they said that it resembles us.]

[You mean….] [We were attacked by a human-type monster now?]

[No.] [I think it was definitely a human.] [Now I understand.] 

The moment Vram mention what he had been thinking, everyone went silent.

[I see….] [So my guess weren’t that far off.]

[Wait a sec, that’s impossible!] [There has been no sign of barrier breaking here and there?!] Yohana, expressed her disbelief, starting to shout at Vram.

[It just means that we hadn’t known a way to break the barrier without having to trigger the signals yet.] [Because we’ve been too much focused on that fact, we just overlooked the fact how we human acts.]

[And how do you come to this conclusion?]

[By how we act.] [I may have been trained for these kinds of things, but most humans whom were being stranded in an unexplored continent such as this place would do anything to satiate themselves.] [This case is of no exception.]

[How you act… what do you mean by that?] Josephine start to be intrigued by what Vram had to say.

[He’s being desperate.] [I’m guessing it’s not that easy for him to reach this place, and since it wasn’t easy to survive on the outer world either, it’ll be easier for him to stay here.] [And once he couldn’t hold his hunger, he start doing these.]

[Yet, why hamburger?]

[I’m guessing that’s the easiest yet the most delicious food to be stolen.]

[It IS delicious!!] As Josephine trying to reconfirm one useless fact.

[Alright….] As Yohana somehow forcefully trying to accept the fact while rubbing her heads. [Supposedly all this were the truth, how are we supposed to catch that man?]

[I have an idea.]



A sizzling sound in the middle of the forest, a thin smoke spreading around it as Josephine fanned it all day long. Within the thin wire and above the fire, there lies a barbecue meat, big enough to feed more than a whole family counted.

[Haa……] Josephine starts drooling.

[Wha….] Yohana was left speechless seeing what kind of plan did Vram planned through. [What are you trying to pull here?!]

[Well, we just have to wait a little bit longer.] As Vram tried to focus his vision toward the barbecue. [Guess it’s time.]

Vram was giving signal toward Josephine, that the plan was in motion, and that she needs to pull back.


Suddenly a sound of something howling can be heard within Josephine’s stomach as she started to get away from the fire.


[You’ve already ate so much before, and you still want more?!]


[Don’t make a noise.] [We need to be as silent as possible in order to ensure that he’ll come to take the bait.]

Hearing Vram’s conviction, Yohana can only stay silent as she just trusted his instinct as well ordering her familiar to watch from the sky.

As they keep waiting, the sizzling sound becomes louder as the Barbecue’s began to be done. The reddish, charred meat unleashing such a smell that makes Josephine drooled so much Yohana had to uses her robes to wipe it all off.


A sound of unnatural moving bush was heard near the fire, as Yohana was surprised to see it by herself. A figure, though not as big as Vram, was starting to get near the barbecue place, with black, ragged robe covering his whole body as he’s reaching the barbecue.


Yohana was trying to order the familiar to quickly capture it, but Vram’s hand gesture told her to hold it off for a bit. As Vram still trying to hold it off, the man’s already had the meat in his hand. It can be seen that he’s panicked because it was still so hot. As they keep waiting, waiting and waiting, the meat finally started to cool down and was ready to be eaten.

[Until when are we going to….!]

Just before Yohana was almost being impatient, the man started to open its mouth and already going to munch the meat. In that split second, Yohana was both surprised and perplexed.


Vram started to dash out, or to be exact, flew toward the man.



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[Web Novel] Gloria Infidelis Vide
Chapter 14

Deep inside the forest, there was a settlement where many gorgeous, busty half-naked women live inside. But though it was supposed to be a settlement, there were still too many mysteries linger on that place. Such is the cave where one person, in the middle of being chased by the mentioned women, was lying there.

[Hey, Yohn….]


[I think we were supposed to look for something else entirely….]

[What are you talking about?]


[We are, Rud.]


[That aside, I was sure that the places we raided was a places with many treasures lying inside.] [Well we could also call these foods a “treasure” though.]

[I have to admit, these taste good.] [But all of them were raw!]

[Except for that food you’re currently munching in your hand.]

[Yeah.] [It was supposed to be only a combination of bread, vegetables, and meat.] [Yet such deliciousness was out of this world.] [But still…!!]

[Don’t rush, brother.] [We still have a chance.]


Inside the cave, a person with his wild red head and clothes that’s already ragged that it could even count as a wardrobe anymore, named Rud, was in the middle of talking with some creature, that looked like a mouse, but with weird hairstyle on it, named Yohn.

[*sigh… if only I could have my way with the girls here….]

[Shut it.] [They’re not a human, they’re dangerous.]

[But we’re also not a human, aren’t we?]

The moment the mouse had said that, the red-haired man just went dead silent and started to go toward the entrance of the cave. Once he do, he smelled something good. It is a smell of something being burned. But it doesn’t smell bad; rather, it was quite an enticing smell for those whom either was hungry till dead or just a mere glutton.

[Hey, something smelled good.]

[Goes off to food-hunting again?] [You sure are a greedy bastard.]

[Nay!] [I just wanted to go and check what smell is this.]

[*sigh… I’ll go too.] [Can’t let our guard down just yet.]

[You worry too much.]


Leading in by their lust, or in this case, their glutton sense, the man and the primate reached the places where the smell originated from.


[A girl… Hey, she’s barely wearing anything!] The mouse suddenly commented toward the girl’s cloth.

[Weren’t all of the girls here does that?]

[What are you saying, you blind!?] [Most of the girl we saw there, though they wearing something see-through, it’s still covered!] [Yet this girl, she boldly only wearing those underwear-like clothes!] [It’s beautiful, I admit, but it’s not sexy at all!!!]

[Whatever you say….]

[Also, look at her expression!!] [It was an expression of glutton, not lust!] [Girls like her exist just only to wring out our wallet!!] [It’s the most dangerous type of woman in this world!!]

[It does seem like you’ve had your fair share of trouble regarding them.]

[And I won’t ever get tricked anymore!]

[Wait, why are we even discussing this?] [She’s not even listening.]

When both of them stop discussed the girl, suddenly she started to went somewhere. It piqued their interest.

[Where’s she going?]

[To the toilet, I presume?]

[Dude, that’s rude.]

[Don’t play with your own name.] [And girls like her don’t even need manners.]

[Still, that’s quite a smell the meat gave is.]

[Sure is.] [Even I started to get tempted here.]

[Should we look a little closer?] [Maybe that food had something with what we’ve been searching for.]

[I agree, brother.] [Let’s take a look at it.]

As they keep getting closer toward the fire, they didn’t realize that they’ve been making small voices, but their surrounding itself were also very quiet.

[Dang, that’s some fine meat they’ve cooked.] [The last place we’ve raided was mostly vegetables storage, so we’ve been lacking in some meat.]

[Hold your horses, brother.] [We need to ensure that nobody’s looking at us.]

As they keep talking to each other while Yohn was resting on Rud’s shoulder, they just unconsciously were walking toward where the meat is.

[And here we are, right in front of it.]

[Dang, the closer we look, the more it looked delicious.]

[Should we grab a bite?]

[Are you trying to become a thief, brother?]

[We already are, Yohn.] [It wouldn’t hurt to steal one more.]

[Do agree.]

Just like a bug that keeps flying toward the lights, Rud slowly pulled over toward the fire and reaching out to grab the now was quite well done meat. As he grabbed the meat, it was so hot that he thrown it back and forth between his hand.


[Slow down!] [The meat won’t go anywhere!!]

[I know!]

As he just grabs a hold of the meat, he blows it up bit by bit. And finally, as the meat had cooled down, he was ready to munch it down.

[*slurp… Alright then here I go.]

As Rud was opened his mouth and moved the meat toward his head.


Something started to dash out, or to be exact, flew toward Rud.




As the armored man jumped out from the place, he quickly pulled a slender, metal spear from his “storage”, and flew it right toward the man’s head.


Rud, whom finally realized what was being aimed at him, quickly thrown the meat and evade it by a hair’s width.


The Spear hit and pierced the meat, and both of it flew toward the nearest tree possible.

[[THE MEAAAAAAAAAAT!!]] Both Rud and the woman who cooked the meat before started to scream together.

[[IT’S NOT THE TIME TO THINK ABOUT MEAT!!]] As both Yohn and other girl reminded both of them.

[Let’s get out of here!] [It’s a trap!!!]

[Cih!] [How dare they use such lowly method!]

[Shut up, you lowly thief!]

[You’re the same as me, aren’t you!?!?]

While bickering, Rud and Yohn quickly retreating from the places as the armored man and the humanoid-bird from the sky were going after him.

As they keep on running, Both black armored man and Rud were running at the same pace, that their distance hadn’t change at all. Though the humanoid-bird was actually faster than the armored man, the obstacle around the forest slowed it down.

[What the hell is that monster!?] [It’s as fast as I am??]

[Hey, it looked like a human to me!]

[Really?!] [Then, I guess we could talk to him for a bit!]

Just when Rud was thinking of slowing down, another spear was flying toward where Rud was supposed to run.



As Rud was still running while Yohn was just sitting on Rud’s shoulder, both of them can only went silent after seeing that.


[No! He may be stopped for a bit to collect more strength, and throw it with all his might!] [That means, he stopped chasing you!]


Just as Rud was running while trying to turn his head on his back, the dread of seeing his chaser, a man donned in black armor while holding another silver spear on his hand, chilled Rud’s body that he started to frantically running as hard possible to get away from that man.




Just when Yohn was commenting about his speed, a spear flew right above Rud’s shoulder, in other words, almost hitting Yohn’s head.



Yohn quickly turned and hiding inside Rud’s neck.

[Don’t hide there!] [It’s tickling!!] [BESIDES, I’m the one he’s aimed for!]

[If I keep staying there, who knows when a stray shot will end up skewering me!!!]

[It’s a spear throw, not a shot!!] [Besides, it won’t skewer you, it’ll squash you like a mice you are!!]

As the two still keep running and evading the endless flying spear, Rud can see a light shone from the between of the trees.

[What?!] [Damn it, Rud!] [Turn back!]


[No! If you keep running toward this way, you’ll…!!!]

As Rud keep on running toward the searing light, Rud was finally bathed in a sunlight as they reached what may have becoming Yohn’s fear.

[It’s an open field…!] [That spear he’s been throwing all this time was for that purpose!] [No wonder it was so well-aimed while we could easily evade them.]

[Crap!] [If we stay here for too long, that bird will catch up on us!!!]

[Don’t panic, Rud!] [It’s not that wide of a field, if we could run as fast as possible toward the other woods, we’re safe!]

At that moment, as Rud keeps frantically running toward the other woods, the armored man was also out of the woods. But suddenly he slowed his pace as he’s stopped his own step, and the humanoid-bird was only flying around in the sky.

[What’s this?] [They stopped chasing?] [Are they tired???]

[That’s not possible.] [If that’s the case….]



Just when Rud was finally reached the other woods, he was bumped against something.


[You hit the trees?]

[What?] [But I was sure I was walking through the right way…!]

As Rud was rubbing his own head while trying to walk toward the woods again, he felt something weird as he just keeps getting near the woods.



[Again, brother?]

[No!] [I was bumped into something entirely different!!]

It was a wall. An invisible wall was standing right between Rud and the Woods. Yohn finally went out from Rud’s neck as he checked whether he’s right or not.

[Damn, you’re right.] [It’s a barrier, we’ve been trapped inside!] [That monster wasn’t just all dread and scare!!]

The black armored man, whom may have been thinking that he already succeed in trapping the thief, started to standing there motionlessly as he keeps staring toward Rud.

[Dang it, acting all high and mighty here…!] [Hey Yohn, tell me what should I do!]

Rud was keep asking Yohn for support, however, Yohn sound couldn’t even be heard anymore.

[Yohn…?] [Ah…?]

As he trying to find out where he is, Rud found a small hole right besides his feet as he tried to gaze out of the barrier. Yohn was out there, out of the barrier through the small hole.


Yohn was trying to say something to Rud, however, maybe it’s because of the effect of the barrier, but he can’t hear anything Yohn had said.


After a while, Yohn showing a gesture of trying to dig something, as if trying to send a message toward Rud.

[Oh I see… You want me to DIG the ground to run away?] [Sure, if HE’S NOT THERE TRYING TO STOP ME HERE!] As Rud pointing toward the black armored man.

After saying that, the black armored man start coming closer toward Rud, as Rud were being alert of the armored man’s movement.

[This bastard just casually walking toward me….] [Don’t you think that’s cheating, fighting against an unarmed man with so much armament on your back?!?!]

What Rud had been saying doesn’t make any sense, since he was supposed to be the vigilante, not the victim. It can be said that Rud had already lost his mind ever since he entered the Village. But yet….


Suddenly in front of Rud, a single broadsword was lying right in front of him as the armored man unsheathed his own sword. Rud was still on alert, thinking that it was another trap laying in front of him. But seeing that black armored man just took on an empty pose while wielding the sword, Rud started to get a hold of himself and also took the sword.


Now both Rud and black armored man had wield sword on each arms, as Rud circling around black armored man, trying to find an opening in black armored man’s pose, though it can be said that Rud was not even capable of such feat.


Rud swings his sword vertically downward toward the armored man. Though it took most of his strength only to swing it away, black armored man was just casually circled back and swung his sword vertically upward.


It is as everyone expected, the sword that was once on Rud’s hand was repelled far high from his sight, and stabbed the ground in his back. It was just a moment, but Rud was unable to comprehend what the armored man had done to it, as he wields a sword no more. 

{What in the….} Rud was left speechless of things that are happening right in front of him.

The black armored man came closer toward him, but suddenly Rud, whom started to panicked, stopped him with his arm raised in front of him.


It was nothing but an empty reasoning. Yet the black armored man stood still for a while, throw the sword on his hands toward Rud, then steps toward Rud’s back to took back the sword that was once in Rud’s hand.


A vain confidence. Such ego had totally permeated into Rud’s mind as he mindlessly swings his sword again toward the black armored man vertically downward again, yet…


It happened in an instant. From the last posture the black armored man shows, he only swung his sword horizontally. But somehow, he bleeds. Rud started to bleed, though not that deep. The cut was shown on his cheek, his neck, and his arms. The cause of such wounds was coming from the shards of the swords. The sword, which was supposed to be thicker an longer than what the black armored man currently holding, was destroyed in an instant and its fragments was hurting Rud.

[Wa… what the….]

He finally sees it. No, he did see it, he just unable to realize it. Having his sense dulled from many things that happened when he first arrived here, and with his recent crime, he was unable to realize the truth within this place, this village, this forest, this island. What stands before him, is now becomes what he was once feared before he set foot onto this island.

{He’s really serious…!} {It’s going to slaughter me…!!!}

Sensing that his life was somehow in danger, Rud changed his posture. Though it is not polished yet, one can see that Rud had prepared to have a faceoff with such monsters right in front of him. The black armored man had realized the changes, and somehow, started to raises his arms toward the back.



As he swings it forward into the air, he unleashed an infinite amount of weapons, sword, axe, club, spear, anything that can be used to kill people, were being flung toward the air. Rud was left speechless as he saw one of the weapons had already flown toward him.



[What in the world is that thing…!?]

Yohn was outside of the barrier, so he couldn’t do anything but watch. But even if he could, he would prefer to not get near them. What currently happened inside the barrier was not something people would like to interfere.

[*pant… *pant….!]

Inside was his partner, Rud, in the middle of trying hard to survive the waves of attacks coming from the black armored man. The moment the weapons were flying from his hands, Rud was frantically running while evading each and every weapon that came flying toward him, but as Yohn had suspected, Rud was unable to evade most of the attacks, leaving him in tatters. Before they knew it, the whole field inside the barrier becomes a forest, with weapons growing out from it. 

The black armored man started to charge in while pulling the sword on his right. Seeing that, Rud also quickly pulled an axe on his right hand.


The two weapons clashed each other hard enough that the sound itself penetrated the barrier. Though they clash against each other, it was just Rud trying to defend himself from waves of attacks unleashed by the black armored man. As the black armored man swiftfully played the sword on his hand, he keeps sweeping Rud straight toward the back as Rud was frantically defending by just depending on the length of the axe alone.


Though it was to be expected, eventually the axe started to broke after defending against torrent of attacks from the black armored man. Nevertheless, Rud weren’t as panicked as before and started to run away from him as he trying to find a good equipment for him to use. As he keeps running, he finally found one.


Though Rud still gets pushed back by a bit, he finally able to stop the black armored man’s charge with a big shield he held in his hands.


But before he was able to grab a weapon on his right hand....



He’s already thrown far away. Rud was having a hard time seeing his front because the shield is too big that it blocks his view, so he didn’t realize that the black armored man had already changed his weapon to that of a hammer. A big, round hammer wielded with two hands on his possession blows Rud away together with his shield.

[Damn you…!!!]

Not stopping, he’s standing as fast as possible and quickly took a spear and a small shield on both hands and started to charge towards the black armored man as he also throws away his hammer and changed it into one pole spear and swiftly dashed toward him.

The clash of weapons, which wasn’t what Rud possess, keeps happening though it was clearly a one sided battle as the black armored man slowly chipped away Rud’s stamina. Yohn started to worry as he already knew how the battle will go on.

[If this goes on, Rud will die…!!] [Is there something I could do…!]

After saying that, Yohn started to frantically run encircling the whole barrier as he tried to find some clue. 


While inside the barrier, Rud already lost yet another weapons, but still pull some more weapons, mainly shield and spear, as he quickly stepped back again and again. Though it looked like Rud was clearly planning something, the black armored man keeps gaining and charging onto him.



Using sword on both of his hands, the black armored man slashed through Rud’s defensive stance and sliced through his chest, as blood started to pour out from his body. The pain was so massive that Rud ended up dropping back the weapon he had frantically took. But nonetheless, he’s still standing, while keeping his eyes open and glaring toward the black armored man.



While struggling just to run away, he took another giant shield and started to back away as he tried to take another weapon. But the black armored man just quickly changed his weapon back to hammer and start to slam it up toward where Rud was standing, trying to flatten him.

[Damnit… Being strong had it limits, bastard!!!]

Even in his critical condition, it seems that Rud still had enough energy to comment back as he finally being cornered on the barrier.

[*pant…. *pant….]

Rud and the black armored man stand still for a while. They observe each others, as they planned on their next move while already seeing that the next move shall be the deciding match, for Rud at least. Took one more hit, and he’s already gone, while the black armored man still had enough stamina to last much longer than him.

{Still… I have a chance…!}

Though fear still lingers within his mind, mental, and body, despair never took him away. Or to be exact, he already experienced the same condition that he may have a moment of reminiscing.

{This much is nothing compared to what I’ve been through before I’ve reached this place…!} {I will…!!!}

Readying the short spear that he already took hold before and hid inside his cloths, he took it out quickly that the black armored man seems shocked seeing that. Using that chance, Rud raises his arm and aiming toward the black armored man.

[EAT THIS!!!!!!!]


He threw it straight toward Vram. But it was as expected of the black armored man to evade the spear as well charging straight toward Rud, that now had already hiding inside his huge shield. 


As the black armored man swings his hammer toward the shield, he suddenly felt something amiss and stopped his charges as well stopped his swing.


There was no one behind the giant shield as it was left fallen on the ground just like that. The black armored man left in awe seeing such feat in such condition.


Charging from the side, Rud had already wield a lance on his hands, charging straight toward the black armored man. Since he was already stopping before, it will be hard for him to swing his hammer back at Rud whom have already had him in his range.


Yet, the black armored man let go of his hammer, dropped it there, and also went straight toward where Rud is unarmed. Though Rud was still in the middle of his war cry, his expression already changed from that of a brave soldier into that of a losing dog. The black armored man parry Rud’s lance by sliding his metal gauntlet onto the lance’s side, grazing the armor whilst raises his other arms, clenched it, and swing it straight and fast toward Rud’s face.


Coincided with the sounds of falling hammer, Rud was already thrown far away from where he originally is. But as if one bump is not enough, he keeps bumping the ground twice, thrice, and so on until he finally reached the end of the field.


And slammed onto the trees.

[Y…ou…. Bastard… so yo..u… can als…o use…. Bare… hands…!!]

Uttering his last, farewell words of a loser, Rud’s finally lost consciousness as the black armored man approaching him.

[… Though ignorant, he fought well….]

And started to drag him elsewhere.

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[Web Novel] Gloria Infidelis Vide
Chapter 15

Pitch black. It is what the man whom has just recently lost against such a monster has seen. Nothing to be seen, nothing to be sought.

[*groan… where… is this….]

A spark of light returned a bit into his vision. The black that has been covering his sights started to lit bright as he tried to pry open his eyes bit by bit.


[*Shwawa Shwawa Shwawa Shwawa!]


Some noises can be heard the moment he opened up his eyes. As his sight finally went back to normal, a surprising scene can be seen. A cage. Or to be exact, a round, wooden cage with some words inscribed on it can be seen circling around him at some ranges. And beyond the cage, many girls with skimpy clothes can be seen here and there. These girls are what both of them knew as a Witch.

[What the… this place is…?]

[Probably an execution place, partner.]

The moment Rud heard his own partner’s voice, he struggled, trying to find out the source of the voices. And then Rud finally realized, that he was being bound into something akin to a metal coffin, unable to moves away. His hands were bound straight and his leg were tightly stretched downward. Like someone whom was going to be baptized.

As he finally saw where the voice was coming from, Yohn was already besides him, being trapped inside of something that looked a lot like aquarium. 

[… Are you being made as a aquarium pet?]

[Huck! NO!!] [When I was trying to find the one whom made these kinds of barrier, she…!]

[*Shwawa? Shwawa wawa? Shwawawa~!]

In her back, a girl, with long brown hair flowing through her back with clothes that’s almost similar to a swimsuit, started to poke and tickle Yohn.


[… Must be nice being treated so nicely, eh…?]

[You think… AHAH! I’m enjoy- AHAHAH! THIS?!?! AHAHAHAAHH!?!?]



[Well weren’t that supposed to be your long lost dream? To be played by a beauty such as her?]

[I can’t enjoy it if all she ever speak of was “*Shwawawa”!!!]


Though from their own ears it may have been heard that way, the girls were actually speaking something. The words were somehow akin to that of a magic spell. But since Rud cannot even use magic, all he ever heard of was *Shwawawa.

[Uh… Can somebody understand what I’m saying?] [I’m not trying to do something funny here….] [I just wanted to find something…!]

[Says that after you stole a few of their food stock, you shameless thief!]



Suddenly a surge of flame exploded right besides Rud’s head. It was a girl, though a little bit short compared to the other girls, her gaudy yet sparkly clothes shows that she somehow had a position higher than everyone else in this village.

[*Shwa! Shwawawa! Shwawawawa!?]

[What the hell are you saying?!] [*Shwawa?]



Suddenly a red-haired girl right beside him launched a roundhouse kick toward Rud’s stomach, and since Rud can’t even lift a finger, he took the full-brunt of such damage that the pain was unbearable.

{Wha… What was that??!} {I thought they were supposed to be the same as magician, but this kind of power… not even a knight had this much strength!!}

Rud was in pain. Much more pain compared to anything he had been through that he was unable to raise his voice at all. Moreover, somehow the red haired girl never uttered a single words at all, as it also make the other girls silent.

[*Shwawa.] [*Shwawawawa Shwa.]

Though he still unable to understand anything, the gestures seemed like she ordered everyone else to clear out of the place. Since he doesn’t understand anything, he thought that the girl was just being kind to not threat or do anything to him. However it was a mistake.




Suddenly another girl interrupted while prolonging Rud’s fate a little bit longer. Chaos ensues as one girl were trying to roast Rud alive while one girl were trying to preserve his life.


Though Rud had screamed his lungs out it makes his throat sore, the girls never even looked back at him. Just then, suddenly the black armored man whom have been standing on the sides were stepping forward and stopped the girls. After that, he went closer toward Rud.




Another punch was flying toward Rud’s stomach. As if the red haired girl’s kick weren’t enough, he had to receive a much stronger punch from him, that Rud’s stomach were unable to endure anymore and start letting out what was inside of it straight toward the mouth. He was vomiting.

[That’s not good for your stomach, partner.]

[*cough… *cough…!!] [Wh… what the hell is your problem!?]

[I’m the one who should be asking that.] [What is your problem?]



{What?} {What in the world is he saying!?!}

Seeing both Josephine and Hilda’s bickering is one thing. But what causes him to finally act was that the man started to shout and mentioned something that should’ve never been said.  Vram suddenly stepped up inside and started to stopped Josephine and Hilda. Actually Hilda didn’t want to stop, but she’s feeling it, feeling that something serious had been happened that Hilda had to stop. After that, Vram gets closer toward the red-haired man, and ‘that’ happened.

[*cough… *cough…!!] [Wh… what the hell is your problem!?]

[I’m the one who should be asking that.] [What is your problem?]


[Wait!?] [You understand our languages?!?!]

[I have been able to hear what both of you had been saying ever since the beginning.]

[Then why are you chasing us and doing such violent things?!?]

[Should you ask that after what have you done to this village?]


Yohn was at loss for words. He had nothing on his defense after what he has done.

[Then why are you doing that before?!?]

[Doing what?]

[That fight before!!] [You were clearly harassing and toying with me as you’re trying to kidnap me here, aren’t you!?!]

[Ah, that.] [It was your punishment, I suppose.]

[Harassing people is your idea of punishment?!]

[I suppose it is.]

[Then what’s the deal with these treatment and those woman?!?!] [Were your punishment is not enough?!]

[That’s not it.] [At first, me and my master was thinking of sending you out of this continent after dealing with you.] [But unfortunately, you were unlucky that your talking mouse partner was kidnapped by others.] [Thanks to that, they realized your existence, and decided to place some capital punishment toward you.]


[Because you’re a human.]


Rud head suddenly went blank. The reasoning was too absurd that he couldn’t find the right words to rebuke Vram’s word.

[I knew to some extent that the witches held a deep grudge toward the humans, whom exiled them here.] [But I’ve never given it much thought of how deep it was.] [To think that some of them would prefer you be roasted alive.]

[Wait a second!] [That’s not something to joke about!!]

[But weren’t you yourself a human?]

[I don’t think I am.] [What do you think?]

Yohn and Rud just went silent. If they had just met casually, one can only think that the man in front of him were indeed humans, but after seeing what he’s actually capable of, that thought just flew away.

[So… can we ask of you a little favor?] Yohn was trying to bargain with Vram with desperate look. [You see, maybe we were wrong for what we’ve done before, but our reason to come here weren’t as hostile as you’d think.]

[Now that’s the part I’m having a hard time to understand.]

[We’re here not to harass the people living here!] [We’re here to find the Grimoire!!]

[And what are you going to use it for?]

Though Vram asked in a calm voice, it can be felt that Vram was already raged, just by seeing his gesture. This somehow made Rud and Yohn tremble in fear, seeing the human-like monster in front of them.

[*Shwa?!] [Shwawawawawa?]

[Hmm?] [Well they seem to come from the same continent as I do.] [Our way of talking is a bit different though.]

Though Vram could easily understood what the girl had been saying, Rud and Yohn still having a hard time deciphering what they’ve said.

[Shwawa.] [Shwawawawawa.]


The moment the girls asking him to do something, Vram just went silent as the girl in front of him were glaring toward him. Or maybe begging him.



[What is your reason for searching a Grimoire?]

Rud fell silent at the sudden question lingers before him.

[I…] [I wanted to restore my body…!]


[I need it to return back to become a human!!]

[Hey, partner!] [You can’t just reveal such things toward other people that easily.]

[Either way I will die here!!] [At least… I want to die as a humans…!]

[What do you mean by that?]

Rud was just getting silent for a bit, then starting to explain things to Vram. He was originally a guardsman at some small village, when suddenly some mysterious people were doing some weird experiment on that village. Rud was somehow survived thanks to Yohn, but when they were able to escape, Rud started to feel something strange from his body.

[My body doesn’t ages no matter how many years have passed.] [Also, no matter how much I’m wounded, the next moment, my body just starting to heal itself.] [But as time goes by, I have caused great pain toward other people thanks to my body!] [That’s when I have heard rumors that a Grimoire could restore my body!] [I beg of you!] [I don’t care if I was dying or even made as your slave, but at the very least, please let me restore my body to normal!!!]

Vram was silent for a bit after hearing Rud’s desperate plea. He finally understood why he was able to go through the “labyrinth barrier”. It’s not that he pierced through the barrier, it was him, travelling inside the labyrinth for god knows how many years had went by, and finally reaching this place. The girls around him, though unable to understand his word, were somehow influenced by his desperate tone. Also, small tears can be seen on Rud’s eyes. After a bit, Vram started to take something from his “storage”.

[Bear with me for a bit.]





Vram stabbed Rud’s left arm with a knife. But though the length of it was a lot like a knife, the shape is too weird. It was a wavy blade that doesn’t look sharp enough to cut something, yet it was filled with malice aura that seemed to be able to cut anything in one slash. And yet, Rud was stabbed using that malice dagger.


[I believe in him.]


[It’s a demonstration.]


After a bit, Vram pulled the dagger and started to observe Rud’s hand.

[*hah… *hah… *cough…!!]

After waiting for a while, there are some reactions on Rud’s skin. The part that was cut was somehow filled with reddish light as the inner sides of Rud’s body were regenerating at fixed pace. In a while, the wound was completely healed.

[*Sh… Shwa…?!?]

[Master, Lady Endrossa, Lady Yohana, Lady Hilda, member of the circles, I suggest to release him and just punish him appropriately for his crime, not for his existence.] [He is not a human.]



[An experimental monster?!?]

The ladies in front of Vram were unable to hide their surprise after hearing Vram explanation. While in the back, Rud was already released as Josephine and Christine were treating him, while Yohana and Rosalinda were playing around with Yohn.

[That’s right.] [It may have been something unprecedented for you all.] [But since humanity was quite abundant in numbers, some people justified that to start human experiments toward themselves.] [Some of you realize that there are monsters that resemble a human in the outer continent, right?] [That’s how they are originated from.] [Though maybe that guy’s case was a bit different, but it can be safely deduced that he was a survivor from the experiments.]

The girls, including Endrossa and Hilda, were unable to grasp the meaning of experimenting toward their own kin. It was plausible, considering that even if the witches’ population was quite large in this village, it is still small compared to the amount the humans have. Still one fact can be inferred that that man, Rud, was not a human. Therefore capital punishment was unnecessary. 

{Still, I was surprised to hear that humans were directly subjected to capital punishments when they invaded this village.} {I guess that’s the main reason why Josephine originally didn’t want me to talk despite me being her familiar.}

[Can we really trust that guy and your words?] [He still looked a lot like a humans to me.]

[I’ve already demonstrated it before right?]

[Weren’t human can also uses magic?] [He maybe uses some kind of tools to hide his voice when casting the healing magic.]

[I know, that’s why I stabbed him with this.]

Vram then showed the knife that he used to stab Rud before. The knife was so deadly that Rud was already having a hard time breathing, or even talking. He was barely conscious the moment the girls releases her.

[This knife was called a ‘Kris’.] [It’s a trash if the one wielding it doesn’t have much experience, but if one were successful to stab someone with this, it’ll completely cut their nerves and render it unable to be regenerated, that some people rather have their whole arms cut.] [Yet he barely conscious as well as the wound on his arm were completely healed, though he maybe in a state where he would be unable to move it for a while.]

The others shivered hearing Vram’s quick explanation of his knife. Rud’s condition already explaining the deadliness of such weapon that no one dares to ask more question.


Suddenly Josephine approached Vram from behind. It seems that, while Josephine had been treating Rud, somewhere in the middle, she was doing some kind of experiment, as Rud can see a glass-like pendant with a accessories slot for earrings in her hands.

[I’m sorry, but can I ask to share some of your blood?]

[Sure, how much?]

Without even flinching nor questioning her, Vram quickly dropped his Kris on the “Storage” while pulling out another type of knife as well as quickly removed his armguards. 

[Well, not that much though, at least to fill this much.]

As Josephine showed the glass-like pendant container on her hand, Vram started to aim the knife toward his hand, then slowly cutting through his nerves, as it spurts some blood. Some girls were curious to see what kind of blood Vram had. To their surprise or not, Vram’s blood were beet red, just like humans and themselves. As Josephine obtained her fill of Vram’s blood, she quickly put the pendant toward the Earrings and started to chant a little.

[Join, Attach, and Blend.]

A small vortex swirling around the earrings as it finally becomes a magic item. Josephine was doing a small jump showing her being excited after seeing her successfully creating something. Then she quickly went toward Rud and starts to place the earring onto Rud’s left ear.

[Umm… Lady Josephine… what in the world are you doing?]

[We’ll just see~❤] [Excuse me~❤] [Can you hear me~❤?]

[Urgh… yes?]


All the girls are astonished seeing that they were somehow able to understand what Rud had been saying.

[YA~Y~!!!] [Alright then, shall we burn you, mister thief~❤?]

[Wait, what have I done wrong?!?]

All of the girls’ mouth were opening as wide as possible, seeing that Josephine excitedly conversing and teasing with the ones whose language was incomprehensible before.

[What has she done?!?] [How in the world she was able to do that?!?!]

The girls whispering toward each other as Josephine still enjoying herself teasing and conversing with the thief.



[How can you understand what that weird girl had been saying?!?]

[What are you talking about, she’s just speaking like everybody else… eh?]

Rud finally woke up. Just before, all he could ever hear was *shwa *shwa. But now he was able to comprehend what the girls had been saying. Though all Yohn hear toward his ears were still the same foreign words.

[What have you done?!?!] Rud panicked and asked the girl whom have been in front of her, excitedly teasing him.

[Oh?] [I was just thinking that actually your language and Vram were quite similar.] [But somehow Vram’s word were understandable to us as well as our word were being understood by him, even though it was actually a completely different language.] [So I was thinking that maybe Vram had special perception ability to understand our languages, so I tried to make an earring to give you the same perception ability as what Vram had.]

Rud was stupid, so he only understood a half of what Josephine had been saying. But he understood that he was actually hearing what Vram was hearing. Thanks to that, Josephine and the girls can have a proper interrogation now.

[Now, let’s see….] [Elder, does his punishment have been decided~?]

[Sadly not yet.] [The moment we saw the figure of the culprit, we quickly decided a capital punishment for him.] [But now that it was known that he’s simply a monster, we’re having a hard time deciding his punishment.] [Though since it was you who captured him, you’re free to offer something.]

[Then…!] [Make him my slave!]


Almost everybody were surprised at Josephine’s answer, then while a little bit panicked, Josephine tried to explain.

[Well, here’s the thing.] [Although I may already have Vram and I just know how great he is when it comes to supporting me when I was in the middle of experimenting something, it’s not that he was completely free.] [Since I was asking him to do something a lot, he ended up losing some of his free time.] [That’s why, when it’s possible, I want him to do something he’d like to do once in a while, while there are another person who would helped me for free.]

[In other words… a forced labor, eh?]

[That’s certainly is interesting.]


Before Rud had something to say, Vram quickly interrupt him.

[Just shut up for a bit.]


[She’s trying to help you.]


[I’ve already explained your circumstance to her, which is why she comes to this conclusion.] [She wanted your help to resolve the things that’s happening inside your body.] [But experimenting on a public criminal like you was actually forbidden since your fate was to be subjected by them collectively.] [That’s why she does this.]

[What… why would she goes that far…?]

[Because she’s an idiot.] Suddenly a red-haired girl, whom was kicking her before, interrupted their talk.

[She’s a naïve girl whom always trying her best to help people when in bind.] [So much that she ended up hurting herself sometimes.]

[Hmm… I thought she’s just an experimental maniac and a glutton on top of that.]


Suddenly a flying kick was thrown at such speed toward Rud’s head that his head was quickly buried under the ground.

[Listen here, you ungrateful uneducated unclean unscrupulous insensitive disgusting bastard.] [You have no right to badmouth the one whom were going to be your master from now on.] [And Vram, sheath your sword.]

[… Alright.]

[So, what’s your answer?]

[O… okay…!]



It was being stepped on. Rud’s “nether region” in between his legs were being stepped on hard with her metallic shoes that it make such a strong sounds. Most females weren’t understand, but Yohn and Vram understood such pain and started to shiver.

[That’s the wrong answer.]

[U… Understood, ma’am.]

[I’ll let it go from now on.] [Vram, teach him manners.]

[As you wish, lady Hildegarde.]

After seeing such scene, Vram quickly retreated and referred Hilda with a dignified and straight manners. After finished discussing about Rud’s condition, Josephine finally returned.

[Sorry about that… What’s happening?]

[I taught him how to show proper manners toward his master and his master’s colleague.]

[Hmm… I don’t really understand but okay~❤]

Josephine started to went toward Rud and pulled him out from the ground.

[Hey, so….]

[Yes, master?]

Rud was quickly being submissive toward Josephine. The lesson was quite paid off.

[Ehehe~❤] [You actually don’t have to call me that when it’s just you, me, and Vram.]


[Then shall I introduce myself?] [My name is Josephine, what’s your name?]


Though it was normal for Josephine. It has been a long time since Rud received such hospitality after being turned into the way he was. Tears flowed from one of his eyes as Josephine sees and tried to wipe it off.

[My name… is Ruido, but most people call me Rud.]

[Alright~❤] [Shall we go now, Rud~?]

[… Alright.]

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[Web Novel] Gloria Infidelis Vide
Chapter 16

*Screeech~! *Screeech~!

Outside of the tent where a witch usually lives, two men were sitting beside it, while grinding their sword over and over again.

[True descendant?]

[Are you familiar with it?]

Rud was asking Vram something regarding what had happened to him in the past. Since it does looked like Vram was also coming from the same region as him.

[I knew some general knowledge about occult terrorism, but I rarely heard about the True Descendants.] [But judging through its name, I think it relates from the legends of our true descendant.]

There was a legend that says that the Land Dwellers, or in this case, people whom reside in this world were actually a fake. It is said that their ascendant was once coming from the sky in order to linger in this place. As day goes by, their ascendant had to return to the sky for some reasons. Before they leave the Land, they have created many populations in order to ensure the stability in the land. That is the Land Dwellers. 

But one day, when the divines have returned from the sky, the Land Dwellers rebelled. This angered the residents of the sky and great calamity fall upon them. Many giant rocks splits the sky and torn the lands. The impacts from those rocks render the land unstable and become dangerous to be inhabited by normal persons. This land was known to be the Forbidden Spot.

From this day on, many people believed that the Land Dwellers, the one whom rebelled against the sky, were inferior and ungrateful fellow toward those who came from the sky, and their descendants. Thus those people were referred as the True Descendants.

[But no matter how much of the truth does apply, I often having trouble believing that they have rights to do many things toward people.] As Vram commented on the legends itself while still grinding all of his weapons.

[I don’t really care of their origin or their rights.] [I only wanted to know why they did this and how to restore me back.]

[All I could infer from your story is one thing.] [They were creating something, and you were the results of it.]

[Me? The Results?] Rud confused hearing Vram’s explanation.

[There are so many people whom wished for immortality.] [And often, the people in question never did dare to sacrifice themselves toward this one wishes.] [That’s why they need a living lab rat.] [And you’re one of the successful candidates out of it.] [Isn’t that normal?]

[That’s… true…] [But for what purpose?]

[To preserve ones position above the others.] [They demanded for themselves to be special, to be treated like that of a god, or something similar.] [A simple sentence for an idiot like you would be “world domination” I suppose.]

[Who are you calling an idiot!?] [I already knew that they were up to no good!] 

Rud was having a fit while still helping grind the swords as Vram just letting out a sigh hearing Rud’s reaction.

[But that’s just my own theory though.] [There may be another reason why they did something like that.] [Though it doesn’t change the fact that you’re the results of those things.]

Both of them suddenly went silent as they keep grinding the weapons over and over again. Nobody knows how many swords and spear and axe and many weapons had they been grind. Eventually Rud snaps.



[Just why do I have to grind all of these?!?] [You’re not even my master!] [In fact, you’re her familiar, the same as me!!]

[Well, you know, surprisingly, a familiar’s positions here was the same as that of a lover.] [It means, I have more than enough authority than you, a slave.] [Besides, she did tell you to help me while she’s doing something with your mouse.]

[Wait what?] [Are you saying that they having a “rendezvous” with their own familiar?!?] [You may be fine, but the other witches’ familiar weren’t even a human, let alone a male!]

[Though some familiars here have a look of a female, they do have them, you know.] [A breeding genital.]

Hearing Vram’s calm explanation, Rud went silent as he dropped the knife he was currently grinds, and just his luck, the knife pierces straight toward Rud’s foot.


[Do take care when you’re in the middle of works.] [You may be immortal, but those weapons were still deadly.]

As Rud was squirming on the ground trying to hold the pain while Vram still calmly grinds his weapons, Josephine and Yohn finally out from the tent. In Yohn’s head now there’s a crystal, though small, that has the same texture and function as Rud’s earring, which was used for them to understand each other.

[It’s finished~!] 

[For Yohn too?!?]

[Well I heard that this mouse can talk, so how do you feel, Yohn?]

[Never been better, Miss Josephine~!]

[Glad to hear that~!]

Just as Yohn, Josephine, and Rud were in the middle of having fun, Vram noticing something different.


[Hmm?] [What’s wrong, Vram?] Josephine realizing Vram’s reaction though oblivious why.

[That mouse… is it just me or he look paler than before?]

[Huh?] [Have you ever looked a pale mouse before?] [Before even turn pale, they’ll be dead when confronting you!]

Said Rud with a smug face, trying to tease Vram. But Vram wasn’t even responding, no, before he even had time to respond, Yohn was already lost its consciousness.


[Eh?] [Yohn, hey what’s wrong!?] [There are naked girls in front of you, and you’re just here sleeping?!?]

Rud was shaking Yohn over and over again, but there’s no reaction coming out from Yohn.

[Eh?] [Why?] [What’s happening?] Even Josephine start to panic, being faced against an unknown situation.

{Don’t tell me…} [Rud, remove the crystal on his head now!]

[Eh?] [But…]


Josephine flinched hearing Vram’s voice as Rud just swallowed his saliva and quickly pulled the crystal out from his head.


Color returns from Yohn’s face as he was able to squirming again though still unconscious. But after that, Rud and Josephine were confused as to what had happened.

[Master Josephine…!] [Though I may be quite rude right now, but please explain to me what was happening before?] 

Though he still speaks in manners, Rud was somehow looked angered seeing his partner was in a dire situation, though it’s a mouse.

[I… I don’t know…] [I made sure that it has the same ability as what Rud currently uses…] [So why….]

As Josephine pondered of the reasons, Vram started to raises his hands.

[Master.] [That Earring, how does it work actually?]

[Huh?] [Well, the simple explanation is that it translates the languages that you understand.] [But elaborately, it synchronizes the wearer’s brainwaves with the source of the crystal itself.] [In this case, it was synchronized with Vram’s brainwaves.] [That’s why you can perceive what Vram could hear and what Vram said.]

[And how much mana would be used to uses such things?]

[Well… It is still a high-tier magic, so the cost is quite a bit… high~?] [But for us Witches, it’s not that deadly because we have a huge container and we could easily refill that much mana in the meantime….] [… EH!?]

As if lightning had struck down Josephine’s head, he looked back and forth between Yohn, whom were still unconscious and Rud, whom just looked blanked this whole time.

[For Witches, such amount might be nothing.] [But for unknown creature such as that mouse, it is almost enough to kill him.] [Yet the question is….]

Vram glared straight toward Rud.

[Why are you still fine?]

[What?] [What do you mean by that???]


[You’re the same as us?]

A girl with wavy red hair while in the middle of hugging a stone doll was Hildegarde, on her way  toward Josephine’s house was together with another red-haired person, a male human monster in question namely Rud.

[I don’t really understand, but she said that my blood had the same condiments as witches’ blood.] 

[And how in the world she does know her own blood condiments?]

[She said she often experimenting with her own blood before she had Vram.] 

[That naked idiot…!!] [Still, can you elaborate what did she says regarding your condition?]

[I thought you never cared about me.]

[If I never cared for you, I wouldn’t go as far as kicking you in the “nuts”.]

Hearing Hilda’s exclamation, Rud quickly grab a hold of his “nuts”, traumatized of him being subjected toward Hilda’s torture again.

[You’re a sadist.] As Rud deliberately protested toward Hilda.

[Thanks for the compliments~❤] [Anyway, are you going to told me how Josephine was able to reach that kind of conclusions?]

After being nagged by Hilda, Rud start to speak the way he interpreted Josephine’s explanation. It seems that inside Rud’s body, exist some kind of phenomenal reaction that potentially increases his mana capacity, the same way the witches operates. About which kind of phenomenal reaction which made him to become such a thing was still unknown to Josephine. But thanks to that, it made Rud’s mana quality unusually high and his capacity exceeded those of normal humans. To be exact, it is quite comparable with the Witches’ capabilities.

[Such a thing….]

[But I’m more confused about what she explained later on.]

The difference between Rud and the Witches’ was how his body later developed on. Though he had such a high capacity of mana, Rud’s body was somehow halting the development of the container itself. That’s why Rud were unable to feel the change within his body, nor even able to use magic. It was a complete dead-lock situation which renders his potential being useless.

[Wait a minute.] Hilda suddenly putting out quite a serious air around her. [By any chance, despite you were being unable to grow, have you ever experience fatigue, prolonged pain, or the inability to move your body?]

[Uh… No, not really.]

[That means…] [You were supposed to be dead.]

[Huh?!?] Rud can only stare blankly toward Hilda. He thought Hilda’s simply teasing him, but her serious stare implied that it was a serious condition.

[At first I thought you were simply having a body that can regenerate easier.] [But after hearing that....] Hilda paused for a moment, taking some breath out of her lungs then continue to explain. [There is some kind of happening in your body and it keeps repeating the process, making your body unable to either grow nor regressed.] [Your body growth was being stunned, that’s why you can restore your own body under any kind of circumstances.]

[Then, I was….]

[You are one lucky man.] [But such luck is useless if the core of it was destroyed.] [And from what Josephine had explained to you….] [It means that inside your body, exist two different spell that let you survive up until now.] 

Rud was confused from hearing Hilda’s information back and forth. Noticing Rud’s confusion, Hilda started to quicken her walking speed.

[Let’s go to that idiot’s house.] [If I’m right, she should stop experimenting on your body, or you’ll die.]


Still left without definite answers regarding his body, Rud just silently following Hilda’s back.



[Oh, come on, Vram~!] [I just need a little bit of it~!]

[Still no.] [I just let aside what had already happened, but I won’t allow anymore of it.]

[But I’m your master!]

[And I’m your familiar.]


[And my priority is to keep you from any kind of harm that’s coming toward you.]


At the time Rud was away, the two witch and familiar was in the middle of arguing each other of something, while Yohn can only astonished watching their relationship.

[We... well you two don’t really have to shout at each other like that.] 

[I’ll stop if he’ll let me do what I want!]

[I won’t.]

[But I have to do this!!]

[There should be other way than doing that.]

[But there’s no harm in trying now, right?!?!!]

[Still I won’t let you.]


As the two still bickering about here and there, suddenly Hilda comes barging in together with Rud.

[I’m coming in, Naked Idiot.]

[Wha?!] [Lady Hilda?] [Why are you here?!?] Josephine was shocked seeing Rud and Hilda come together.

[What are you two doing, if I may ask?]

A sudden straight question from Hilda made Josephine flinched a little.

[Uh... well... that is....]

[She was trying to experiment on Rud’s blood sample by using her own blood.]

[T... that’s fine, right?!] [It’s not like I was harming other people!]

[Of course it’s not fi-....]

Just before Vram finished his own sentence, Hilda rushed toward her own junior furiously.

[Clench your teeth, naked idiot.]


Before Josephine could even react, she already saw an arm flew toward her face.


As Hilda rushes past Josephine, her arm strikes right below her jaw and above her neck, making it feels like she was trying to dislocate her own junior’s neck. With quite a ferocious speed and strength, she sent Josephine flying while sticking her head out of her neck. 

[M... MASTER?!?!]

Surprised, Vram quickly went running toward her already unconcious master, supporting her head and body altogether.

[Wha...?!] Rud and Yohn can only be taken aback seeing such scene happened right in front of their eyes.


In shock, Rud’s first comment was regarding a skill that was quite famiiar with him. Such a move usually called Lariat and quite famous among other people who do a bare-handed battle, yet Hildegarde, being a witch, a magic-caster she is, somehow seemingly familiar enough with that move.

[Hmm?] [Is it really that weird of a move?]


[Well it actually does wonder to any enemy that was trying to ambush me from the front.] 

[Wait a minute, Lady Hilda!] [Master’s not breathing here!]

Vram was totally panicked and started to raise his voice toward Hilda out of desperation.

[Umm... well you don’t have to worry about that.] [We won’t die as long as our mana container is still safe. [So given time, she should wake up later.]

Hilda somehow quite unsure how to react toward Vram’s situation, thus can only speak softly.

[I’d say, it’s actually quite a nice feeling seeing you panicked like that.] [Maybe I should tease your master more~]

[You’re not seriously thinking about that right, Lady Hilda?]

[*sigh*... Yea I know, I know.] [Well then, out of the way.] [She may not die, but I need her to wake up as fast as possible.]

Before long, as Vram moves himself out of the way, something unimaginable happened to his master under the pretense of “waking her up”.



Josephine can only sitting with both of her legs were being closed tight and being kept under her as she puts her hands on both of her thighs. While Hilda was sitting on a table, with both her legs crossing each other while putting her right hand on her thigs while her other hand supporting her body. While Vram, Rud, and Yohn can only standing on the back awaiting for the imminent to happen.

[I guess she’s honest when she said she did care for me.] As Rud whispering toward Vram and Yohn while the room silent still.

[What do you mean?] Yohn asked curiously.

[I mean, if even her junior being treated that way, doesn’t that mean that I still has a bit leeway toward it?]

[I’d have to agree with you on that.] [Lady Hilda somehow tends to treat her student and junior so roughly in a kind of unimaginable way.] Vram start to respond toward Rud’s critique regarding Hilda. [As a matter of fact, even both Lady Rosa and Lady Chris experienced the same.]

[Kicking in the nut is already worse enough, but Lariating a girl?] [That’s some tough love there.]

As the other three whispering to each other on the back, Josephine was already on the verge of tears, unable to imagine what had happened when she passed out nor what would happen to her now.

[Naked Idiot.]

[Yes, Senior...?]

[Do you know what are you trying to do?]

[I... I just want to help Rud restoring his own body, that’s all...!]

[I know.]

Somehow her expression become fiercer and Josephine cannot talk back at all, sensing a menace aura on her back.

[So, what are you trying to do?]

[I... I was trying to get a sample of my own blood.]


[I... was trying to mix it with Rud’s blood sample, since maybe-....]


Hilda’s slammed her own leg on the floor, making quite a noise that made Josephine flinched. It also surprise the men behind the back. Not too long after seemingly Hilda trying to supress her own anger, she then start to cross her leg again together while taking a deep breath.

[So?] [Realizing your mistake yet?]

[Umm....] [But it’s not like it’s forbidden to use our own blood as a catalyst for doing a magic ritual, right...?] [So....]

[You stupid, idiot, dense to the core of a naked junior of mine?] Somehow Hilda ending her mocking sentence with a question tone.

[Y... yes...?]

[If it’s just that, I won’t make a fuss over anything like that.] [But rather, the experiment itself is what I’m concerned about.]

[Eh?] [Is it wrong?] [I mean, Rud and us Witches has the same trait to our body, so....]



Josephine somehow put on a blank face hearing Hilda’s shout. Not because of her voice, but the meaning behind her words.

[So you didn’t realize....] [Do you really sure that Rud is the same at us?]

Hilda then start to change her sitting posture from crossing her leg, to a normal sitting while swinging her hands and making gestures as if she’s about to giving a lecture.

[Listen now.] [We witches have a huge container mana that allow us to do many kinds of magic that human can.] [That’s a fact.] [Now, this stupid redhead also has it, so theoretically he should be able to do what we can do, right?]

[Umm... yes.]

[But since inside his body something is halting the progress of his own mana circuit, he can’t.] [That much is clear enough, right?]

[Right, that’s why-....]

[It’s the opposite.]

Suddenly everyone on that room went silent. They were unable to understand a single bit of the words Hilda had said.

[It’s not that something is halting his mana circuit.] [But something is attacking his mana circuit.] [And the thing that halting its progress?] [It’s actually what’s keeping him alive.]

[What....] [That doesn’t make any sense!] 

[Remember one fact, Josephine.] [He was formerly a human.] [A human can’t have a mana container as big as us, or we wouldn’t be called a “witch” at all.]

Josephine was completely taken aback, shocked at the truth Hilda pointed on.

[Mixing a blood that contain something so unnatural like that with a pure blood of a witch.] [You can at least imagine what kind of disaster awaits if something were to happen, right?]

Josephine lowered her head in shame, unable to realize her own mistakes by himself.

[Though you’re stopping her for a different reason altogether, just for that, I’m thankful to you Vram.] [You’ve done your job well.]

Hilda then tilt her had gazing toward Vram, smiling solemnly.

[No... I... I never realized that such experiment was so grave.]

[Well, now that’s one problem taken care of.] [The next problem is you, redhead idiot.]

Rud suddenly tensed himself after being pointed by Hilda.

[Y... yes, ma’am?] [What is it...?]

[Now, based on my own theory....] [It’s already clear that your body cannot be restored at all.]

[EH?] [Why?!?!] 

[Because of those regeneration magic inside of your body.] [It takes its source of mana from the thing that invaded your body.] [... No, that’s not even a regeneration magic.] [A healing-type magic cannot preserve your body condition that enable you to live for long.] [In any case, there seems to be many kind of variable inside of your body, that somehow supporting each other.] [And removing one of them would destroy the balance.]

[Wha... but...!]

[It’s not impossible!]

Suddenly Josephine stands up and looking straight at Hilda.

[Sure, I may have made a mistake....] [But... I can’t just give up like that....] [I want to keep finding way to do it....] [I....]  

With somehow her eyes looked teary, she glared back toward Hilda. Hilda then takes a deep breath, standing and start walking Josephine. Then she put her hands on top of her head.

[I never told you to give up on him, you idiot junior.] She start to stroke her head softly as she started to smile.


[I only said that reversing his body condition is not an option anymore.] [But it doesn’t mean that there isn’t a way around it.] Then she start to put on a serious tone and expression in her face. [That’s why I need you both to stop doing experiment toward each other unless you have enough knowledge on your hand.] 

[Mm... Okay....] Josephine then smiles back as if she was relieved to have one reliable senior by her side.

[Okay, so....] Vram then start to ask question toward Hilda. [About this problem that you mentioned, I don’t see anything with that, though?]

[Nope, there is a problem now.] [And for this problem, I need your help regarding this one, Vram.]




[Stop running away.]


[Don’t worry; I’ll just slash you enough that you’ll regenerate in no time.]


Both Vram and Rud were somehow trapped inside a barrier and Vram was wielding his giant, black axe, swinging back and forth while running toward Rud. It looked so deadly and scary that Rud had been running away all this time. 

[Why are you run away, idiot!?] [This training was meant for you to control your new body until we found a way to remove it!!]



A horizontal slash was aimed at Rud’s neck, and Rud, as panicked as it is, were frantically evading it by jumping and rolling on the ground.

[Because your body’s condition was more complex than I thought.] [There are various side effects inside your body, and you were unable to control it because you just treated them as a foreign object.] [And there were also a case where your body becomes unstable because you haven’t used them properly!] [At least be thankful that we haven’t abandoned you yet!]

[But I still not understand!] [Why do I have to do this?!] [Even if my body’s like this, then weren’t I supposed to stay low and not fight anymore?!]

Just when Rud was protesting a lot toward Hilda, Vram’s already reached Rud and started to swing his axe horizontally as hard as possible. 



Just his luck, Rud was able to guard against the attack with the shield on his hands. But no matter, the shield quickly broke from the forces coming from Vram’s attack.

[Because we couldn’t protect you.]


[It’s just a guess, but if words come out that you were hoarding some kind of disastrous thing inside your body, a chance you being exiled from here may happen.] [And if by any chance you were being recaptured or died in the middle, there’s no telling what kind of damage you would’ve cause to your surroundings.] [All this time, you’ve been ignorant, but now, since many lives are at stake here, I have to make sure you stop whining and improve your survival instinct and skills.]

[But I can’t even improve my ability anymore, just like you said!]

[Who said that we’re going to improve your ability?] [Your ability may be fixed, but your skills and instinct were still your own.] [And you can also learn how to control your ability.] [That’s why, from now on, Hilda will taught you about how to use magic, Josephine will loosen the bind that control your Mana flow, and I shall do my very best to improve your instinct.] [At least, until we manage to find a clue about how to restore your body safely.] [… That’s what Master would want to.]

Rud was silent for a while, and then started to wield his spear back.

[… I’ve been thinking for a while….] [You really dislike me, don’t you?] 

[Took you a while to realize it, red monkey.]

[Shut up, you black monster!]

The two clashed though it was already clear whom was more superior. But nobody would’ve realized that Rud’s arrival in the Witch Village would bring forth an incident no one would ever dreamed of, and to unravel the dark, forgotten truth inside the village.

[Web Novel] Gloria Infidelis Image[Web Novel] Gloria Infidelis NSUG3SQ 

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[Web Novel] Gloria Infidelis Vide
Chapter 16.5

[*sigh… so it’s come to this….]

There are about 20 to 30 girls on spacious fields. And among those girls, there are two familiar figures among them, standing in front of the crowds. The violet blue haired girl with a straight hair flowing down her neck into her hips, with clothes that quite modest and cover most of her body figure, yet it still shows her exquisite body figure, was Christine, and often called Chris. While accompanying her, a light blonde haired girl that had her hair barely reached her neck and clothes that completely exposed her skin and barely covers her private parts with a bikini-like string clothes, though not having a body as exquisite as her partner, was Rosalinda, often called Rosa.

[Where’s Lady Hilda anyway?] [Usually she’s the one whom were chosen to train the girls with her magic and familiar training?!] As Rosa complained as she spoke softly so that the others won’t heard.

[Rosa, our familiar may have been healed since they only received moderate damage, but Hougo’s body were already critical when he’s being healed, so Lady Hilda has to remodel every inch of his body.] [I also don’t have to mention how much help we received from her when our familiar’s were in bind, right?]

[Ugh, that’s right.] [In fact, it’s because she helped us a lot that we start following her….]

They looked nervous as the other that seemed younger than them were looking at them with curious looks. Both of them were being appointed to teach the Witches whom have just matured enough to learn magic, and now they were in the middle of a lesson.

[Alright then, here goes!] 

As Chris slapped both her cheek, she started to turns her body and faced her junior.

[Sorry for the wait, everyone.] [My name is Chris and this useless person besides me was called Rosa.] [Though we were being appointed as your new instructor, if you have any difficult question, do please tell me~❤]

[CHO-…!] [What do you mean by that, Chris!?] [Even if I’m like this, I’m still a 5th Tier proper Witch, with Gallant as my main occupation!] [Rather, we’re on a same tier, so why are you treating me like a bug I am?!?]

The girls were somehow surprised by the way they introduced each others. Usually an instructor was quite stern and serious, or at least that’s what they think. But somehow, seeing the way Chris and Rosa bickering against each other put everyone’s mind at ease and start laughing at them.

[So you’re saying that you’re actually smarter than your looks, eh~?] [Then do tell me how we Witches were split into rank and define their function.]

[Eh…?] [Err….]

Her silent voice makes the other junior giggles as Rosa was flustered and confused to think of an answer.

[Can anybody here answer my question?]

Everybody was starting to raise their hands and Chris just quickly aimed at one person that she saw raised it first.

[Yes!] [We Witches have a rank start from the 1st tier to 7th tier, while the highest tiers were only consisting of the member of the circles and the elder herself.] [The tier was split based on how much knowledge she knew and how much abilities she could execute.] [But when we reach the 3rd tier, the evaluation becomes slightly different.]

[Alright, stop.] Chris was somehow stopping the girls explaining, and starts to aim at someone else. [Should another person start to continue explaining?] As she smiled toward the other girls whom almost dozed off.

[Ah, yes!] [The evaluation progress from the 3rd tier and so on changes after they successfully summoned a Familiar.] [Also, the quality of the familiar also decided how they will grow later in ranks.] [The quality of the familiar was based on how we rank the monster around here.]

As the lesson goes by, the other girls start to explain the monsters’ rank that available within their own territory. The ranks of these monsters were being split into 6 kinds of monsters based on their size and their lethality. These ranks were compromised of Lesser Class, Dread Class, Titan Class, Magna Class, Divine Class, and God Class. 

[Senior, I have a question!]

[Yes, go ahead.]

[Why are we classifying the monster not based on their type, but from their size and abilities?] [Even if there are a variant of one type of a monster, isn’t it easier for us to identify their actual abilities?]

[Good question.] [Actually, it is also a way that being used by our predecessor.] [But as time goes by as we travelled around this continent, our predecessor realized one thing.] [All of the monsters around here were abnormal.] [Even a monster of a same type and race could unleash a different and deadlier type of an attack to his liking.] [That’s why we classify the monster by their size and deadliness, noting that their abilities had a potential of such names.]

The girls are nodding in harmony after hearing Christine’s explanation, leaving Rosalinda in the dark.

[So, have you understood now, Rosa?]

[Huh?] [Uh yes yes, I understand!!]

Chris can only sighed while the other junior just giggled behind Rosa’s back.

[Alright, for now, since all of you were qualified to summon your own familiar, shall we go ahead and prepares you with the knowledge of how to summons one?]

As Christine started on her explanation regarding the familiar summoning, all the girls’ face started to get serious as they intently listening to her.

In brief, a familiar summoning was commonly known as a ritual to make a moving object who would obey anything their master had to say. But in Witches’ case, the summoned familiar had a soul, completely different than a normal familiar. The kinds of familiar summoned varied; it can be living things, or a normal object that could moves. 

Usually, to summon a familiar, one first must have a material comparable to what one creature would’ve consisted of, like bones, heart, water, and anything else. There is also another prescription for one desired familiar, but it only increases the chance of summoning one’s desired familiar. Thus summoning a familiar was mostly consisted of luck. Then again, it doesn’t mean that it was purely chance that one had summoned a strong familiar. The quality of the sacrifice used was also necessary to summon it, though it only increase the chance altogether.

{In that sense, Josephine had the greatest luck ever considering her being able to summon such familiar.} was what Chris had been thinking in that spur of a moment as she taught her junior regarding the familiar summoning and its detail.



[So, how is it, Chris?] [Your first experience as an instructor?] As Hilda was coming from her side, offering her a cup of transparent liquid that doesn’t seems like normal water.

[… It’s surprisingly tiring.] [I guess I just don’t have a knack to teach the juniors.] As Chris take a sip of what Hilda offered to her. 

[Oh, but weren’t you love to explain many things to other people?]

[I am….] [But taking care of them was different.] [I never thought that they would dare to manipulate the magic circle itself.] [Teaching them was one thing, and I need to clean up the whole mess.] [And Rosa’s was of no help after all.]

[HEY, I WAS ALSO DOING MY BEST, YOU KNOW~?!] As Rosa was still far from where Hilda and Chris were, in the middle of scrubbing herself.

It was actually just a moment after Chris and Rosa finished their lesson and went straight for the public bath, wanting to relieve their fatigue. And just in the nick of time, they met their senior, Lady Hilda, accompanied by Josephine, whom somehow looked as lifeless as Chris and Rosa, almost as if she’s been sucked dry by something. As all of them entered the public bath, Josephine was just left floating around the bath while the three of them have a nice, private chat.

[Huhuhu.] [Kinda reminded me of the past, when you were also fiddling with your sacrificial item in order to cut back the amount of it, causing the summoned familiar to went berserk and died shortly after before wrecking everything in sight.]

[Wha-…!] [Lady Hilda...!!]

[Eh?!] [Is it true that this stern lady was once made such a mistake?!] As Rosa, who finished scrubbing quickly went toward both Hilda and Chris with such excited face.

[Oh yes, she is.] [It was a time when her body wasn’t as “big” as these.] As Hilda poked toward her “chest”, causing it to bounce in the hot water.

[So she wasn’t as “big” as these before, Lady Hilda?] Rosa just went toward Chris back as she just casually groped her chests.


[Iya~ iya~~❤] [Sorry~❤]

[Sorry about that~❤] [It’s been a while since that time that I see you changed a lot from before~❤]

Chris’s face just went red after being teased by both of her colleagues.

[… I haven’t changed at all….]

[Well, that’s quite true….] [Still, I was quite surprised when you volunteered to instruct those junior.] 

[That’s….] Chris just flinch her eyes toward the sides, avoiding eye contact with Hilda.

[Isn’t it already obvious?!] [She’s doing it for you, Lady Hilda!]

Hilda could only express her confusion as Chris just keeps looking away from Hilda. At that moment Hilda could only smiled widely as she goes toward Chris, hugging her while stroking her head softly.

[You really haven’t changed at all….] [We’re already a fellow 5th tier Witches, and yet you still revere me as your senior.] [If I hadn’t forced you to change the way you call me, you’d still going to call me “Senior”, right?]

[… Senior….] As Chris turned her back toward Hilda and started to hug her tightly.

[Wow….] [I rarely see Chris being this meek.]

[Well she’s drunk.]

[Huh?] Rosa confused after hearing Hilda’s explanation.

[I forgot about it while drinking, but Christine was actually weak against alcohol.] As Hilda shows Rosa a small wooden bottle in a shape of curvy tube. It was some kind of fermented drink made from a carbonated food being pressured and contained for a long time. They usually called it “sake”.

[Wait, Lady Hilda, why are you drinking sake in a place like this!?!] [You’ll drunk!!!]

[It’s fine~❤] [It’s just occasionally so let me drink this a little bit more~❤]

[Wuaa….] [I guess it’s true that an alcohol could change one person’s personality.] [Thank god I’m still underage just like Josephine.]



As she still saw a scene where to women were hugging each other, one seemingly drunk while crying and one were just purely drunk and just keep on drinking, she heard a shrieking scream, not humane, coming from the entrance as one person appear while holding something.

[Yo….] [I caught this mouse in the middle of stalking us.] [It’s that red-haired man’s pet, wasn’t it?]

Yohana was coming inside while holding an eccentric mouse that was Rud’s companion, Yohn.

[Ah, you’re right.]

[What is this guy planning…!?] [Is he by any chance seeking revenge after what we had done to him before at the field?!]


It was quite obvious, but after Josephine’s experiment on Yohn failed, Yohn weren’t equipped with any kind of translator or the likes, so the girls ended up unable to understand what Yohn had to say and vice versa.

[Hey, Yohana.]

[Yes, Rosa?]

While Rosa was calling Yohana, she already went near Josephine and Hilda and pulled their earrings that had the same pattern as Rud. It was the earring that was needed for them to communicate with other humans.

[Before, I saw that red-haired man having a conversation with that mouse.] [I’m guessing that that mouse must be able to speak human word.] As Rosa quickly put on the earrings. [Here, can you understand me, mouse~?]

[I’m sorry! I’m sorry!!!] [I wasn’t trying to peek, really!!] [I was… I was… yes! I was just taking a stroll here!!!!]

Yohn was just uttering many excuses as he panicked and tried to run away, but unable to do so because she was being gripped hard by Yohana.

[Peeking?] [What do you mean?]

[Eh?] Yohn confused. He was confused not only because the girls could understand what he’s saying, but also because the reaction Yohana gave her.

[No… I….] [I was actually just watching you girls took a bath….] [And it looked enjoyable so….] Somehow Yohn was just blabbering all his true intention while still minding his word.

[Is that really all~?] [Then why won’t you jump here together with us~❤?]

[EH!?!] [REALLY!?!?!] Seeing how Rosa gladly inviting Yohn to bathe together, Yohn’s excitement was already maximized that he’s trying to slip through Yohana’s strong grip.

[Sure, come here~❤] Rosa was opening her hand as if inviting him to jump over.

[I’ll be gladly too~~~~~~~~~❤!!] As to Yohana’s surprises, Yohn were able to break free from Yohana’s grip and flew toward Rosa’s bosom as Rosa’s just cuddling him.

[Geez, Rosa!] [You need to be wary!] [Even if it’s not a human, it’s still coming from another world!]

[It’s fine, it’s fine~❤] [I was often taking a bath together with a familiar, it’s the same~❤]

[… Somehow I don’t really think that’s the case….]

Yohana feels something wrong, but she decided to brush it off, as she saw her junior, Josephine, was still sleeping like a log while floating around the bath, Chris and Hilda whom were drunk and off in their own world, and Rosa whom looked enjoying played together with a mouse that somehow stuck in her bosom has been smirking in a weird face.

[Really, it’s just one weird thing after another….] [Makes me wonder how she is doing, that girl….] [Haven’t seen her doing anything weird anymore, but I somehow had a bad feeling….]

As she just casually brushed off her worries and entered the bath, another person had been standing on the front door, holding on her towel, but unable to go in. No, to be exact, she does wanted to go in, but somehow don’t want to.

[… Josephine….!!!]

It was Maria.

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[Web Novel] Gloria Infidelis Vide
Chapter 17


Yohn was seeing giggled to himself on the sides, as Rud was in the middle of doing something toward a stone while Vram, not that far from them both, was in the middle of carving something in his sword.

[Stop that, it’s creepy.] Rud’s pricking as he was being disgusted at Yohn expression

[Hey, can’t we just live here, like, forever?]

[Don’t even get there…!] [I mean, did you forget what had happened to me about months ago?]

[But all the girls here were so cute and kind, ya know~?] [They all even let me took a bath with them, playing with them, and… ehehehehe~]

[SO THAT’S YOUR INTENTION, BASTARD!?] [We can’t really playing around here, Yohn!?]

[And mind telling me what are you doing right now?]

[I don’t know….]

[Hey, mister black knight over there.] [Isn’t it kinda too much for him to learn how to use magic now?] Yohn was trying to call Vram, but even if Vram was still focused on his own weapon, he’s still responding to Yohn just fine.

[I do realize it’s asking too much.] [But since removing the thing that’s happening on your body is practically impossible, you just need to control it yourself.]

[Wait, what do you mean impossible!?] [Your master said that I could be healed!!]

[It’s just her opinion.] [Lady Hilda does agree with her plan also, but she never said that she could saw the success either.] [In fact, it’s because of the fact that there’s almost no hope for you, that she pushed herself harder than usual this time, like learning from morning until evening, doing another experiment over and over again.] [Even Lady Hilda started to slacked off from her works to help Master.]

[Wait….] [By any chance… are we being a bother to you, mister Vram?]

[You just realized that now, mouse?] Suddenly a ***** was shown on a sword Vram had been making this whole time, as it crumbles apart. [Ugh, another failure….]

Rud, whom have been listening and training on the side, was putting out a guilty face as he tilted his head downward.

[But… there’s no one else I could ask help to….]

[Then at the very least, try to protect yourself by controlling your newfound ability.] [The chance is small, but having you exploded in front of my master would be terrible enough.] [And at least, you could help Master Josephine in some way or another.]

Rud was just nodding after hearing Vram’s confirmation.

[But then, what about you yourself, mister Vram?] [I mean, sure, you’re doing this for your master, but were you not expecting us to do something for you?]

[Not really.] [And even if you could, what would you offer me to?]

[A knowledge.] [For someone like you, mister Vram, knowledge could be a tool of trade for many things, right?]

[That’s true, but….] Vram seeing Rud over and over again, observing him while Rud was trying to train his magic by imagining something to the stone. [I don’t think he had that much knowledge regarding something I need.]

[Ah, he’s useless.] [You can’t expect him to do anything other than something for himself.] [But I’m different.] [I may not look like it, but I was once a great scientist on the outer continent.]

[Hoo….] [And, do you really have something to tell me regarding something that I need?]

[Mister Vram.] [Were you, by any chance, knew a thing regarding Blackhemist?]

[Black… what?]


[A magic chemistry and smithery?] Josephine tilted her head left and right after hearing an unfamiliar technique.

[Yes, it is quite a rage in outer continent to be able to pull of such a feat.] [A weapon that could emit ability a monster had.] [Like, let’s say that we have a part of salamander’s scale, that could breathe fire.] [And with the parts coming off from the monster and the Blackhemist technique, you could easily create a sword that could emit fire all by itself.]

[Such a thing exists in outer world?!?] Josephine’s eyes blinked hearing Yohn’s explanation. [Vram?!] [Why you never told me about something this amusing!?!] 

[I’m sorry master, it’s also the first time I’ve heard of such feat.] [I’ve learn the way of smithery back when I was still young, but never once I have came across a document mentioning such things.]

[I’m also surprised to hear that you never knew such things existed.] [It’s been founded about two decades though.] [Anyway, though you may really need to cure Rud now, it’s not like we’re in a rush, you know?]

[Wait, Yohn?!] [What are you thinking?!?] [I want to be healed as fast as possible!!!]

[Weren’t Vram already you that it’s impossible?] [No matter how much Lady Josephine tried to learn, it would still put a long time for her to finish.] [Besides, what if we endanger her health so much that she messed up when she’s finally able to heal you?]

[Guh…!] Rud’s can’t argue much about how he’s been treating Josephine all this time. He’s been rushing things that ended up putting Josephine in a predicament, but never says anything. That’s also the reason why Vram despised Rud so much.

[I know you’re ignorant to other people, but at least try to think a bit about people helping you, brother!]

[… I never knew you’re the type to care about other, Yohn.] Vram was suddenly letting out a weird comment out of his respect toward Yohn.

[Well at first I was indifferent….] [But if I could take a bath with those girls every day, well~….] [ehehehehehehe~]

[You sick bastard.]

[We… well, it’s not like I was really strained to help you both…!]

[Anyway, back to the point.] [Lady Josephine, you once told me that you want to find a way to improve Vram’s ability to its fullest, weren’t you?] 

[Yes… that’s right….]

[If you could utilize the Blackhemist to its fullest, you can see that this already monstrous black knight could even more monstrous than ever, you know?] [There are many monsters out there that have quite outstanding abilities, like walking in the air, split the ground, controlling water, and many more.] [Imagine if Vram were able to do all of the abilities above, he’ll be more than a monster!] [Even a Phenomenon against Class creature would kneel in front of him!]

[E… Phenomenon? Class?] Josephine was confused at many foreign words Yohn had blabbering.

[Hmm….] [That’s certainly interesting idea though, to wield a shield that could protect me from all direction….]

[But I never once make a sword, Vram….] [Let alone learning smithery….]

[And there’s no way that I could learn magic and alchemy altogether.]

[And that’s why!] [Both of you should make it together!!]

[[Huh?]] Vram and Josephine both could only blurted such words hearing Yohn’s talk.

[I never said that this process could only be done by 1 person!] [Mister Vram, you were quite skillful with your smithing ability, and Lady Josephine’s chemistry ability was a class on their own, and I don’t have to mention your magical ability more, right?]

[Wait, such a thing is possible?!?] [I never heard of a witch worked together to create a magic item together?!?]

[That’s….] [Maybe because as a witch yourself, your mana were already self-sufficient for all kind of grand-scale magic, so the thought of gain help from another Magic-Caster was not even goes through your mind.]

[But still… can we even do it, Master?] [For this kind of magic experiment, weren’t there any risk in doing so?]

[Well as far as I remember, it has the same risk as how people would doing a chemistry and smithery altogether.]

[Which mean, if one of us weren’t focused, hell would arise, eh?]

[But that’s sounds fun!] [Let’s try it, Vram!!]

[Ugh… really, Master?]

[What is the purpose of knowledge if you wouldn’t use it!?] Josephine goes excited hearing a new kind of magic exist beyond her reach.

[Well… I do agree with you….]

[Then we should do it right away~!!]

[Wait!] [To do that, you need many kinds of thing, and the most important thing is, that you need a part of a monster needed!]

[About that, you don’t have to worry, Yohn~❤]


[Uh… Just when you said you’re putting off that human experiment for a bit to have fun, now you’re trying something weird….] [Are you really sure you both can do this, Junior? Vram?]

Yohana was there, escorting Vram, Josephine, and Yohn toward a pedestal on the deeper parts of the village. After Josephine, Vram, and Yohn finished preparing the things that they need, they went and asked one of her senior, Yohana, to give her a right to use the pedestal which usually used to summon a familiar, for her own experiment.

[There’s always a first time for everything, Senior~❤]

[Well, that’s true….] [And what about you, Vram?] [Aren’t you worried something would happen to your master?]

[Well, it was different than when doing that experiment which almost had no result at all, this is worth trying.] [And to think I was able to help my master in another way, honestly, I’m actually looking forward to it.]

[Oh Vram~❤!] Hearing her own familiar response, Josephine started to get near Vram and hugged his arm.

[You two really are inseparable, eh?] [Guess I couldn’t take a bath with her anymore….]

[Still, would you go as far as to tell us, Witches, about the magic in an outer continent, Yohn?] [I mean, sure, it’s helpful to us, but would it be like betraying those humans?]

[Maybe it was, if you were as hostile as we’ve thought before.] [But seeing you girls after months, I realized you weren’t as bad as what our people told.] [And you did trying to help that hopeless man of his predicament, for at least giving him some hope.] [That’s why I need to repay you at least this much.]

[Hmm….] [Oh, where’s that red haired man, by the way?] 

[Ah, he was taken by Hilda.] [She’s kinda angry since he hasn’t had much progress since the beginning.]

[Ahahaha… I see….]


[Well then, let’s get started, Vram.]

[Yes, Master.]

Hearing her familiar’s response, Josephine starts to chant out some magical words as the magic pedestal reacting to her chant. The magical circle starts to assemble on the ceiling and the wall of light covering both the pedestal and the person inside. After that, Josephine still controlled the magic and the pedestal while Vram letting out the things that was prepared for the experiment.

[Now, put the mixed liquid into the center of the pedestal, Vram.] Yohn was on the sidelines, instructing how the experiment should go on.


Vram slowly and carefully pouring some of the liquid into the pedestals cup enough so that it won’t overflow.

[Next, Josephine should create a liquid ball that concentrates its substance on the center of it.]


As she swings her arms, the liquid start to flow out of the cup and concentrating itself on the sky, right in the middle of between the magic circle on the ceiling and the pedestal, creating a mass of liquid ball. 

[Now Vram just need to hold the sword inside the ball, and then try to mix all of the ingredients inside the ball.]

Vram then took out one of his best-made short sword and plunged the blade slowly into the liquid ball. Then he took out the other translucent liquids to mix with the liquid ball, and finally he took out the most important material, the monster parts. They were using what they’ve been holding this whole time, the Mana Cocoon from the Vasp. As Vram put the Mana Cocoon inside the liquid with his bare hand, the Cocoon melted and started to become a layer of fiber material. Then Vram uses his bare-hand to try to cover his sword with those fiber layers evenly on the blade.

[I see, it’s just like coating the sword with magic powder to give it a temporary magic attack.]

[Yup.] [Guess you both already get the hang of it.] [Now we just need to wait until the weapon mixes itself completely.]


Vram realized that a little bit of the fragment layer were being peeled off from the sword, as he quickly turned his hand to cover the opened parts.

[Ah, I read that that happens quite a lot.] [Usually some people swirl the peeled part back to its place with magic.] [But that won’t completely restore the part that was peeled though.]

[Hmm?] [Why won’t they use their own hands?] [I mean, it’s not like it’s impossible to maintain the mana being transferred while moving your hand to do some simple movement like that, right?]

[Uh… well….] Yohn looked hesitated to answer Josephine.

[Because the liquid itself were poisonous, Master.] [I’m fine somehow, but if this liquid were to touch you or other people, either you’ll be melted right away, or something bad happened to your body.]

[WAIT, YOU MOUSE!!] [WHY YOU HAVEN’T TOLD ME ABOUT IT!?!?] Yohana was enraged and start gripping Yohn hard.

[I… I already told Vram…!!]

[And I’ve tested it that I’m fine.] [You don’t have to worry that much, Lady Yohana.]

[Urgh….] [Then, for how long are they going to keep doing this.]

[I don’t know….]


[I did read the maximum time limit of making such an item was about a week, so….]


[It’s fine, senior~!] Josephine was smiling while she was still focused on concentrating her magic on the pedestal. [It’s not like there’s nothing to gain out of this.]

[But there’s no chance that it’ll succeed!] [Vram! You usually against something like this!!]

[I apologize, Lady Yohana.] [But I do realize that I still weak in comparison to the monsters existing around these areas.] [That’s why I needed this, and Master also complies, though I do feel bad for using her.] [And, also, it’s not like it doesn’t had a chance of succeeding unlike what she’s previously doing.]


[And the strain of having to manage the weapon itself falls upon me, while Master just need to maintain the mana transferred onto the pedestal.] [I’m sure she could do it while sleeping also.]

[Ehehe~] [You knew me so well~]

[Uhm… that’s right.] [I already explained that most of the strain of creating these weapon lies in the maintenance process, of having to make sure the fiber weren’t peeled off while it absorbs the liquid.] [But I forgot to tell the duration.]

[*sigh… you two are really….] Yohana just express her disbelief of her junior and its familiar, to strain themselves this far. [Well I guess I just have to make sure that you both went undisturbed.] After saying that, Yohana started to went out of the room.

[Thanks a lot, Senior~!] Josephine expresses her gratitude to Yohana while still focused on maintaining the magic.


[She hadn’t finished yet?]

[Guess it’ll take about a week or so.]

[What in the world…?!] [I’m kinda happy that she decided to let things about restoring this ‘trash’ go for a bit, but did it went around for the extreme way again!?] As she dragged the red haired man whom were somehow looked so ragged that most people barely recognizes him, Rud.

[… What did you do to him, Hilda?]

[What?] [Just a little bit of mana control training.]

[I never heard a magic training that makes people looked like a used rag like that.]

[Because I kicked him everytime he made a mistake.]

[I guess he’s been messing up over and over again?]

[After one success, we finally had enough time to rest.]

Hilda was already finished with training Rud, as she dragged her into the place where Josephine and the rest were. Along the way, Rud had already fainted from intense training by Hilda, thus, reason why Hilda dragged her all the way.

[Then… how long they’ve been at it…?]

[They’ve been at it for about… I don’t know, 3 days?]

[That’s… quite long, eh….]

[You’re not angry?!?] [That she pushed herself that far?!?]

[I’ll get angry if she does it for other people she doesn’t even knew whether to trust them or not.] [But if she does it for herself, who am I to complain?]

[Urgh….] [You… really know how to deal with your junior, eh?]

[Well me being an instructor wasn’t just for show, you know~❤]

Suddenly a sounds of footsteps can be heard from inside.


From inside, two figures can be seen walking sluggishly outside. It was Vram and Josephine, with Yohn on Josephine’s shoulder. After enclosed herself for three days straight, the elegant smiles she usually wore was no more, as if she was being weighed by something.

[Wha… what happened?] [You looked worse than usual, did something happens?] Hilda, being worried, disgusted, and wondered, ask Josephine of her current situation.

[Uuu… It’s failed….]

[EH?!] [After three days of shutting yourself inside, and it was a failure?!?!]

[Uu… Yohn said… that when it’s completed, the liquid will turn light blue.] [But I forgot about the finishing process, and just quickly terminated the process.]

[No, it’s also my mistake, since I was sleeping so soundly.] As Yohn can also be seen sulking in despair after their failure.

[And… where’s the sword in question itself?]

As Hilda somehow interested in the results itself, she tried to ask Josephine about it. Josephine hesitantly pointing toward Vram, whom has been twirl and poked the blade of the sword. Though it looked like a sword, it’s already broken. Or to be exact, it’s already rusted enough that it couldn’t be used anymore.

[Wuah….] [It’s a total mess.] Somehow Hilda just showed an expression of awe seeing the results itself in front of her.

[This is weird, though.]


[I’ve been holding sword since I was a kid, thus I was able to discern the weight of a rusted sword and a normal sword.] [Yet this sword’s weight, it does change, but it doesn’t feel so fragile that it’ll break with just a tap of the sword.]

[Hmm….] [Then why don’t you just tap it?] [If your hand doesn’t works, try something heavier?]

[I’ll try to hammer it, then.] 

As he tried to listen to Hilda’s suggestion, Vram pulled his smith hammer from the “storage” and readied himself to hammer it.

[WAIT!] [If you want to destroy it, then let me do it!] [It was mainly my fault that it failed.] Josephine was seen with her face tearing up from blaming herself.

[Uh, I wasn’t planning on destroying it though….] [But if you’d like to, Master, then go on.] 

Vram then gives the hammer to Josephine. With the sound of her gulping her own saliva, Josephine steeled herself to hammer the broken sword right in front of her eyes.

[Here we go….] [HIYAH!!!]


It was halted. No, Josephine did hit the sword with her hammer. But somehow the hammer was stopped by the sword itself, as the place the hammer dropped was cracked. But below the hammer itself, a shimmering light was shone brightly that it blinded Josephine.

[As expected, this is…!!] [Master, let me handle it!] Vram, whom have been surprised by the results itself,  asked Josephine to return the hammer.

[Eh? Eh?? Fue??] 

Without a clue and still in a daze, Josephine just willingly returned the hammer. Then Vram hastily yet gently tapped the sword with his hammer. Though he did it gently, it still had some strength that it totally broke the outer shell of the sword, showing another sword that is hidden this whole time.

[Th… This is…?!?!?]

The sword, after being pulled from its shell, just like a butterfly that’s just born from its cocoon, was shining more brightly than any kind of magic spell that came out from Josephine’s spell. The blade had totally changed shape. Though it was smaller and lighter than the previous sword, the hardness of the sword itself was quite tough. The center of the blade was empty, yet it was filled with some kind of fiber material that as strong as the blade itself.

[Such a thing…!] Josephine was in awe that she couldn’t speak anything.

[To think that it could also be born that way….] Yohn was unable to hide his surprised expression.

[I guess I knew it would turn out like that.] As Hilda commented on the sideline while getting closer toward Vram. [I heard that you use a Mana Cocoon to create this, right?] [Though it was classified as a monster, it’s actually a monster with a fragile shell on the outside.] [That’s why, when the sword was created, it completely replicated the characteristic of the sword.] [Isn’t that how the experiment works, Yohn~❤?]

[Eh!?] [Uh… uhm… yeah…!] Suddenly Yohn felt a chill runs toward his back after being shot with Hilda’s preying eyes.

[But this sword….] [It couldn’t cut anything….]


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