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 [Story???] Arrester Ace

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Post[Story???] Arrester Ace
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[Story???] Arrester Ace Vide
Arrester Ace

[Pics TBA]


Quote :
Join Ace, the Interdimensional Officer of Special Task Force in his mission of destroying an Interdimensional Crime Organization. He's sent to a Fantasy-themed dimension, while his theme is a masked hero! To worsen things, his face is similar to that world's fallen hero. Could Ace finish his mission?!

Chapters (Cases):

Case 1: Sword Maiden and The Arrester.

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[Story???] Arrester Ace QwCZP
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PostRe: [Story???] Arrester Ace
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[Story???] Arrester Ace Vide
Case 1: Sword Maiden and The Arrester.
It was raining, and occasion thunderclaps could be heard.

“I think we are safe here, they won’t find us.”

The young maiden peek around from inside a tiny cave. Inside, she’s accompanied by a man, a dying one, covered with blood and wounds. Looks like they are chased by someone... or something.


“Please, save your strength. Once we are able to reach a village, we could treat your wound.”

“No... it’s... to... lat... an.wa...”


Using his last strength, he reached his pendant with his right hand, pulled it, and tried to give it to Arianne.
As the pendant was pulled from his neck, it starts to shine. A faint voice could be heard from the pendant.

“You sure wanted to hand me to her?”


The man, the wounded hero, dont have any strength left to reply, only smiles, faintly.
As Arianne accepted the talking pendant, all of the remaining strength inside the hero fades away.  He has fallen. The great Hero, the one who should have led the world towards peace, has passed away.

Arianne cried, as loud as she could. The thunderclaps roared, covering her cry from her surrounding.


2 years later, humanity still struggles with a war with Demons. Since the fall of their Mighty Hero, looks like all hope and dreams gathered is lost. Almost 70% of human territory have been taken by The Demon Army, and lots of human are either killed, or forced to become a slave to Demons.

The Alliance of Human Kingdom have since then tried to look for another hero, yet no one is capable of, and want to, do a suicidal task such as “be a hero”, looking from the failure of the last one.

Actually the Hero did great. He, accompanied by The Sword of Purity, and a Mysterious Maiden have conquered almost all of the Demon Army’s General, yet he fell during his final confrontation with the High Leader of all Demons.

Rumor says that the Demon Army have a mysterious ally that helps them defeat the 


[A certain Church on a Hill]
“Sister, let’s play!”
“Yay, yay, let’s play!”

There are children, surrounding a nun, asking her to play with her.
The nun smiled gently.

“yes, yes, let’s play.”
Another nun watched over her from inside the churh, accompanied by another nun.

“She’s doing a really good job, taking care of the orphans”

“Yes, and she’s able to smile now. Unlike 2 years ago when she came here... Now we won’t see that blank, depressing face anymore.”

“Sister Aria...”

Arianne – now Sister Aria, is seen happily tossing a ball to the orphans, Who’ve been in the church’s care.

Deep in a forest nearby, some shadowy figures was seen gathering, plotting something.
Their bodies are a almost twice as big as an average man. Their skins are pale, their fangs are as sharp as a polished dagger. And their eyes gazes say anything but kindness and hospitality.

High Trolls. 5 of them.

“Ye’ sure the ol’ wrench is’ere, mon?”
“ja’ mon. No deny it’s her.”
“K’mon. We raid t’nite’”

And as the night comes, the High Trolls execute their plan. Sneaking silently, they approach the church.

“Eeeek, Holy building by stupid ‘man! Disgustin’! Burn’em, ‘mon!”

As their leader commanded, the other High troll starts to light up their torch, and throw them to the church.

The church was set ablaze almost instantly. Screams could be heard from inside. The nuns and orphans are running out from the burning church, only to meet their demise from the High Trolls’ savage beating.

Aria, who’s protecting the remaining orphan, at last could be seen escaping the church, and to her suprise, met the High Trolls.


“Ja’ mon? Never excpect us hanging around e, ye’ traitor?”


“Jahahahahahah! Never been this lucky before, ja’kno? Thought tis’raid’s another bust, ja’kno? And to thing ja’s actually here tis’ time~”

Aria is more concerned with the Orphans behind her. She cannot fight, not when the little kids are around.

“You guys, please escape! Big sis here will hold the bad guys for you”

“But sister...”

“Escape, now!”

The little orphans then run away to the forest at the church’s rear. After confirming their safety, she turned to the Trolls, filled with anger.

“Sword of Purity, i asked thee to reform to your rightful form”.

The Pendant on her neck shines brightly, float around, then forms into a Giant Sword.

“This time is a special exception for you. And i won’t be called the Sword of Purity when i do something as impure as letting these damned creatures have their way here.”

“Oooooh, ‘mon! Look at that! The Hero’s sword! Scary!”

The other High Trolls laugh.

The inevitable clash started. Aria held her ground pretty well, even able to slay 2 of the High Trolls.

“Eh, eh, tis’s bad, ‘mon. We should’ve use  ‘tat!”

“Ja’mon! Let’s use ‘tat!”

The remaining trolls grabbed unto something that looks like a bottle filled with a shining purple liquid. They popped it out, and have a good chug.

A bizzare reaction then started on the High Trolls’ bodies. Their muscles got buffed even more. Their tusks and fangs got sharper, and their bloodlust is multiplied by tenfold.

One of the buffed High Trolls leaped, charging towards Arianne. Their strength and agility are also increased. Even Aria only able to block it with the sword, only by a milisecond...
And yet, the Troll’s charge send her flying backwards. As she try to regain her stance, to her suprise, the other Troll also leaped, charging to her, and beat her senselessly.

Aria, lying on the ground, covered with wounds. The Trolls are laughing at her.

“Now, let’s finish ‘er! Taste your demise with our new skillz, ja?”

The trolls opened their mouths, charging a dark aura. Aria could only watch, as strength have left her body. The Sword of Purity also have been drained from its might, and returned to its pendant form.

“Is it the end for me? Am i to have the same fate as my Hero?”
This would have been the bad end of this story. But fortunately, it’s not. By a chance of sheer luck. The Dark Surges launched from the High Trolls’ mouth are blocked by something...? No, by someone.
[Portal Opened]
“Action Chip, Spade Guard!”

“Confirmed, Deploying”

A Barrier with the form of a Spade formed right in front of this man who appeared out of nowhere, blocking the Dark Surge from himself and Arianne, shocking both the High Trolls and Arriane.

“The heck are ja’ mon?! Nah, can’t be?! Ja’ already dead, ‘mon!”

“You mistake me with someone else?”

The man wears black coat, and an odd bracelet on his right arm. His voice is familiar to Arianne, so does his face.

 “Jeez, i just arrived and found this scene right away? Just my luck.”

“Less complaining. Finish them already”

A Sound can also be heard from the man’s bracelet.

“Yes, yes....
Startup Chip, set! Access Ace!”

“Access Confirmed. Arrester Ace, to the scene!”

As the man inserted something into his bracelet, he starts to get himself equipped by a strange armor, Not like any Steel Medieval Armor, his is composed by a Lightweight metal, yet hold stronger than the hardest Titanium. Its color is composed of red, black and white.

Just like what you could find from any Sunday tokusatsu heroes.

“Showy for a dead ‘mon! We’ll return ja’ to ja’ grave!”

“Ain’t I already told you that you mistaken this Arrester Ace for someone else?”
The High Trolls charged to Arrester Ace at the same time, but he’s able to dodge them almost easily, while taking out one of them with a punch. The punched High Troll was sent flying backwards, letting out a high pitched cry.

“Is he tat’ stronk b’fo?” the other High Troll shocked.

Arrester Ace then insert another Chip into his bracelet.

“It’s your judgment time now, and I’ll be your judge!
Ace Chip, set!”

“Confirmed. Judgment time!”

Arrester Ace readied his stance, pulling his right fist backwards. A Burning Aura could be seen coming from his body.

“Straight Flash!”

Ace then leaped, charged to the High Trolls, giving them each a full power Burning Fist through their bodies. Before they know it, Ace have given them a hole to each of their chests.


The High Trolls then exploded into black mist of darkness.

“Situation Clear”

Arrester Ace then revert back to his human form, which really looks like the previous fallen hero. He then approached Arianne, who’s lying on the ground while watching his actions as Arrester Ace.

Relieved, strength left her body. Arianne fainted.

“O, oi, Sis, you alright? Geez, just my luck.”

"Imagine Iron Man, kill Tony Stark, and replace him with Dinosaurs. That's why Tachikazes are awesome"

[Story???] Arrester Ace QwCZP

[Story???] Arrester Ace

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